Leather Bracelets with Colorful Art

Leather bracelets handmade in colorful artwork created in animal, wildlife and Native themes. These unique leather bracelets will compliment any outfit and will be cherished by handmade jewelry lovers. You will love our reasonable wholesale jewelry prices, our great customer service and high quality of our handmade leather bracelets. Find wide selections of distinctive colorful designs including, cat, wolf, horse, dragonfly, hummingbird and many more.

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Butterfly Leather Bracelet

Colorful Butterfly Leather Bracelet BL-68

Handmade leather bracelets with monarch butterfly and colorful summer flowers will make every day feel like summer. The grace and elegance of the butterfly is captured in this unique butterfly artwork that is silver plated and diamond cut on copper.

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Colorful Dolphin Wholesale  Leather Bracelets

Sunset and Dolphins Leather Bracelet BL-75

Unique leather bracelets feature copper artwork that is silver plated and diamond cut with beautiful dolphin jewelry design. These gorgeous handmade bracelets will compliment any outfit and will make the most unique gifts.

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Howling Wolf Handcrafted Leather Bracelets

Howling Wolf Colorful Leather Bracelet BL-83

Colorful howling wolf leather bracelets are handcrafted with a colorful sky that gradually changes from dark to light blue, silver color moon and torched copper color rocks. Wolves are loyal to the pack but do not give up their independence. The Wolf teaches you to balance between the needs your family and the needs you have for yourself.

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Colorful Maple Leaf Design Leather Bracelet

Colorful Maple Leaves Leather Bracelets BL-63

This Canadian maple leaves in the vivid colors of autumn artwork is handcrafted, silver plated and diamond cut on copper and mounted onto these unique leather bracelets.

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Unique Leather Bracelets in Cat Design

Cat and Colorful Flowers Leather Bracelets BL-28

Cat bracelets are handcrafted in this lovely black and white kitten with red roses design on these black leather bracelets. This adorable kitten is sure to be a best seller.

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Wholesale Handcrafted Dragonfly Leather Bracelets

Handmade Dragonfly Leather Bracelets BL-56

These delightful dragonfly bracelets with colorful spring flowers will brighten your day. All our handmade leather bracelets are adjustable to the wrist and comfortable to wear. The dragonfly has wings which are sensitive to the slightest breeze, and so we are reminded that change is an unpredictable part of life and we should make the most of every moment.

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Colorful Flower Leather Bracelet

Colorful Floral Leather Bracelets BL-09

These vibrant colored flower leather bracelets are handmade, each design is individually silver plated and diamond cut on copper. The daisy design is filled with a multi-colored pattern that is reminiscent of the scratch art designs we made when we were kids. Fun and colorful these handcrafted bracelets are the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

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Leather Bracelets Handmade in American Eagle Artwork

Flying Eagle Unique Leather Bracelets BL-46

Eagle bracelet artwork is handcrafted on copper with blue patina sky and green forest colors in this landing eagle design. All of our handmade leather bracelets have three snaps to adjust to fit your wrist.

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Colorful Hummingbird Leather Bracelet

Colorful Hummingbird Leather Bracelets BL-43

Beautiful hummingbird with colorful flowers handcrafted on copper and mounted on this unique leather bracelet in cuff style. Hummingbirds represent a messenger of love and joy. Wear our hummingbird jewelry to show your joy of life.

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Unique Leather Bracelet with Horse Design

White Stallion Horse Leather Bracelets BL-226

Horse bracelet artwork is handcrafted on copper, silver plated and diamond cut in white color Arabian horse with torch painted copper colors for the background. The copper design is then mounted on these gorgeous leather bracelets.

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Colorful Native Turtle Accented Leather Bracelets

Colorful Native Turtle Leather Bracelets BL-79

Remarkable handmade leather bracelets feature silver plated and diamond cut copper artwork in Southwest Native turtle motif. The turtle is one of the most important symbols for Native Americans. It represents Mother Earth, symbolizing strength and great patience to help other people.

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Inukshuk Handmade Leather Bracelets

Canadian Inukshuk Art Leather Bracelets BL-64

Gorgeous leather bracelets feature silver plated and diamond cut copper artwork in Canadian Native Inukshuk artwork. The Inukshuk was built along treeless horizons, these landmarks helped travelers navigate on land and water. These beacons of the North have now been adapted as symbols of friendship, reminding us that we all depend on one another.

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Wholesale Native Hummingbird Leather Bracelets

NW Native Hummingbird Leather Bracelets BL-81

Bright and vivid colors in this West Coast Native inspired hummingbird design make these handmade leather bracelets remarkable. The hummingbird represents friendship, playfulness, and is a symbol of good luck in Northwest Coastal Native legends. It is a positive sign to see a hummingbird prior to a major event such as traveling or marriage.

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Northwest Cost Native Eagle Leather Bracelets

Colorful NW Native Eagle Leather Bracelets BL-02

This unique leather bracelet features copper artwork handcrafted in colorful Pacific Northwest Native eagle totemic design. The Northwest Eagle totem carries the power of intuition and creativeness, along with the powers of healing and spirit. His spirit transcends personal problems and symbolizes becoming one with the Greater Spirit.

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West Coast Native Eagle Unique Leather Bracelets

NW Native Eagle Leather Bracelets BL-06

Colorful Northwest Native eagle totemic design is handcrafted, silver plated and diamond cut on copper, then mounted on these handmade leather bracelets. The eagle is a symbol of prestige and power. The eagle represents friendship and peace to all.

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Colorful West Coast Native Eagle Art Bracelet

NW Native Eagle Leather Bracelets BL-11

Leather bracelets created with colorful Northwest Native eagle totem copper artwork. The Eagle in the Northwest Native American culture represents keen eyesight and vision that allows you to focus on and attain all your goals.

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Real Leather Bracelet Handmade in Native Designs

NW Hands of Creation Leather Bracelets BL-40

Unique leather bracelets with handmade copper artwork in colorful Northwest Native Haida Hands of Creation design. The killer whale has long been associated with native stories of creation. Its powers include song and creative inspiration. As a totem it aids in awakening the inner spirit and the creative force to help you accomplish your goals.

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Colorful NW Native Raven Leather Bracelet

NW Native Raven Leather Bracelets BL-18

These leather bracelets feature a colorful Northwest Native raven totem design handmade on copper artwork. The Raven is known in legends as the one who released the sun, moon, and stars. The raven discovered man in a clam shell, brought the salmon and the water as well as taught man how to fish and hunt.

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Leather Bracelets Handmade in Northwest Native American Art

NW Native Thunderbird Leather Bracelet BL-39

Exceptional handmade leather bracelets are individually handcrafted with colorful Northwest Native Thunderbird design. The Thunderbird was one of the supernatural birds of the myths. The flapping of his wings caused crashes of thunder and lightening flashed from his eyes. As a totem it will be your protector and liberator.

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Handmade Polar Bear Leather Bracelets

Polar Bear and Cub Leather Bracelets BL-12

Polar bear with colorful northern lights design is silver plated and diamond cut on copper artwork then mounted on this gorgeous handmade leather bracelet. You will be able to enjoy our unique bracelets for many years as they do tarnish and do not need any maintenance.

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Southwest Native American Fetish Bear Bracelet

SW Native Fetish Bear Leather Bracelet BL-706

These unique leather bracelets have colorful copper artwork in the Native Southwest bear totem for long life and prosperity. The Bear symbolizes the most powerful of animals who is believed to have the power to heal and to transform your passions into true wisdom.

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SW Native Thunderbird Artwork Decorated Leather Bracelet

SW Native Thunderbird Leather Bracelet BL-01

Leather handmade bracelets in colorful Native Thunderbird with patina green background color copper artwork. The legend of the Thunderbird is derived from the common belief that the creature creates storms and the beating of its enormous wings causes thunder and stirs the wind. Lightning was believed to flash from its eyes or beak.

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Colorful Native Indian Leather Bracelet

Colorful SW Native Leather Bracelet BL-720

This Native Southwestern design is colorful and dramatic, silver plated and diamond cut on copper for that extra special sparkle then mounted on these handcrafted leather bracelets. Unusual techniques and creative designs make our handmade jewelry truly unique to Copper Reflections.

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Native American Art Decorated Leather Bracelet

Southwest Native Leather Bracelet BL-119

Colorful Southwestern Native sun motif is handcrafted, silver plated and diamond cut on copper artwork and mounted on this unique leather bracelet. The sun is considered a symbol of growth as the sun gives light and heat that sustain life on earth. The rays of the sun represented the main directions North, East, West and South. The Native Americans had the highest regard for the sun and as a mark of respect they performed the sun dance.

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Wholesale Native Indian Leather Bracelet

Southwest Star Native Leather Bracelet BL-721

Colorful Southwest Native Star inspired design is featured in vibrant colors to create the copper artwork for these stunning handmade leather bracelets. The Hope symbol is represented by the eight pointed star that symbolizes hope and guidance through times of trouble.

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Unique Genuine Leather Bracelets

Southwest Native Buffalo Leather Bracelets BL-58

The Buffalo represents steadfast endurance and perseverance to rise above our weaknesses to succeed. Colorful Southwest Native Buffalo design is featured in vibrant colors to create the copper artwork for these remarkable handcrafted leather bracelets.

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Wholesale Handmade Genuine Leather Bracelets

Southwest Art Native Leather Bracelets BL-711

Bold and brilliant colors of the southwest are used to create this Native inspired copper artwork with cloud design that is silver plated, diamond cut and mounted on these unique leather bracelets.

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Wholesale Native American Leather Bracelets

Colorful SW Native Leather Bracelets BL-722

This colorful copper artwork is handcrafted, silver plated and diamond cut in this unique Southwest Native design, then mounted on these genuine leather bracelets. Some Native American symbols were specific to individual families or passed down from one generation to another. Others had a practical purpose such as providing directions.

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