Unique Wire Bracelets with Handmade Copper Artwork

Handcrafted jewelry by Copper Reflections presents handmade unique bracelets that are individually made by hand, silver plated and diamond cut on elegant wire style unique bracelets. Our designs are inspired by nature, wildlife, flowers, Native and animal themes. Handmade unique bracelets are created in wide selections of animal designs including horse, dolphin, butterfly, wolf, hummingbird, dragonfly and many more. The skilled artisans of Copper Reflections have been specialized in creating the most unique styles and designs of bracelets. You will love our reasonable prices, our friendly customer service and high quality. Copper Reflections artisans have developed special techniques over the years to create most unique jewelry you have ever seen.

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Handmade Jewelry NativeThunderbird Bracelet

Native Jewelry Thunderbird Bracelet WB02

Individually artisan handmade bracelets are silver plated and diamond cut on this beautiful wire bracelet in Native American Thunderbird totem. The Thunderbird was one of the supernatural birds of the myths. The flapping of his wings caused crashes of thunder and lightening flashed from his eyes.The Thunderbird is the personification of energies in nature. As a totem it will be your protector and liberator.

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Southwest Native Bracelet With 4 Elements Design

Southwest Native Bracelet 4 Elements WB07

Handmade unique bracelets are silver plated and diamond cut on this fascinating Native American Indian jewelry Southwest four elements design depicting the earth, wind, fire and water.

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Northwest Native Jewelry Bracelets with Sun Totem

Northwest Native Sun Totem Bracelet WB08

Handmade unique bracelets are created in Northwest Native American Haida Sun Totem design. The Native Sun represents life, abundance and its warmth radiates healing and peace.

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Flower Bracelets with Daisies on Black Background

Black Daisy Flower Jewelry Bracelets WB09

Handmade bracelets are created in beautiful flower jewelry design. This daisy flower bracelet has a dramatic black background and is one of our best selling designs.

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Daisy Flower Bracelets with Silver Background

Silver Daisy Flower Bracelets WB09sp

Unique wire bracelets feature this distinctive daisy flower jewelry design with silver background. Flower themed bracelets will make a special unique gift for birthdays. Copper Reflections has been specialized in handmade jewelry business in the United States and Canada since 1985.

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Native Southwest Sunburst Bracelet

Southwest Native Sunburst Bracelet WB16

Handcrafted bracelets are created in Southwest Native American Sunburst theme. Native American symbols were geometric portrayals of celestial bodies, natural phenomena and animal designs. Native symbols can vary in meaning from one tribe to another and across different regions.

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Wildlife Jewelry Canadian Loon Bracelets

Canadian Wildlife Jewelry Loon Bracelets WB19

Elegant wire bracelets are created in beautiful Canadian wildlife scene with loons. These loon bracelets will make a great addition to gift stores and trading posts in Canada and the United States. Copper Reflections has been established in wholesale jewelry business since 1985.

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Wildlife Bracelets with Grizzly Bear Design

Wildlife Jewelry Grizzly Bear Bracelet WB21

Handmade unique bracelets are created in beautiful wildlife jewelry scenes featuring a grizzly bear and mountains. Bears are symbol of strength, wilderness and the protectors of the animal kingdom.

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Unique Handmade Jewelry Cat Bracelet

Cat Lovers Jewelry Bracelet WB26

Stylish wire bracelets are created in beautiful cat jewelry designs. This white cat bracelets will make a special unique gift for cat lovers.

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Cat Jewelry Bracelets in Kitten Design

Cat Jewelry Kitten Bracelet WB28

This adorable black and white kitten design is our best selling cat jewelry theme. Individually handcrafted, silver plated and diamond cut on copper these cat bracelets will make an unforgettable gift that will be prized by any cat lover.

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Southwest Native Bracelet

Southwest Native Bracelet WB29

Handmade wire bracelets are created in Southwest Native American themes. Inspired by the weaving patterns on rugs and fabrics this design is available on earrings, rings and necklaces so that you can make matching jewelry sets.

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Wildlife Jewelry Black Bear and Cub Bracelets

Wildlife Jewelry Bracelet Black Bear and Cub WB32

These unique bracelets are created in beautiful wildlife scene with a black bear and cub. Handmade bear bracelets will make a great addition to gift stores and trading posts in Canada and the United States.

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Killer Whale Bracelets Wildlife Jewelry

Killer Whale Jewelry Bracelets WB42

Handmade wire bracelets in killer whale design have matching earrings and necklaces to make them into unique jewelry sets. The Killer Whale or Orca is a popular symbol for romance as they mate for life. The Killer Whale stays with its family and travel in large pods.

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Hummingbird Themed Bracelets

Hummingbird Jewelry Bracelets WB44

Outstanding handcrafted bracelets in hummingbird themes by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections. Hummingbirds are symbols of peace, happiness and love. These gorgeous hummingbird bracelets will compliment any outfit and will make the most unique birthday or Mothers Day gifts.

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Handmade End of the Trail Bracelets

End of the Trail Bracelet WB45

Handmade unique bracelets are created in Western jewelry End of the Trail theme. This lone figure on his weary horse is one of the most recognized symbols of the American West. By many it is viewed as a reverent memorial to a great and valiant people. To some Native Americans, however, it is viewed as a reminder of defeat and subjugation a century ago.

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Eagle Jewelry Handmade Bracelets

Wildlife Jewelry Eagle Bracelets WB46

Handmade unique bracelets are created in beautiful American Bald Eagle design. The Eagle represents spiritual protection, carries prayers, and brings strength, courage and wisdom. The eagle has an ability to see hidden spiritual truths, rising above the material to see the spiritual.

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Wolf Jewelry Unique Bracelets

Timber Wolf Bracelet WB55

Handmade bracelets are created in beautiful timber wolf design. Wolves are friendly, social, free spirited and intelligent animals. Native Americans believe that Wolf is teacher and pathfinder to find new ideas and teach them to the tribe.

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Unique Jewelry Dragonfly Bracelet

Unique Dragonfly Bracelet WB56

Beautiful wire bracelet inspired by dragonflies is individually handcrafted by the artisan of Copper Reflections. You will love the simple elegance of the earth tone colors copper, silver and black on this handmade unique bracelet.

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Horse and Foal Bracelets

Horse and Foal Bracelet WB57

Unique copper bracelets handcrafted in horse and foal theme. Copper Reflections artisans have been specialized in handmade jewelry and offer vast selections of horse lovers jewelry themes. Horse symbolizes free spirit, friendship and loyalty.

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Canadian Jewelry Maple Leaf Bracelet

Canadian Maple Leaf Bracelet WB63

Handmade bracelets are silver plated and diamond cut in this Canadian maple leaf bracelet. We set our standards high when we create the handmade jewelry in our unique collections and we keep our prices affordable. We want you to look and feel special when you wear our unique bracelets.

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Inukshuk Bracelet Canadian Jewelry

Canadian Jewelry Inukshuk Bracelet WB64

Handmade wire bracelets are silver plated and diamond cut on this Inukshuk bracelet. The Inukshuk was thought of as a direction marker on the vast, featureless tundra of the Arctic. It was used traditionally by the Inuit to help in hunting Caribou. The Caribou were often deceived and would be drawn into hunting areas strategically placed at the head of the valley. After a particularly successful hunt, a new Inukshuk was sometimes erected to mark a food cache of excess dried meat to be hoarded for future lean times for the Inuit people.

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Angel Bracelets Inspired Jewelry

Inspirational Jewelry Angel Bracelets WB65

Unique bracelets are handcrafted in this inspirational angel bracelet. Angels are a symbol of Hope, goodness, purity, protection, comfort and consolation. They also represent the spiritual nature of the being.

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Butterfly Jewelry Handcrafted Bracelets

Butterfly Jewelry Unique Bracelets WB68

Elegant wire bracelet handcrafted in butterfly theme, silver plated and diamond cut on this fascinating butterfly bracelet. The Butterfly is a universal symbol of change, resurrection, transformation, celebration, young love and the soul.

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Handmade Dolphin Bracelets

Unique Jewelry Dolphin Bracelet WB75

Elegant handmade bracelets by the talented artisans of Copper Reflections feature playful dolphins. Dolphins have a wise, innocent, purity of being which reaches out to our inner nature. Follow their lead and open yourself to the energy of love, harmony and balance. Express your inner truth and follow your inner joy.

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Native Southwest Turtle Bracelet

Southwest Native Turtle Bracelet WB79

Handmade unique bracelets inspired by Southwest Native American turtle theme. The Turtle represents Mother Earth. It is also a creature known to bring positive energy, good luck and long life. As a totem it aids in planning, informed decisions and adaptability.

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Northwest Native Jewelry Bear Totem Bracelets

Northwest Native Bear Bracelet WB80

Exquisite wire bracelets created in Northwest Native American bear totem. The Bear symbolizes the most powerful of animals who is believed to be the Guardian of the West and has the power to heal and to transform passions into true wisdom.

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Northwest Jewelry Native Hummingbird Bracelets

Native NW Hummingbird Bracelet WB81

Handmade wire bracelets are handcrafted in Northwest Native jewelry hummingbird theme by the artisans of Copper Reflections. The hummingbird represents friendship, playfulness, and is a symbol of good luck in Northwest Coastal Native art. It is a positive sign to see a hummingbird prior to a major event such as hunting, traveling or marriage.

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Howling Wolf Jewelry Bracelet

Handmade Howling Wolf Bracelet WB83

Artisan bracelets created in remarkable howling wolf design. Copper Reflections artisans have been specialized in handmade jewelry inspired by wildlife and wolves. The wolf imparts a sense of family and loyalty, the moon is the power ally which helps Wolf to access the subconscious that has the secrets of knowledge and wisdom.

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Handmade Jewelry American Bald Eagle Bracelets

American Bald Eagle Bracelet WB92

Exquisite handcrafted bracelets are individually silver plated and diamond cut on this American Bald Eagle bracelet. This species is still plentiful in the Pacific Northwest. They have long been a source of artistic inspiration for both traditional and contemporary Native artists.

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Wildlife Jewelry American Bald Eagle Bracelets

Bald Eagle Jewelry Handmade Bracelets WB93

Outstanding handmade unique bracelets are created by the artisans of Copper Reflections in this American bald eagle bracelet. The Eagle is a powerful symbol of courage. The Eagle teaches us to be wise enough to know that a change needs to be made in your life and then finding the courage to execute the change. It is okay to gather our courage, to recognize opportunities and not be afraid of the unknown.

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