Handmade Earrings with Colorful Dragonfly and Butterfly Jewelry Artwork

Colorful earrings are handcrafted in wide selections of butterfly and dragonfly designs. Shop for butterfly and dragonfly earrings with striking colors in matching sets with rings, bracelets and necklaces. Whether you are shopping for wholesale jewelry for your gift shop or just looking for unique colorful butterfly and dragonfly earrings for yourself, Copper Reflections is the perfect place. If you can not find the design you are looking for we can custom make them exclusively for you. Creative techniques and distinctive designs make these beautiful colorful dragonfly and butterfly earrings truly unique to Copper Reflections.

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Beautiful dragonfly earrings

Colorful Dragonfly Earrings CA-562

Dragonfly earrings created in colorful designs. Diamond cut by hand to sparkle. All earrings are coated with lacquer coated to protect them from tarnishing.

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Colorful Butterfly Jewelry

Butterfly Handmade Earrings CA-68

Beautiful butterfly earrings on a leaf shape designed with colorful flowers and two butterflies flying over them. These earrings have a silver background and blue border design.

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Cut Out Butterfly Earrings

Cut Out Butterfly Earrings CA-371

Attractive earrings handmade in butterfly design with striking colors. Butterfly earrings cut out to the elegant shape. These light weight earrings are always a pleasure to wear comfortably.

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Colorful Flowers and Butterfly Earrings

Flowers and Butterfly Earrings CA-373

Stylish earrings designed in butterfly and flowers in striking colors with french hook surgical steel ear wires. Our handmade earrings are silver plated and diamond cut by hand to make the handmade jewelry pieces sparkle like diamonds.

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Earrings Created in Beautiful Butterfly and Flowers

Colorful Butterfly Earrings CA-374

Unique earrings handcrafted in flowers and butterfly design with vibrant colors. These gorgeous butterfly jewelry will compliment your outfits.

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Butterfly Jewelry Earrings

Butterfly Handcrafted Earrings CA-375

Outstanding earrings handmade in butterfly and flowers design with lavish colors. These butterfly earrings are offered in round shape with cut out circle. No polishing required for our jewelry.

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Handcrafted Jewelry Inspired by Butterfly and Flowers

Flowers and Butterfly Earrings CA-376

Long tear drop shape butterfly earrings created in colorful butterfly designs and flowers design with intense blue background. Our jewelry and earrings are diamond cut by hand to make them sparkle.

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Colorful dragonfly earrings

Colorful Dragonfly Jewelry Earrings CA-56

The Dragonfly lives a short life, and it knows it must live to the fullest with what it has. The lesson is to live your life to the fullest every day for you never know when things may change. When you wear these beautiful dragonfly earrings you will be reminded to take advantage of all that life has to offer.

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Colorful handmade earrings with dragonfly and spring flowers design

Crocus Flowers and Dragonfly Earrings CA-561

These beautiful dragonfly earrings with colorful spring flowers will brighten your day. All our handmade earrings are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The dragonfly has iridescent wings which are incredibly sensitive to the slightest breeze, and so we are reminded to that change is an unpredictable part of life. Make the most of each and every day.

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Lovely dragonfly earrings with shades of green and purple on the wings.

Colorful Dragonfly Handmade Earrings CA-563

These dragonfly earrings have an intricate design with shades of green and purple on the wings. The dragonfly is honored as an ancient symbol of spirituality, love and fertility. There could be no better way of conveying your feelings of love than with dragonfly jewelry.

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Monarch Butterfly Earrings with dangles

Colorful Butterfly Dangle Earrings CM-68

Lovely monarch butterfly earrings with pink cherry blossoms and dangles. Capture the fresh and light feeling of spring when you wear these beautiful handmade butterfly earrings.

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Vibrant butterfly earrings with purple iris and dangles

Handmade Butterfly Dangle Earrings CM-371

Bright and beautiful butterfly earrings with purple iris flowers in teardrop shape with multiple piece dangles. The perfect accessory for your summer wardrobe.

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Diamond shaped butterfly earrings with three dangles

Colorful Dangle Butterfly Earrings CM-681

Diamond shaped handmade earrings with monarch butterfly and colorful summer flowers will make every day feel like summer. The graceful elegance of these butterfly earrings with dangles are sure to be a favorite for many years.

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Butterfly Earrings designed by Lynn Bean

Unique Butterfly Jewelry Earrings Y-46

Elegant teardrop shaped butterfly earrings with bright and vibrant pink flowers designed by Lynn Bean.

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Butterfly earrings in leaf shaped designs.

Butterfly Earrings Colorful Jewelry CA-37

The butterfly symbolizes grace, beauty and true freedom. Many people are enchanted by these elegant creatures that represent the free spirited nature that we all try to capture in our everyday lives. By wearing these colorful butterfly earrings we can express the same gracefulness and lighthearted spirit.

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Cut Out Dragonfly Earrings CA-565

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Water Lilies and Dragonfly Earrings CA-564

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Beautiful Monarch Butterfly Earrings CA-682

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Colorful Flowers and Monarch Butterfly Earrings CA-683

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Butterfly Teardrop Shape Earrings CA-681

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