Colorful Handcrafted Earrings in Wildlife and Animal Jewelry Designs

Colorful earrings are handcrafted in wide selections of animal and wildlife designs. Shop for colorful animal and wildlife earrings in beautiful colors in matching sets with rings, earrings and necklaces. Whether you are shopping for wholesale jewelry for your gift shop or just looking for unique colorful earrings for yourself, Copper Reflections is the perfect place. You will love the colorful earrings in eagle, wolf, owl, bear, moose and many more. If you can not find the animal designs you are looking for we can custom make them exclusively for you. Creative techniques and distinctive designs make these beautiful colorful wildlife animal earrings truly unique to Copper Reflections.

Please Contact Us for retail and wholesale prices. If you are interested in specific designs you can use the shopping cart to contact us.

Handmade Colorful Jewelry in bear  design.

Bear Earrings in Beautiful Colors CA-21

Bear earrings handcrafted in colorful design. Bear standing in front of the sun on a mountain with trees on these handmade earrings design.

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Colorful Handmade Earrings with angel design

Angel Earrings in Stained Glass Style CA-651

Angel earrings handmade in colorful stained glass inspired design. Handcrafted copper jewelry created as in these exquisite colorful handmade earrings.

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Handcrafted Jewelry  Angel and Cross Earrings

Colorful Angel Cross Earrings CA-991

Cross earrings handmade in colorful angel design with a stain glass inspiration. You will love these handcrafted colorful earrings in religious themes.

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Handmade Colorful Dolphin Earrings

Dolphin Earrings Wildlife Jewelry CA-75

Dolphin earrings handcrafted in colorful ocean and sun set design in reds, gold and blue colors. These colorful handmade jewelry is light in weight and fun to wear.

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Colorful Dolphin Earrings, Unique Jewelry

Colorful Dolphin Jewelry Earrings CA-751

Dolphin earrings created in colorful deep sea scene. Two dolphins have the reflection of the ocean on their body in this beautiful handmade jewelry design.

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Dolphin Earrings, Handcrafted Unique Jewelry

Wildlife Jewelry Dolphin Earrings CA-752

Dolphin earrings handmade in two dolphins dancing in the bottom of the ocean design. The background made in distinctive colors inspired by abalone shell in this gorgeous unique jewelry.

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Colorful Earrings, Handmade Jewelry

Wildlife Jewelry Eagle Earrings CA-46

Eagle earrings handcrafted in blue patina sky and green forest colors in this landing eagle unique jewelry design. No polishing required for our handmade jewelry.

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Colorful Animal Jewelry, Elephant Earrings

Colorful Elephant Earrings CA-67

Elephant earrings handcrafted in lovely kaleidoscope colors with a tree in patina green. Mother and baby elephant design is handcrafted on this wildlife earrings.

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Handmade Jewelry, Colorful Howling Wolf Earrings

Colorful Howling Wolf Earrings CA-832

Wildlife jewelry created in these colorful howling wolf earrings with bright moon and changing shades of blue night sky.

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Colorful Handmade Jewelry, Jesus on Cross Earrings

Jesus on Cross Handmade Earrings CA-99

Cross earrings handmade in changing shades of background colors with Jesus. Ask for matching necklaces for these beautiful handmade earrings.

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Wildlife Jewelry, Handmade Killer Whale Earrings

Killer Whale Earrings Wildlife Jewelry CA-42

Killer whale earrings created in mother and baby whales in the colorful deep ocean scene with colors changing from blue to green.

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Colorful Handmade Jewelry, Loon Earrings

Loon Earrings Handcrafted Jewelry CA-19

Loon earrings handcrafted in a lake and forest scene with colorful sky and sun in this wildlife jewelry earrings.

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Maple Leaf Earrings, Colorful Handcrafted Jewelry

Canadian Maple Leaf Earrings CA-631

These Canadian maple leaves earrings are handcrafted in autumn colors. Handmade maple leaves earrings are cut out to bring out the gorgeous colors.

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Handmade Colorful Jewelry

Maple Leaf Earrings Nature Jewelry CA-63

Maple leaf earrings hand made in autumn and gold and silver background colors.

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Maple Leaves Earrings, Handmade Jewelry

Colorful Maple Leaves Earrings CA-632

Maple leaves are created in falling leaves in autumn colors with dark blue background color. Unique earrings handmade in yellow, red, orange autumn leaves design.

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Polar Bear Earrings, Colorful Wildlife Jewelry

Polar Bear Handmade Earrings CA-12

Polar bear earrings hand crafted by the artisans of Copper Reflections in colorful Norther lights sky design.

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Polar Bear Earrings, Wildlife Jewelry

Polar Bear Earrings Wildlife Jewelry CA-121

Polar bear earrings created with colorful mountains, shades of blue and pink sky , moon and stars. Colorful polar bear earrings will make a great addition to gift shops specializing in American and Canadian wildlife.

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Wolf Earrings, Colorful Wildlife Animal Jewelry

Wolf Earrings Animal Jewelry CA-83

Wolf earrings offered in colorful wildlife jewelry designs with gold color moon and antique copper color mountains and patina green color ground.

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Colorful Wolf Jewelry, Wolf Earrings

Colorful Howling Wolf Earrings CA-831

Wolf earrings handmade in colorful sky that changes from dark blue to light, silver color moon and touched copper color rocks. Wolf is howling at the moon in these stunning wildlife jewelry.

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Colorful Animal Jewelry, Dolphin Earrings

Colorful Dolphin Dangle Earrings CM-75

Dolphin earrings are created in dangle earring styles. The prices of these earrings are more than the one piece earrings as they longer time to make. Dolphins are jumping out of the ocean that is in beautiful changing colors from reds to the blues for water on these handmade earrings.

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Colorful Maple Leaf Earrings, Handcrafted Jewelry

Double Maple Leaf Dangle Earrings CM-63

Maple leaf earrings are made as dangle earrings with two pieces hanging on top of each other. You will love the autumn colors on these maple leaves changing from orange, gold and red to the shades of greens. These nature inspired colorful maple leaf earrings will be perfect jewelry to wear to celebrate the fall.

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Bald Eagle Earrings

Bald Eagle Jewelry Earrings Y-40

Bald eagle earrings designed by Lynn Bean and handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections in fine details with eagle feathers.

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Bear Earrings

Colorful Bear Wildlife Earrings Y-50

Bear earrings designed by Lynn Bean in beautiful colors and background color changing from blue to green. Handmade earrings by Copper Reflections are light in weight and have surgical steel hypo-allergenic ear wires so they would not hurt your ears.

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Handmade Cardinal Earrings, Colorful Bird Jewelry

Colorful Cardinal Handcrafted Earrings Y-31

Cardinal earrings are designed by Lynn Bean with colorful flowers in the background. If you love birds these colorful cardinal earrings would be most favorite.

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Colorful Wildlife Animal Earrings, Elk Jewelry

Elk Earrings Animal Earrings Y-49

Elk earrings handmade in fascinating colors for wildlife animal lovers.

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Golden Eagle Earrings, Handmade Dangle Earrings

Golden Eagle and Feather Earrings YM-42

Golden eagle earrings designed by Lynn Bean with a dangle eagle feathers in these outstanding handmade jewelry.

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Great Horned Owl Earrings, Handcrafted Jewelry

Great Horned Owl Earrings Y-48

Great horned owl earrings designed by Lynn Bean in fine details and handcrafted in high quality by the artisans of Copper Reflections.

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Howling Wolf Earrings, Handmade Jewelry

Howling Wolf Jewelry Earrings Y-32

Howling wolf earrings created in exceptional colors with shades of blues and earth tones for the mountains.

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Moose Earrings, Handmade Wildlife Jewelry

Moose Earrings Wildlife Jewelry Y-47

Moose earrings designed by Lynn Bean in colorful wildlife scene with shades of blue and green for water and the sun set colors for the sky.

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Red-tailed Hawk Earrings, Handcrafted Unique Jewelry

Red-tailed Hawk Earrings Y-39

Red-tailed hawk earrings designed by Lynn Bean in great details and remarkable colors and handcrafted by Copper Reflections.

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Handmade Wolf Earrings

Timber Wolf Jewelry Earrings Y-33

Wolf earrings offered in beautiful colors with this timber wolf design with changing blue shades in the background.

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Wildlife Animal Jewelry, Gray Wolf Earrings

Gray Wolf Earrings Animal Jewelry Y-34

Gray wolf earrings created black and gray color wolf with variations of blue, purple and pink background.

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Jumping Dolphin Earrings CA-753

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Dolphins in Sunset Earrings CA-754

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Pin Handmade Jewelry by Copper Reflections