Galleries of Eagle Jewelry Created in Outstanding Designs, Styles and Colors on Eagle Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Lockets and Necklaces in Matching Designs. We can also make custom designs for Wholesale Jewelry.

Our Eagle Jewelry Selections

Eagle Jewelry by Copper Reflections

Stylish and Unique Designs - Reasonable Prices Since 1985

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Eagle Bracelet in Cut Out with Black Patina
Cut Out Eagle Bracelet
Eagle Earrings with Abalone Sea Shells
Sea Shell Eagle Earrings
 Eagle Bracelet in Silver, Copper and Black Colors
Bald Eagle Bracelet
Flying Bald Eagle Bracelets
Eagle Bracelet
Estern Belt Buck with Beautiful American Eagle Design
Eagle Western Belt Buckles
Two Tone Plated Cut Out Eagle Earrings
Cut Out Eagle Earrings
Eagle Earrings with Feathers Design
Bald Eagle Earrings
American Eagle Earrings
Alaska Eagle Earrings
Eagle Earrings in with Diamond Cut
Eagle Earrings
Colorful Eagle Design on Copper Feather Earrings
Eagle Feather Earrings
Eagle Adjustable Rings
Eagle Rings
Handcrafted Bracelet in Colorful American Eagle Design
Colorful Eagle Bracelet
Eagle Keychains
Eagle Key Chains
Dangle Earrings with Eagle and Alaska Northern Lights Artwork
Dangle Eagle Earrings
Diamond Cut Eagle Lockets
Eagle Lockets
Eagle Themed Business Card Holders
Eagle Business Card Cases
Dangle Eagle Earrings
Dangle Eagle Earrings
American Eagle Pill Boxes
Eagle Inspired Unique Gifts
Eagle Money Clips
American Eagle Money Clips
Cut Out Brooch with Beautiful Eagle and Bear Design in Wildlife Scene
Eagle Brooch

Eagle Bracelets, eagle earrings, necklaces and rings are offered in our exquisite selections. The Eagle represents spiritual protection, strength, courage and wisdom. Our eagle jewelry is inspired by eagles soaring to the sky with freedom and adventure. Nothing portrays strength and independence like the eagle. By wearing eagle jewelry you will show your free spirit and independence. Each piece is carefully designed and handcrafted especially for you.

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