Handmade Jewelry Handcrafted by the Artisans of Copper Reflections

Handmade jewelry handcrafted in unique designs by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections. Find selections of handmade bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, brooches and chokers we offer. Shop here for distinctive handcrafted jewelry designs including wildlife, nature, flower, western, Native American and animal themes. Whether you are shopping for handmade wholesale jewelry for your gift shop or just looking for unique earrings and bracelets for yourself, Copper Reflections is always the right choice. Years of experience, large assortments of unique jewelry designs and styles, high quality craftsmanship, great service and reasonable low prices make Copper Reflections a great source for wholesale handmade jewelry. You will love the unique designs that are inspired by animals, nature, Native and wildlife.

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Colorful Earrings

See All Our Handcrafted Earrings with Colorful Artwork

Colorful Bracelets

Colorful Jewelry, Handmade Colorful Bracelets

Colorful Rings

Handcrafted Colorful Rings

Handmade Bracelets

Unique Handcrafted Bracelets

Handmade Earrings

See More Handmade Earrings Collections

Art Jewelry

Art Jewelry Handcrafted from Colorful Artwork by Renowned Artists

Alaska Jewelry

Alaska Wildlife Animal and Native Inspired Jewelry

Leather Bracelets

Unique Lockets

See our Selections of Unique Handcrafted Lockets

Colorful Lockets

See Our Unique Locket Necklaces With Colorful Artwork

Handcrafted Rings

Handcrafted Rings in a Selection of Unique Styles

Dog Jewelry Gifts

Unique Dog Jewelry and Gifts

Hair Clips

View Our Handcrafted Hair Clips Collection

Small Barrettes

Unique Handcrafted Barrettes

Unique Chokers

View Our Handmade Chokers Collections

Bangle Watches

View Our Selection of Bangle Bracelet Watches

Handcrafted Necklaces

View Our Handcrafted Necklaces Collection

Wholesale Jewelry

View Our Wholesale Handcrafted Jewelry Galleries

Handmade Brooches

Handcrafted Brooches, Unique Handmade Jewelry
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