Colorful Earrings Designed by Lynn Bean

Colorful earrings are handcrafted in large selections of designs by Lynn Bean including horses, butterflies, cats, feathers, eagles, Native, hummingbird and many more. You will love the colorful bracelets designed by Lynn Bean. Lynn is a very well respected American Artist renowned for her watercolor and ink paintings and painted ponies. Many of her paintings and drawings are featured in national exhibits, galleries, gift shops and well-known periodicals such as Horses in Art Magazine. Shop for colorful handmade earrings designed by Lynn Bean with lovely colors available in matching jewelry sets with rings, bracelets and necklaces. Whether you are shopping for wholesale jewelry for your gift shop or just looking for unique colorful earrings for yourself, Copper Reflections is the perfect place. If you can not find the jewelry designs you are looking for we can custom make them exclusively for you. Creative techniques and distinctive designs make these beautiful colorful earrings truly unique to Copper Reflections.

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Colorful Eagle Jewelry

Bald Eagle with Feathers Earrings Y-40

Fascinating eagle earrings painting in water colors in striking eagle head with eagle feathers design. Bright cut by hand all around the eagle head makes the colorful jewelry earrings sparkle like diamonds.

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Rodeo Western Jewelry

Barrel Racer Earrings Cowgirl Jewelry Y-12

Woman barrel racer earrings offered in water color painting by a famous American artist Lynn Bean. If you love western style jewelry, you will love this colorful rodeo western jewelry.

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Wildlife Art Jewelry

Colorful Bear Jewelry Earrings Y-50

Bear earrings, water color painting art jewelry by Lynn Bean in this exceptional grizzly bear design on tear drop shape earrings. If you love wildlife and animals, Copper Reflections offers galleries of colorful jewelry to choose from.

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Monarch Butterfly Jewelry

Monarch Butterfly Earrings Y-46

Butterfly earrings, the original art is painted in water colors for this beautiful butterfly jewelry design. Lively colors of the monarch butterfly, red and pink flowers and a background color that changes gradually from dark blue to light green make this monarch butterfly jewelry very distinguished.

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Bird Jewelry

Cardinal Earrings Colorful Bird Jewelry Y-31

Cardinal earrings painted in an intense red color that you will only see on cardinals, different shades of green and branches of a tree with white flowers on this gorgeous cardinal jewelry earrings.

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Colorful Cat Jewelry

Black and White Cat Jewelry Earrings Y-36

Original art work for these black and white cat earrings is done in water color paintings by Lynn Bean, the famous American painter. You will enjoy the fine details of this cute cat with a beautiful background design painted brilliant blue colors.

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Handcrafted Cat Jewelry by Lynn Bean

Lying Cat Earrings Jewelry Y-37

Cat jewelry earrings created in striped cat sitting on a red towel with a diamond cut copper border and silver background. These elegant earrings will make a unique gift idea for a cat lover.

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Wildlife Art Jewelry

Cougar Earrings Colorful Animal Jewelry Y-45

Gorgeous cougar earrings, original art work is created in water color painting on this beautiful cougar sitting on a tree design. You will love our art jewelry collections that are designed by well known artist Lynn Bean and handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections.

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Fine Art Jewelry Earrings

Elk Earrings Colorful Wildlife Jewelry Y-49

Elk earrings created in water colors of a elk on a mountain art design. You will love the elegance of the fine details and vibrant colors on this wildlife art jewelry earrings.

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Copper Feather Jewelry

Colorful Feather Jewelry Earrings Y-01

Copper feather earrings designed in colorful fun colors. You will love the sparkles like diamonds on these colorful copper art jewelry giving by bright cuts by hand.

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Copper Art Jewelry, Feather Earrings

Lynn Bean Feather Earrings Y-02

Copper art feather earrings created in vibrant colors. Wholesale art jewelry, available in exquisite galleries, will make a great addition to your trading posts, Native jewelry store and western gift shops.

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Copper Earrings in colorful feather design by Lynn Bean

Copper Feather Jewelry Earrings Y-03

Beautiful and colorful art jewelry feather earrings designed by Lynn Bean and handcrafted by the artisans of Copper Reflections.

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Short and wide copper feather earrings

Wide Feather Copper Earrings Y-09

These colorful feather earrings are handcrafted silver plated and diamond cut on copper. The perfect earrings to accent any outfit.

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Art Jewelry Copper Feather Earrings

Colorful Feather Earrings Lynn Bean Y-10

Fun and fabulous these colorful feather earrings are sure to capture attention. Vivid colors make these handmade earrings a must have for any wardrobe.

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Red-tailed Hawk Feather Earrings

Red Tailed Hawk Feather Earrings Y-11

Copper handcrafted earrings in Red Tailed Hawk feather design by Lynn Bean. Every piece is individually handmade, silver plated and diamond cut by skilled artisans.

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Double Feather Copper Earrings

Double Feather Dangle Earrings YM-53

Two colorful feather earrings overlapping to make this stunning double feather copper earrings. These handmade earrings are lightweight and fun to wear.

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Colorful dangle feather and horse earrings

Dangle Feather and Horse Earrings YM-54

Handmade earrings designed by Lynn Bean in this gorgeous dangle feather and horse earrings.

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Lynn Bean Golden eagle earrings with dangle feather

Golden Eagle with Dangle Earrings YM-42

Fine detail and realistic golden eagle earrings with feather dangle are handcrafted from copper and diamond cut for extra sparkle.

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Great Horned Owl Earrings

Great Horned Owl Bird Earrings Y-48

Lynn has captured the spirit of the wild in this beautiful Great Horned Owl design handmade earrings. The perfect gift for any owl collector.

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Colorful Horse Earrings with Dangle Feather

Horse with Dangle Feather Earrings YM-18

These fabulous horse earrings with feather dangle will make you smile every time you wear them. This is one of our best selling horse earrings designs.

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Painted Pony Earrings with Red Hawk Feather

Horse with Dangle Feather Earrings YM-21

Painted Pony Earrings with Red Hawk Feather dangle are handcrafted, silver plated and diamond cut on copper earrings. These horse earrings are fun and fabulous.

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Horse Jewelry Painted Pony Earrings

Colorful Horse Jewelry Earrings Y-13

Lynn has outdone herself with these beautiful painted pony earrings. These horse earrings are a pleasure to wear.

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Indian War Pony Earrings decorated with feathers

Native Indian Horse Earrings Y-14

Native Indian war pony design decorated with feathers on handmade earrings handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections.

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Colorful Paint Horse Earrings

Paint Horses with Feathers Earrings Y-15

Colorful Indian Paint horse design by Lynn Bean handmade on copper earrings. Show your love of horse by wearing these gorgeous handcrafted earrings.

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Colorful Handmade Jewelry Horse Earrings

Colorful Horse Handmade Earrings Y-16

Colorful horse earrings designed by Lynn Bean. Lynn is famous for her painted ponies and fine detailed wildlife paintings.

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Native Indian War Pony Earrings in leaf shape design

War Pony Earrings Horse Jewelry Y-17

These wonderful Native Indian War Pony Earrings in leaf shape design will accent any outfit perfectly. Handcrafted earrings are handmade, silver plated and diamond cut in this gorgeous horse earring design.

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Paint horse with feathers design on handmade copper earrings.

Paint Horse with Feathers Earrings Y-19

Colorful and fun these teardrop shaped dangle earrings are handcrafted in a paint horse design highlighted with a green border.

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Indian Horse Earrings with red background

Indian Pony with Feathers Earrings Y-20

Decorated Indian war horse earrings with red background on a leaf shaped dangle earring design. These unique earrings are sure to capture attention.

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Indian Horse Earrings with blue background

American Indian Horse Earrings Y-22

Wild and free spirited Native Indian horse earrings with bold blue background are handcrafted from copper and diamond cut on the border to add sparkle to any wardrobe.

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Black and white horse earrings

Indian Pony Horse Earrings Y-23

Black and white horse earrings with feathers braided into the mane have a wide copper border on teardrop shape dangle earrings.

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Lynn Bean Collection Horse Earrings

Horse Earrings by Lynn Bean Y-24

Lovely horse earrings designed by Lynn Bean feature a blue background on leaf shaped copper earrings.

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Petroglyph Ponies Earrings

Petroglyph Ponies Horse Earrings Y-25

These are sure to be a best seller. Fabulous Petroglyph Ponies design on teardrop shaped copper earrings are sure to capture their attention. Wear as a set with the matching handmade bracelets and rings.

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Colorful Handcrafted Horse Earrings

Colorful Horse Handmade Earrings Y-26

Elegant and noble this horse head artwork by Lynn Bean has been transformed into handmade earrings. Art jewelry that is affordable and versatile can be worn anytime whether paired with western wear or evening wear, always the perfect accessory.

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Colorful Horse Jewelry Indian War Pony Design

Horse Earrings Handcrafted Jewelry Y-27

Copper handcrafted earrings are silver plated and diamond cut in this colorful Indian war pony design from Lynn Bean.

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Lightening Horse Earrings designed by Lynn Bean

Lightening Horse Jewelry Earrings Y-28

Bold and vivid colors make these Lightening Horse earrings fantastic. Adapted from an original artwork by Lynn Bean the colors are dramatic and vibrant.

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Colorful Howling wolf earrings

Howling Wolf Jewelry Earrings Y-32

Colorful wildlife jewelry does not get any better than these gorgeous howling wolf earrings. The wolf symbolizes the free spirit of the wild, independence and strength.

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Colorful Hummingbird Earrings

Hummingbird Earrings Bird Jewelry Y-30

These lovely hummingbird earrings are highlighted with columbine flowers. Silver plated and diamond cut on copper handmade earrings this hummingbird design is destined to be one of the best selling designs of all time.

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Hummingbird earrings with pink trumpet flowers

Colorful Hummingbird Jewelry Earrings Y-35

Elegant handmade earrings with oval cut out design in beautiful hummingbird and pink trumpet flowers design. It is said that when a hummingbird hovers nearby your sorrows will disappear.

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Colorful Hummingbird Earrings with Cactus Flowers

Hummingbird with Cactus Earrings Y-29

The perfect souvenir of the southwest these hummingbird earrings with cactus flowers will keep your memories vivid. My favorite earrings are the ones that remind me of special days.

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Colorful Sun Kachina Earrings

Sun Kachina Handcrafted Earrings Y-52

Bold and vibrant colors make these Sun Kachina handmade earrings exceptional. Fun to wear as well as adding extra color to any outfit.

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Art jewelry lion earrings designed by Lynn Bean

Lion Earrings Zoo Animal Jewelry Y-44

This lion design is adapted from the original artwork by Lynn Bean and transformed into handmade earrings you can enjoy wearing every day.

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Colorful Monkey handmade earrings

Monkey Earrings by Lynn Bean Y-51

Handmade earrings are silver plated and diamond cut on copper in this cute monkey design. The monkey cages at the zoo were always my favorite when I was a kid, wearing these monkey earrings makes me feel carefree like a child.

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Colorful Wildlife Jewelry Moose Earrings

Colorful Moose Earrings Wildlife Jewelry Y-47

Colorful wildlife jewelry earrings in moose design are handmade, silver plated and diamond cut on copper earrings. When I was a kid my family went to Algonquin Park and that was the first time I saw a real live moose, it was incredible. These moose earrings remind me of those days so long ago.

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Northwest Native Bear and Totem Earrings

NW Native Bear Totem Earrings Y-56

These unique earrings combine both Native and wildlife jewelry designs. These handmade earrings feature a bear and the bear totem. Fond memories of Grouse Mountain in Vancouver come to mind when wearing these bear earrings.

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Northwest Native Hummingbird Earrings

NW Native Hummingbird Earrings Y-58

Beautiful oval shaped handmade copper earrings featuring Northwest Native hummingbird design created by Lynn Bean. These Native hummingbird earrings have a green patina colored background.

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Colorful Northwest Native Polar Bear Earrings

NW Native Polar Bear Earrings YM-57

Northwest Native polar bear earrings have a bear paw dangle. The majesty of the polar bear is captured delightfully in these unique handmade earrings.

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Northwest Native Jewelry Colorful Wolf Totem Earrings

NW Native Wolf Totem Earrings Y-55

Northwest Native wolf totem earrings are handcrafted, silver plated and diamond cut on copper earrings. The elegant teardrop shaped dangle earrings feature both wolf and wolf totem designs.

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Persian Cat Earrings, Colorful Cat Jewelry

White Persian Cat Earrings Y-38

Persian Cat Earrings are designed by Lynn Bean and handcrafted by the artisans of Copper Reflections. Colorful Cat Jewelry is the perfect unique gift for cat lovers. These heart shaped copper earrings are diamond cut to accent the Persian cat design.

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Colorful Red Hawk Earrings, Bird Jewelry

Red Tailed Hawk Earrings Bird Jewelry Y-39

Colorful Red Hawk Earrings are finely detailed and individually diamond cut to highlight this wonderful design by Lynn Bean.

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Colorful Native Sun Kachina with Feather Dangle Earrings

SW Sun Kachina Feather Earrings YM-41

Bright and vibrant colors highlight these Sun Kachina with feather dangle earrings. Fun and fabulous these Southwest Native inspired copper handmade earrings are a pleasure to wear.

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Colorful Tiger Earrings Zoo Animal Jewelry

Tiger Earrings Zoo Animal Jewelry Y-43

From our Zoo Animal Jewelry Collection these colorful tiger earrings with blue border are designed by Lynn Bean and handmade by the talented artisans of Copper Reflections.

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Colorful Wolf Jewelry Earrings

Colorful Wolf Jewelry Earrings Y-33

Lifelike details make these colorful wolf earrings extraordinary. These oval shaped copper earrings are lightweight and fun for any one who loves wildlife jewelry.

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Gray Wolf Earrings

Gray Wolf Handcrafted Earrings Y-34

Teardrop shape copper handmade earrings feature grey wolf artwork by Lynn Bean. The background of these wolf earrings is a lovely colorful watercolor sky.

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Pin Handmade Jewelry by Copper Reflections