Wire Bracelets with Colorful Animal, Wildlife, Western and Native Designs

Wire bracelets handcrafted in colorful designs by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections. You will find exceptional selections of artwork on these handmade bracelets including, animal, wildlife, western, Native and many more. You will love the striking colors and details. Whether you are shopping for wholesale jewelry for your gift shop or just looking for unique jewelry for yourself, Copper Reflections is the perfect choice. Innovative techniques and elegant designs make these remarkable wire bracelets truly unique.

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Colorful Wolf Design Creaed in Wire Style bracelet

Timber Wolf Wire Bracelet BWY-33

Original timber wolf artwork is painted by Lynn Bean in beautiful colors and handcrafted on wire bracelet by the Copper Reflections artisan. Wire Bracelets are made from brass and silver plated with lacquer finish to protect them from tarnishing.

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American Eagle Artwork Created on Wire Bracelet

American Eagle Handmade Bracelet BWC-46

Handcrafted bracelet created in colorful soaring American eagle design with a blue sky and woods. Wire bracelets have an oval bezel where the handmade copper designs are mounted.

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Bracelet Handcrafted in Wire Style with Eagle Head Design

Bald Eagle Design Unique Wire Bracelet BWC-93

Eagle head created in colorful artwork for this stunning wire bracelet. At Copper Reflections you will find unique jewelry designs in large assortment and great customer service.

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Monarch Butterfly Bracelet

Monarch Butterfly and Colorful Flowers Bracelet BWC-68

This distinctive wire style bracelet offered with monarch butterfly and flowers artwork. Each piece is individually handcrafted from copper with diamond cut to make the sparkle.

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Gorgeous Bracelets with Butterfly Artwork

Colorful Butterfly and Flowers Bracelet BWC-373

Butterfly with flowers inspired unique bracelet hand crafted by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections where you can find large selections of art jewelry in vibrant colors.

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Unique Bracelet Offered in Fascinating Butterfly Artwork

Flowers and Butterfly Bracelet BWC -378

This exquisite bracelet handcrafted in colorful butterfly and flowers designs. Discover wide selections of colorful art jewelry exclusively by Copper Reflections artisans in stylish and unique designs.

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Cat with Roses Artwork on Hand Crafted Bracelet

Cute Cat with Red Roses Unique Bracelet BWC-28

Unique bracelet created in wire style with oval bezels where colorful artwork are mounted. Cat bracelets are available in fascinating designs to choose from at Copper Reflections.

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Hand Made Bracelets with Colorful Butterfly Artwork

Colorful Butterfly Bracelet BWC-376

Unique bracelet handcrafted in butterfly and flowers artwork with brilliant colors. You will love our original jewelry designs and high quality.

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Monarch Butterfly with flowers Artwork on Wire Bracelet

Unique Monarch Butterfly Bracelet BWC-681

Wire bracelet handcrafted in most original butterfly and flowers in artwork with vivid colors. These unique bracelets for women are stylish and comfortable to wear.

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Wire Bracelets with Dragonfly Theme

Colorful Dragonfly Artwork on Unique Bracelets BWC-562

Handmade wire bracelets created with a beautiful dragonfly colorful artwork. You will definitely attract attention with our glamorous dragonfly jewelry bracelet that is ideal for a special occasion or anytime.

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Floral Artwork Handcrafted on Wire Bracelets

Colorful Flower Wire Bracelet BWC-09

Distinctive floral artwork created in striking colors for this unique flower bracelet. With many different styles and designs, Copper Reflections specializes in flower jewelry themes and offers nature lovers a wide varieties of colorful unique jewelries to choose from.

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Colorful Hummingbird Bracelets

Hummingbird Wire Bracelet BWC-49

Beautiful hummingbird with flowers design created in this colorful copper artwork and mounted into the bezel of the wire bracelet. If you are looking for a special gift for your friends to show them how much you care, Copper Reflections has wide collections of unique hummingbird jewelry bracelets for you.

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Handcrafted Colorful Dolphin Bracelet

Dolphins Bracelet Handmade in Colorful Artwork BWC-75

Wire bracelet created with two dolphins at Sunset colorful design. These gorgeous handcrafted bracelets will compliment any outfit and make special unique gift.

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Hand Made Bracelet in Beautiful Dragonfly and Water Lilies

Dragonfly and Water Lilies Bracelet BWC-564

Unique wire bracelet offered with a beautiful dragonfly and water lilies artwork. Designs for these silver plated wire bracelet are made onto the copper and diamond cut to sparkle.

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Colorful Dragonfly and Flower Artwork on Wire bracelet

Wire Bracelet Handmade in Dragonfly Artwork BWC -561

Unique wire bracelet created in dragonfly and colorful flowers design. All the colorful handcrafted bracelets are available in matching sets with earrings and necklaces.

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Unique Wire Bracelets with Wolf Artwotk in Vivid Colors

Howling Wolf Bracelet BWC-83

Howling wolf artwork created in striking colors on this handmade wire bracelet. The wolf has a unique ability to hunt its prey and create its own habitat. Its intellectual capacity is extremely high. Copper Reflections have talented artisans who have more then 25 years of experience in their craftsmanship.

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Hummingbird with Flowers on Exceptional Wire Bracelet

Unique Hummingbird Wire Bracelet BWC-43

Beautiful design of hummingbird with colorful flowers handcrafted on this unique bracelet in wire style. Each piece has a protective lacquer coating to protect them from tarnishing.

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Exquisite Hummingbird Inspired Bracelets

Colorful Hummingbird and Flowers Bracelet BWC-44

Colorful hummingbird and flowers design hand crafted on this elegant wire bracelet. Hummingbirds are symbol of a messenger of love and joy. We hope wearing this hummingbird bracelet will bring you love and joy as well.

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Unique Bracelet with Loon

Colorful Loon Bracelet BWC-19

Beautiful wildlife scene created in loon swimming in a lake with wide array of colors on wire bracelet. You will definitely attract attention with this glamorous loon bracelet that is ideal for anytime.

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Bracelets Handmade in Colorful Maple Leaves

Colorful Maple Leaves Bracelet BWC-63

Wire bracelets hand made with maple leaves artwork in autumn colors. Diamond cut around the design make them sparkle like jewels in a treasure box. Copper Reflections unique jewelry will be enjoyed and treasured as a precious memory for many years.

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Unique Bracelets in Polar Bear Theme

Polar Bear Wire Bracelet BWC-12

Polar bear with northern lights artwork created in brilliant colors on this gorgeous handmade bracelet. You will be able to enjoy our unique jewelry for many years as they do tarnish and do not need any maintenance.

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Horse Bracelet in Colorful Artwork

White Horse Wire Bracelet BWC-22

White horse with colorful sky artwork hand crafted on this stunning wire bracelet. This stylish unique bracelets will make a special gift for horse lovers.

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Inukshuk Artwork Handcrafted on Wire Bracelets

Colorful Inukshuk Canada Bracelet BWC-641

Inukshuk, one of the symbols of Canada, is groups of stacked stones usually in human form have been used by the people of the North for thousands of years. You will love the altering vivid colors on this inukshuk wire bracelet.

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Unique Inukshuk Bracelet

Handmade Colorful Inukshuk Bracelet BWC-64

Inukshuk built along treeless horizons, these landmarks helped travelers navigate on land and water. These beacons of the North have now been adapted as symbols of friendship, reminding us that we all depend on one another.

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Colorful Native Butterfly Bracelet

Northwest Native Butterfly Bracelet BWC-37

Inspired by the Northwest native art, this butterfly bracelet created in beautiful shades of reds and blues with diamond cut around the border. If you love Native jewelry you will enjoy wearing this unique bracelet.

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Pacific Northwest Native Eagle Bracelet

NW Native Eagle Wire Bracelet BWC-02

This unique bracelet handcrafted in colorful Pacific Northwest Native eagle artwork. The Northwest Eagle totem carries the power of intuition and creativeness, along with the powers of healing and spirit. His spirit transcends personal problems and symbolizes becoming one with the Greater Spirit.

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Unique Bracelets with Northwest Native Eagle Artwork

Pacific Northwest Native Eagle Bracelet BWC-11

Wire bracelets created in colorful Northwest Native eagle design. Eagle in the Northwest Native American culture represents keen eyesight and vision that allow you to focus on and attain your goals.

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Handcrafted Bracelets Designed in NW Native Hummigbird

Colorful Northwest Native Hummingbird Bracelet BWC-81

Colorful Northwest Native American artwork handcrafted on exceptional wire bracelets. Hummingbirds represent friendship, playfulness, and is a symbol of good luck in Northwest Coastal Native art.

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Handmade Bracelets with Southwest Native Kokopelli Theme

Southwest Kokopelli Native Bracelets BWC-48

These unique wire bracelets feature a multicolored Southwest Native Kokopelli design that is inspired by scratch art that we created in primary school. The perfect unique gift for teachers with a southwest flair. In Native legends when Kokopelli plays his flute his song represents fertility. Use your talents to create fertility in some area of your life as Kokopelli is saying that whatever you attempt at this time will be very productive for you.

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Native Inspired American Buffalo Handcrafted Bracelets

American Buffalo Native Bracelets BWC-59

Colorful Southwest Native inspired American buffalo fetish design is handcrafted, silver plated and diamond cut on copper artwork which is inlaid on this unique wire bracelet. The American buffalo was hunted to the brink of extinction. This buffalo fetish design represents endurance and longevity, and will enable you to overcome obstacles to achieve greatness and success in your life.

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Unique Wire Bracelets with Colorful Southwest Native Turtle Theme

Southwest Native Turtle Bracelets BWC-79

Unique wire bracelets feature Native Southwest Turtle motif that is handcrafted on copper artwork. The Southwest Native Turtle represents Mother Earth. Symbolizing self-reliance, tenacity, and longevity, the Turtle will help you to persevere and achieve all your dreams through hard work.

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Handmade Bracelets with Southwest Native Artwork

Southwest Native Bracelets BWC-703

Colorful Native American Southwest weaving pattern inspired design is handcrafted on copper then inlaid on these exceptional wire bracelets. In Native American culture symbols were a medium of expression that would often convey a message.

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Southwest Bracelets Inspired by Native Jewelry Patterns

Native Jewelry Southwest Bracelets BWC-704

These unique bracelets feature handmade copper artwork in a Southwest Native inspired theme. A grouping of symbols and designs would often tell a story that had a deeper meaning and a strong moral message.

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Handmade Bracelet Inspired by Colorful Native Weaving Design

Colorful Native Inspired Bracelet BWC-708

This colorful design is inspired by Southwest Native weaving patterns. The bold and vibrant colors on this handcrafted bracelet are lively and will add a splash of color to your wardrobe.

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Native Southwest Sun Design on Handcrafted Bracelets

Southwest Sun Native Bracelets BWC-719

Stylized sun design is handcrafted, silver plated and diamond cut on copper artwork and mounted on this unique wire bracelet. The sun is considered a symbol of growth as the sun gives light and heat that sustain life on earth. The sunrays represented the main directions North, East, West and South. The Native Americans had the highest regard for the sun and as a mark of respect they performed the sun dance.

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Southwest Native Star Theme on Handmade Bracelets

Southwest Star Native Bracelets BWC-721

Southwest Native Star design is handcrafted on copper in this colorful copper artwork, then inlaid on these unique wire bracelets. The Native American Southwest Star with eight points symbolizes hope and guidance. When enclosed in other Native American patterns such as the cloud design depicted here it signifies protection.

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SW Native Butterfly Symbol on Unique Wire Bracelet

SW Native Butterfly Symbol Bracelet BWC-722

The Southwest Butterfly symbol in the center of this unique bracelet design represents everlasting life, change and renewal. The bright color combination goes great with jeans.

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Handmade Bracelets in Colorful Native Southwestern Design

Native Southwestern Bracelets BWC-723

Gorgeous Southwest colors are featured in this intricate design on this unique wire bracelet. Native American Indians were a deeply spiritual people who communicated their history, thoughts and dreams through symbols and patterns that are portrayals of celestial bodies, natural phenomena and animal designs.

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Southwest Native Pattern Handmade on Unique Wire Bracelets

Southwest Native Pattern Handmade Bracelets BWC-725

Unique wire bracelets in Southwest Native pattern handcrafted on copper, silver plated and diamond cut to add that extra sparkle to every outfit. A great gift with southwest flair.

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Native Southwest Fetish Bear Artwork on Handcrafted Bracelets

SW Native Fetish Bear Bracelets BWC-706

These unique wire bracelets feature this Southwest Native fetish bear design. The Bear Fetish is the Guardian of the West and is associated with great strength, power and healing. The great protector the Sacred Bear represents strength and self-knowledge.

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Monarch Butterfly Bracelet Designed by Lynn Bean

Butterfly Bracelet by Lynn Bean BWY-46

Beautiful Monarch Butterfly with pink flowers artwork from Lynn Bean is handcrafted in vibrant colors, individually silver plated and diamond cut on copper. Our copper artwork is then mounted onto these elegant wire bracelets. An original and unique gift for women that is as fashionable as it is functional.

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Handmade Bracelets with Black and White Cat Design

Black and White Cat Bracelets BWY-38

This gorgeous black and white cat artwork by Lynn Bean is handcrafted by the artisans of Copper Reflections and inlaid on these unique bracelets. An original gift for cat lovers that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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Handcrafted Bracelets in Colorful Cat Artwork by Lynn Bean

Colorful Cat Artwork Bracelet BWY-59

Colorful cat artwork from Lynn Bean is silver plated and diamond cut on copper in this beautiful wire bracelets. The perfect unique gift for cat lovers.

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Colorful Lightning Horse Art Bracelets Designed by Lynn Bean

Colorful Lightning Horse Bracelets BWY-28

Adapted from an original painting by Lynn Bean this gorgeous Lightning Horse bracelet is artwork to wear and will be treasured as the best gift ever for horse lovers.

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Lynn Bean Art Jewelry Feathers and Paint Horse Bracelets

Feathers and Paint Horse Bracelets BWY-16

This Indian pony with feathers is one of the best selling paintings by Lynn Bean. Lynn has an incredible talent to bring her works of art to life. Horse lovers will cherish this unique horse bracelet.

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Blue Eyed Paint Horse Bracelets Designed by Lynn Bean

Blue Eyed Paint Horse Bracelets BWY-19

This blue eyed paint horse with feather dressings is a testament to the artistic talent of Lynn Bean and the experience of the artisans of Copper Reflections. Silver plated and diamond cut on copper this handmade bracelet is truly a piece of art that you will enjoy using every day.

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Handmade Grey Wolf Bracelets Designed by Lynn Bean

Grey Wolf Handmade Bracelets BWY-34

This wonderful grey wolf artwork by Lynn Bean on these unique wire bracelets are going to be the envy of everyone. One of the most striking wolf gifts that is fashionable and functional.

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Horse Head Artwork by Lynn Bean Handcrafted Wire Bracelet

Horse Head Artwork Wire Bracelet BWY-26

This exceptional horse head artwork design from Lynn Bean is handcrafted by the talented artisans of Copper Reflections on this handmade bracelet. This art jewelry bracelet is the perfect unique gift for horse lovers.

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Southwest Kachina Native Bracelet Designed by Lynn Bean

Southwest Kachina Native Bracelet BWY-52

Bold and vivid, this colorful Southwest Native Kachina artwork by Lynn Bean is transformed into the most unique bracelet by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections.

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Native Indian Horse Bracelet Handmade by Copper Reflections

Native Indian Horse Bracelet BWY-58

The spirit of the Southwest is captured in this magnificent Native horse bracelet. The bright and vivid colors make this a functional work of art that you will enjoy wearing for many years.

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Handcrafted Bracelet Featuring Lynn Bean Timber Wolf

Lynn Bean Timber Wolf Bracelet BWY-32

Wildlife gifts do not get any better than this fascinating timber wolf artwork from Lynn Bean. Wolf lovers will adore this unique bracelet handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections.

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Horse Bracelets Petroglyph Ponies Artwork by Lynn Bean

Petroglyph Ponies Horse Bracelets BWY-25

These petroglyph ponies horse bracelets are one of my personal favorites. Lynn Bean has created an extraordinary design that has brought new meaning to the term art jewelry.

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Colorful War Ponies Artwork by Lynn Bean Handcrafted Horse Bracelets

Colorful War Ponies Horse Bracelets BWY-81

Lynn Bean is famous for her painted ponies with feathers artwork. You can almost feel the wind in your hair when wearing these colorful Indian war horses bracelets.

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Pin Handmade Jewelry by Copper Reflections