Handcrafted Barrettes, Small Handmade Hair Clips

Small hair clips by the artisans of Copper Reflections providing individually handmade, silver plated and diamond cut designs on copper barrettes. Available in animal, wildlife and Native inspired themes including horse, dolphin, butterfly, hummingbird and flower hair clips. All our unique barrettes use french barrette clips with average length about 2 inches or 5 cm.

Please Contact Us for retail, wholesale and wholesale distributor prices on our Unique Barrettes. For prices on specific items, please use our shopping cart to contact us. No orders will be shipped without your order confirmation.Suggested Retail Price of these exceptional Handcrafted Barrettes (small) is $ 9.95 each

Handmade Barrettes Art Deco Design

Unique Hair Clips Art Deco HR-4 small

Unique barrettes are handcrafted, silver plated and diamond cut in Art Deco design. The Art Deco period is one of the most popular and enduring design periods in jewelry history. The style reflected the flamboyant and playful attitudes of the era and gave birth to forms and motifs that continue to live on today.

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Unique Hair Clips with Medieval Design

Handcrafted Hair Clips Medieval HR-5 small

Handmade hair barrettes are handcrafted, silver plated and diamond cut on copper in this medieval design. These unique barrettes would make a great addition to your gift store with reasonable wholesale prices and low minimum order quantities.

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Handcrafted Cat Jewelry Barrettes

Unique Cat Jewelry Barrettes HR-12 small

Copper barrettes are handcrafted, silver plated and diamond cut in white cat jewelry design. Cat hair barrettes have a protective finish so they do not need polishing.

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Native Jewelry Southwest Sunburst Barrettes

SW Sunburst Native Barrettes HR-16 small

Unique hair clips are handcrafted from copper in Native American jewelry Southwest Sunburst theme. Native American Indians were a deeply spiritual people and they communicated their history, thoughts, ideas and dreams from generation to generation through symbols and geometric portrayals of celestial bodies, natural phenomena and animal designs.

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Hummingbird Jewelry Barrettes

Hummingbird Jewelry Unique Hair Clips HR-18 small

Handmade hair barrettes are handcrafted from copper in hummingbird jewelry theme. These hummingbird hair barrettes are our best selling design.

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Northwest Jewelry  Native Hummingbird Hair Barrettes

NW Native Hummingbird Hair Clips HR-27 small

Northwest Native hair barrettes are handcrafted from copper, silver plated and diamond cut in Native American jewelry Northwest hummingbird totem. The hummingbird represents friendship, playfulness, and is a symbol of good luck in Northwest Coastal Native art.

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Monarch Butterfly Jewelry Barrettes

Monarch Butterfly Jewelry Barrettes HR-28 small

These handmade barrettes in Monarch Butterfly jewelry theme are handcrafted, silver plated and diamond cut on copper. The butterfly is also believed to be a messenger from the spirit world. The message the butterfly brings depends their color. A yellow brings hope and guidance, brown signifies important news, red signifies an important event and white signifies good luck.

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Butterfly Jewelry Hair Accessories

Butterfly Jewelry Hair Barrettes HR-30 small

Unique copper hair clips in butterfly jewelry design. A butterfly who lands on your shoulder brings you comfort.

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Wolf Jewelry Hair Clips

Wolf Jewelry Hair Barrettes HR-32

Unique handmade hair clips are silver plated and diamond cut in wolf jewelry motif. The Wolf is a positive symbol as wolves mate for life, protect their young and do not separate from their families.

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