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How To Optimize Handmade Jewelry Wholesale Jewelry Websites For Google

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Getting your handmade jewelry website online is the easier part of having a handmade jewelry or animal jewelry website. You have to put lots of effort to make your wholesale jewelry website to the top pages in Google search so prospect customers can find you.

Search engine optimization is essential for handmade jewelry internet marketing. The handcrafted jewelry business is very competitive with millions of websites clamoring for top ranking in the search engine result pages. Using the right techniques can be challenging for wholesale jewelry marketers. Creating handcrafted jewelry is in itself a full time job so many people can not devote a great deal of time to their websites. It is important to use search engine optimization correctly to achieve the best results in the least amount of time.

Search engine optimization begins with the website. In order to make the unique jewelry website optimized effectively, it is important to keep in mind that each web page is separate and should have its own keywords. This means that not only the homepage needs to be optimized, but each page should also be optimized using the most appropriate keywords and long-tailed keyword phrases.

When employing search engine optimization techniques to the web pages, you must identify the main concept a page talk about and base the main keywords and phrases from that. For handmade jewelry websites most have pages for handmade earrings, handmade bracelets and handcrafted necklaces so focus on those keywords and related keywords. It is best to have only two or three phrases per page.

The title tag, meta description and meta keywords tags of each page should also be optimized with the chosen keywords and phrases. It is crucial to make the title tag and meta description attractive to your customers as well as the search engines. Most major search engines will use the title tag and description on the search engine results pages which means that this is what people will be reading once they search for a query relevant to your content. The meta keywords tag is not used by most search engines anymore but it is worth including just in case.

XML Sitemaps are great for making sure that Google and the other engines will be able to spider your entire site. While an XML sitemap will not directly impact your search rankings it can help as Google is more likely to see any changes more quickly and this in turn might have an impact.

Make sure that the most important pages on your site can be reached with as few clicks as possible from your home page. The fewer clicks you need to get to a web page, the more important is that web page.

Registering your site with Google Webmaster Tools would help you to find out any noted errors. This will help you solve some of the problems that you might have with your handmade earrings website.

It is a very good idea to have robots.txt file for your wholesale jewelry website. This is the first file all search engines look for every time they visit your site. Placing a blank robots.txt file in your root folder will not help with search rankings, it will help reduce 404 errors appearing in your log files.

It is always better to have pages that download fast as this will impact your organic search rankings. It is best to keep your load time to as little as possible. Faster downloading pages will keep your visitors longer at your website, instead of getting bored and leaving soon. So try to get your pages downloading fast and give your site visitors the best experience possible.

Server Up time is another important issue when it comes to optimizing your website as it will be a rather significant issue. If Google comes to visit your site once and it is down, not to worry, they will come back, but if Google visits your site often only to find that it is unavailable, you can find yourself with drastically down in rankings.

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