Colorful Handmade Earrings with Zoo Animals Jewelry Artwork

Colorful earrings are handcrafted in wide selections of zoo animals designs including lions, tigers, monkeys, elephant, leopard, zebras, cougars and many more. Shop for colorful zoo animals earrings with lovely colors in matching jewelry sets with rings, bracelets and necklaces. Whether you are shopping for wholesale jewelry for your gift shop or just looking for unique colorful zoo animals jewelry for yourself, Copper Reflections is the perfect place. If you can not find the jewelry designs you are looking for we can custom make them exclusively for you. Creative techniques and distinctive designs make these beautiful colorful zoo animals earrings truly unique to Copper Reflections.

Please Contact Us for retail and wholesale prices. If you are interested in specific designs you can use the shopping cart to contact us.

Zoo Animals Jewelry

Cheetah Earrings Animal Jewelry CA-672

Beautiful cheetah earrings made on a tear drop shape earrings. Discover colorful zoo animals jewelry exclusively by Copper Reflections artisans in Stylish and unique designs.

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Handmade Zoo animals Jewelry

Dolphin Earrings Zoo Jewelry CA-751

Dolphin earrings offered in beautiful ocean scene with two dolphins swimming. Border of the earrings are diamond cut to sparkle.

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Elephant Zoo Animals Jewelry

Colorful Elephant Handmade Earrings CA-67

Elephant earrings, mother and baby elephant with an African tree art scene in this zoo animal jewelry with brilliant colors. Colorful earrings have hypo allergenic surgical steel ear wires.

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Colorful Whale Jewelry Earrings

Killer Whale Earrings Zoo Jewelry CA-42

Killer whale earrings, baby and mother whale swimming in the deep waters of the ocean with wide array of colors.

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Leopard Zoo Animal Jewelry

Leopard Earrings Animal Jewelry CA-671

Leopard earrings created in lavish background colors to give the impression of the forest in this elegant zoo animal jewelry designs.

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 Colorful Unique Animal Jewelry

Colorful Polar Bear Unique Earrings CA-12

Polar bear earrings handmade in striking colors of background that a flair of norther lights. Polar bear is walking on ice that the colors changing from light blue to green on this round shape zoo animal earrings.

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Colorful Polar Bear Jewelry

Colorful Polar Bear Earrings CA-121

Polar bear earrings created in stunning design of mountains and sky with moon and stars.You will definitely attract attention with this gorgeous polar bear jewelry.

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Zoo Animal Art Jewelry

Zebra Earrings Zoo Animal Jewelry CA-673

Zebra earrings designed in colorful designs that changes from blue to green and red in this animal art jewelry. Light in weight and surgical steel ear wires will let you enjoy them comfortably.

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Bear Earrings

Bear Earrings Zoo Animal Jewelry Y-50

Bear earrings are designed on a tear drop shape with a grizzly bear design, blue and green array of colors for the background to make the bear stand out more.

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Wholesale Zoo Animal Jewelry

Cougar Earrings Colorful Zoo Jewelry Y-45

Cougar earrings hand crafted in fascinating cougar on a tree designs on this colorful tear drop shape earrings.

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 Zoo Animals Jewelry

Elk Earrings Zoo Animals Jewelry Y-49

Tear drop shape elk earrings handcrafted in brilliant colors on this zoo animals art jewelry design. No polishing required for our handmade jewelry.

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Colorful Birds Jewelry

Great Horned Owl Earrings Bird Jewelry Y-48

Owl earrings designed by Lynn Bean. Great horned owl earrings handcrafted on tear drop shape in intense colors. You will love the reasonable wholesale prices on our zoo animals jewelry.

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Zoo Animal Jewelry

Lion Earrings Colorful Zoo Animal Jewelry Y-44

Lion earrings designed by Lynn Bean in exceptional lion art painting with striking colors on round these shape earrings.

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Animal Jewelry for Zoos

Colorful Monkey Earrings Zoo Jewelry Y-51

Monkey earrings by Copper Reflections will make a great addition for zoo gift stores. Monkey design is painted in water colors by Lynn Bean. We can also make custom designed zoo jewelry for you.

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Zoo Jewelry

Tiger Earrings Zoo Animal Jewelry Y-43

Exquisite tiger earrings offered in a tear drop shape with with a lavish blue border and silver background. Show-off what you love most with stunning wild animals jewelry by Copper Reflections.

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Zoo Jewelry

Colorful Wolf Earrings Animal Jewelry Y-34

Attractive wolf earrings, beautiful water color painting in vibrant colors created by Lynn Bean for this colorful wolf jewelry.

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Pin Handmade Jewelry by Copper Reflections