Colorful Handmade Bracelets in Animal and Wildlife Designs

Colorful wildlife and animal bracelets are handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections. Shop for eagle, cat, hummingbird, wolf, dragonfly, butterfly bracelets handmade in beautiful colors and designs available in matching sets with rings, earrings and necklaces. You will also find beautiful handcrafted bracelets designed by Lynn Bean. Lynn is a very well respected American Artist renowned for her watercolor and ink paintings and painted ponies. Whether you are just looking for colorful unique bracelets for yourself or shopping for wholesale jewelry for your gift shop, Copper Reflections is the best place. We can also custom make your designs exclusively for you, please contact us for details. Creative techniques and distinctive designs make these beautiful colorful animal and wildlife bracelets truly unique to Copper Reflections.

Please Contact Us for retail and wholesale prices. If you are interested in specific designs you can use the shopping cart to contact us.

Colorful Butterfly Jewelry Handmade Bracelets

Colorful Butterfly Handmade Bracelets BA-68

Handmade bracelets with monarch butterfly and colorful summer flowers will make every day feel like summer. The grace and elegance of the butterfly ensure that this unique copper bracelet is going to be a best seller for many years.

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Colorful Handcrafted Jewelry Angel Bracelets

Colorful Angel Bracelets BA-651

Angel bracelets are handmade in colorful stain glass inspired design. These handmade bracelets are handcrafted, silver plated and diamond cut on copper by talented artisans.

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Colorful Butterfly Jewelry Handcrafted Bracelets

Colorful Handcrafted Butterfly Bracelets BA-374

Unique bracelets handcrafted in flowers and butterfly design with vibrant colors. This gorgeous butterfly bracelet will compliment your outfits and provide that extra splash of color.

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Colorful Butterfly Jewelry Bracelets

Colorful Butterfly Jewelry Bracelets BA-373

Stylish butterfly bracelets with pink flowers are handmade, silver plated and diamond cut by hand to make these copper handcrafted bracelets sparkle like diamonds.

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Colorful Cat Jewelry Black and White Kitten Handmade Bracelets

Colorful Animal Jewelry Cat Bracelets BA-28

Cat bracelets are handcrafted in this lovely black and white kitten with red roses design. Unique cat jewelry designs, high quality craftsmanship, great customer service and reasonable wholesale jewelry prices make Copper Reflections a great source for wholesale cat jewelry.

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Colorful calico cat bracelets handmade in flower motif

Colorful Flowers and Cat Bracelet BA-260

Calico Cat bracelets handcrafted in colorful cat design with calico fabric inspired flower motifs. Copper Reflections is the place for the most unique cat jewelry in colorful designs.

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Colorful Dragonfly Bracelets with Crocus Flowers

Colorful Dragonfly Jewelry Bracelets BA-56

These beautiful dragonfly bracelets with colorful spring flowers will brighten your day. All our handmade bracelets are adjustable to the wrist and comfortable to wear. The dragonfly has iridescent wings which are incredibly sensitive to the slightest breeze, so we are reminded that change is an unpredictable part of life and we should make the most of each and every day.

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Colorful Eagle Bracelets, Handmade Copper Jewelry

Colorful Eagle Jewelry Bracelets BA-46

Eagle bracelets handcrafted with blue patina sky and green forest colors in this landing eagle design. All of our handmade bracelets have protective finishes so that no polishing is required, just wear and enjoy.

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Flower Bracelets with Beautiful Rainbow Colors

Flower Bracelets in Beautiful Colors BA-09

These vibrant colored flower bracelets are handmade, silver plated and diamond cut on copper. The daisy design is filled with a multiple colored pattern that is reminiscent of the scratch art designs we made when we were kids. Fun and colorful these handcrafted bracelets are the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

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Colorful Flower Bracelets Handmade Copper Jewelry

Colorful Flower Handmade Bracelets BA-03

Lovely floral bracelets feature a brightly colored blue background and colorful garden flowers. These unique bracelets are handcrafted from copper so they are adjustable to fit the wrist and comfortable to wear.

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Colorful Cat Jewelry Unique Copper Bracelets

Colorful Cat Jewelry Bracelets BA-283

Cute white cat bracelets handcrafted with colorful flowers background design on silver plated and diamond cut copper cuff bracelets. You will love our reasonable wholesale cat jewelry prices.

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Horse Bracelets Handcrafted Colorful Animal Jewelry

Colorful Animal Jewelry Horse Bracelets BA-226

Horse bracelets are designed in white color Arabian horse with torch painted copper colors for the background on these gorgeous horse jewelry bracelets.

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Colorful Horse Bracelets with Southwest Native Inspired Painted Pony Design

Colorful Painted Pony Horse Bracelets BA-330

These horse bracelets are handmade in elegant painted pony design with green patina colored background and Southwest Native flair. Each unique bracelet is individually silver plated and diamond cut by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections.

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Colorful Howling Wolf Bracelets, Wildlife Jewelry

Wildlife Jewelry Howling Wolf Bracelets BA-831

Colorful howling wolf bracelets are handcrafted with a colorful sky that gradually changes from dark to light blue, silver color moon and torched copper color rocks. The Wolf teaches you to balance between the needs your family and the needs you have for yourself. Wolves are totally loyal to the pack but do not give up their identity to the pack.

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Colorful Hummingbird Jewelry Handmade Bracelets

Colorful Handmade Hummingbird Bracelets BA-44

Hummingbird bracelets handcrafted in hummingbird and red flowers design with intense dark blue background on copper cuff bracelet. Hummingbirds teach us that we should savor each moment living life to the fullest and appreciate the people we love.

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Colorful Handcrafted Bracelets Hummingbird Jewelry

Colorful Hummingbird Handcrafted Bracelets BA-49

Beautiful hummingbird bracelets created with pink trumpet flowers design and torch painted copper colors on these handmade bracelets. Our hummingbird jewelry will make a special unique gift for your nature lover friends.

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Animal Jewelry, Colorful Hummingbird Bracelets

Animal Jewelry Hummingbird Bracelets BA-446

This beautiful hummingbird bracelet design is highlighted by the unique blue patina colored background. The lively colors will brighten your day and this lovely bracelet is sure to get many compliments. Hummingbirds symbolize a messenger of love and joy. Wear our hummingbird jewelry to show your joy of life.

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Hovering Hummingbird Bracelet with Colorful Flowers

Colorful Hummingbird Bracelet BA-447

Hummingbird bracelet hand crafted in vivid colors of flowers and hovering hummingbird design on silver plated and diamond cut copper cuff bracelet. Shop for wide selections of hummingbird jewelry designs at Copper Reflections.

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Canadian Wildlife Jewelry, Colorful Loon Bracelets

Canadian Wildlife Jewelry Loon Bracelets BA-19

Loon bracelets handcrafted in a lake and forest scene with colorful sky and sun in this wildlife jewelry bracelet design.

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Colorful Canadian Jewelry, Maple Leaf Handmade Bracelets

Colorful Canadian Maple Leaf Bracelets BA-63

These Canadian maple leaves bracelets are handcrafted, silver plated and diamond cut on copper cuff bracelets in the vivid colors of autumn.

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Butterfly Bracelets Colorful Jewelry Designed by Lynn Bean

Colorful Butterfly Jewelry Bracelets BY-46

Butterfly bracelets with bright and vibrant pink flowers designed by Lynn Bean and handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections. The butterfly symbolizes grace, beauty and freedom. By wearing these colorful butterfly bracelets we can express the same gracefulness and lighthearted spirit.

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Colorful Cat Jewelry Handmade Cat Bracelets

Colorful Cat Jewelry Bracelets BY-36

These stunning cat bracelets are designed by Lynn Bean in black and white cat design with intense blue colors for the background. Copper Reflections have an incredible assortment of high quality wholesale cat jewelry at great prices.

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Colorful Cat Bracelet Handcrafted Animal Jewelry Designed by Lynn Bean

Colorful Jewelry Cat Bracelet BY-37

Tabby cat bracelet designed by Lynn Bean is found on this silver plated and diamond cut on copper bracelet. This gorgeous tabby cat is lying on red towel with a vibrant colorful background design.

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Colorful Wildlife Jewelry Handmade Red Tailed Hawk Bracelets

Red Tailed Hawk Bracelets BY-39

Colorful Red-tailed Hawk bracelets are finely detailed and individually diamond cut to highlight this wonderful design by Lynn Bean. These beautiful birds are the most common hawks in North America. They are easily trained as capable hunters, the majority of hawks captured for falconry in the United States are Red-tailed Hawks.

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Colorful Wildlife Jewelry Copper Eagle Bracelets

Eagle Bracelets Colorful Wildlife Jewelry BY-40

Bald eagle bracelets designed by Lynn Bean and handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections in fine details with eagle feathers on the sides. The feathers of the Bald Eagle are considered sacred to many American indigenous people and are used in religious ceremonies of many Native Americans in the United States.

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Colorful Golden Eagle Bracelets Copper Wildlife Jewelry

Colorful Golden Eagle Bracelets BY-42

Golden Eagle bracelets designed by Lynn Bean with fine details characteristic of her wildlife jewelry designs. The realistic golden eagle and feathers design on these handmade bracelets are individually handcrafted from copper and diamond cut for extra sparkle.

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Colorful Hummingbird Jewelry Hummingbird Bracelet with Columbine Flowers

Colorful Hummingbird Jewelry Bracelets BY-30

Colorful hummingbird bracelets with columbine flowers designed by Lynn Bean. The wonderful details make these handmade bracelets a pleasure to look at and a joy to wear. A literal messenger of joy, this beautiful tiny bird represents friendship, playfulness and is a symbol of good luck.

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Handmade Wolf Bracelets Colorful Wolf Jewelry

Colorful Wolf Jewelry Handmade Bracelets BY-32

Colorful wildlife jewelry does not get any better than these gorgeous howling wolf bracelets. The wolf represents the free spirit of the wild, independence and strength.

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Colorful Wildlife Jewelry Wolf Bracelets Design by Lynn Bean

Colorful Wolf Bracelets Wildlife Jewelry BY-34

Copper handmade bracelets feature grey wolf artwork by Lynn Bean. The background of these wolf bracelets is a lovely colorful watercolor sky. The wolf is very family oriented, they mate for life, travel together and share all responsibilities equally.

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