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Handmade Jewelry, Handcrafted Jewelry and Christmas Gift Orders Increasing

Handcrafted Jewelry-Handmade Bracelets-Unique Dragonfly Jewelry

Handcrafted Jewelry-Handmade Bracelets-Dragonfly Jewelry

The artisans of Copper Reflections have seen large increases in Christmas gift orders over the last month. With cooler weather approaching handmade jewelry retailers are focusing on Christmas gifs sales which has led to a huge jump in wholesale jewelry and wholesale gifts orders. Please make sure to place your handcrafted jewelry and Christmas gift orders early to avoid delays in the postal service.

With large numbers of people shopping online for unique Christmas gifts the demand for handmade jewelry by Copper Reflections has skyrocketed. Copper Reflections will be introducing new retail online venues to keep up with the demand for their handcrafted jewelry and unique gift ideas.

For over 25 years the artisans of Copper Reflections have been providing the highest quality handmade jewelry and unique gifts. Every piece is individually silver plated and diamond cut on copper jewelry and handcrafted gifts. Each piece has a protective coating to ensure years of maintenance free enjoyment.

Offering a wide selection of handmade jewelry and unique gifts in styles and designs to suit every ones taste, Copper Reflections makes your Christmas shopping easy. Searching for the perfect unique Christmas gifts has never been easier with CopperReflections.com website. Browse through their unique jewelry and gifts collections including wildlife jewelry, animal jewelry, nature jewelry and Native American jewelry designs.  The animal jewelry collection offers a great variety of horse jewelry, butterfly jewelry, hummingbird jewelry, cat jewelry, dragonfly jewelry, dolphin jewelry and more. Find the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone on your list.

Hummingbird Jewelry Enjoy Wearing Handmade Jewelry with Meaning

Hummingbird Bracelets, Handmade Bracelets, Unique Handcrafted Hummingbird Jewelry

Hummingbird Bracelets, Handmade Bracelets, Unique Handcrafted Jewelry in Hummingbird themes

According to Native legends, the hummingbird is the joyful messenger and healer. When the hummingbird appears in a time of great sorrow and pain, healing will soon follow. It is said that when a hummingbird hovers near, you will receive a message of healing. Wearing hummingbird jewelry will make you feel happy and peaceful. Many people will compliment you on your handmade jewelry so here is a story about why the hummingbird holds a special place in our hearts.

A literal messenger of joy, this beautiful tiny bird, also called Sah Sen, represents friendship, playfulness, and is a symbol of good luck in Northwest Coastal Native art. It is a positive sign to see Sah Sen prior to a major event such as hunting or traveling to another village. Hummingbird’s ability to hover back and forth at great speeds is believed to be a skill for guiding the people; if they fall behind Hummingbird can easily back up to keep pace.

One story of Hummingbird tells of a warm, spring day. Summer was coming and the wild flowers were in full blossom. A young girl and her mother waded through the green grass, enjoying the bright colors. They stopped as Hummingbird joined them; buzzing and darting from flower to flower.

The little creature fascinated the child. She asked, “Why does such a tiny bird want to fly so fast? Why doesn’t it just stay at one flower instead of visiting every one?” Her mother sat down on a hill overlooking the field and said, “Let me tell you the story of Hummingbird.”

Many years ago there was a fragrant flower that rose every spring to display her beautiful petals and bright colors for all the world’s creatures to enjoy. The people and animals waited anxiously each spring for this special flower to appear. On that day they knew the warm, kind rays of summer had arrived. Raven saw how much joy this flower brought to the world, so the next spring when it appeared, he transformed it into a tiny bird. The bird had the colors of the green spring grass and the flashing red of a setting sun. Raven gave the bird a special gift to fly like sunlight flickering through tall trees. He also gave it a message to take to all the flowers. That’s why today we see Hummingbird buzzing from flower to flower, whispering a message. Hummingbird is thanking each flower for making our world a more beautiful place.

The mother looked at her child and said, “As you grow up, remember that like each flower, each person has gifts to give the world. In return that person will be thanked by the birds, animals and flowers for helping to make our world a better place for every one.”

The above story is as told by Robert James Challenger in the book Eagle’s Reflections and other Northwest Coast Stories available at Hill’s Native Art in Tofino, British Columbia. They have been our valued customers for many years and carry a wide selection of our work including our hummingbird jewelry and Native American jewelry.

Our hummingbird jewelry is inspired by the beauty of wildlife, animals and nature. Each piece is carefully designed and handcrafted especially for you. Hummingbird jewelry by the artisans of copperreflections.com provide handmade jewelry, wholesale jewelry and handcrafted jewelry suitable for any gift giving occasion including birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and Christmas gifts.

All our hummingbird jewelry designs are first hand drawn and transferred to copper sheets. Hummingbird jewelry designs are individually silver plated and diamond cut by hand to bring out the luster in the copper to give that special sparkle like diamonds. All our hummingbird jewelry designs are available on unique bracelets, handmade earrings, handcrafted necklaces, unique rings, chokers, pins, brooches, hair clips and lockets so they can all be made into matching sets.

On our website you will find many different trendy jewelry styles of hummingbird bracelets, hummingbird earrings, and hummingbird necklaces where we have used seashells, mother of pearl and abalone shells, to accent and highlight our unique hummingbird jewelry designs. We use a wide variety of techniques to make our hummingbird jewelry including etching, embossing and engraving. Hummingbird earrings like TS series are cut out and also two tone plated in gold and copper.

Our handmade hummingbird jewelry and unique hummingbird gifts will make the perfect gift for animal lovers and nature lovers. We hope that our hummingbird jewelry collection will bring you and your loved ones much enjoyment for many years. In our hummingbird jewelry collection you can be sure to find a special gift for your loved ones, unique gift ideas for women and animal lovers jewelry. We hope you will enjoy our handmade jewelry collections as we have been working hard for over 24 years to make it even more beautiful for you.

Making Handmade Jewelry Handcrafted from Copper Still Popular

Handmade Jewelry, Handcrafted Lockets Necklaces, Unique Butterfly Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry, Handcrafted Lockets Necklaces, Butterfly Jewelry

Copper is beautiful color of metal that has been known to humans since the beginning of history. Many copper ornaments, coins and copper jewelry have been discovered during the excavations of the ancient cities. Being a soft metal and taking an easy shape made copper more versatile for making kitchen ware as well. We always admire the fascinating copper bowls, vases and jars in museums that were found in historical places from over 2,000 years ago. Because copper keeps water cold it was made into water jars and it was great a metal to cook in so many pots were discovered. Copper has been always one of the most functional metals.

Copper has been celebrated as a precious metal for centuries. Copper has often been used for its beauty and luster to create ornaments, handmade earrings, handmade bracelets, necklaces, rings, other handmade jewelry and unique gifts. Most people like the warm glow of copper for their unique jewelry and handcrafted jewelry pieces as copper’s beautiful earthy tone also gives a soothing and comforting effect.

Copper also made a great metal for making handmade jewelry and handcrafted unique jewelry by hammering, bending and giving different textures. Copper is the base metal for most of the elegant enamel and cloisonne jewelry that has been made for centuries. You can find these gorgeous enamel unique jewelry pieces in museums and the most expensive jewelry stores throughout Europe and in North America. Copper jewelry gained more importance as jewelry once the health benefits were discovered. Handmade bracelets, handmade rings, handmade earrings became more available and sought after. Copper absorbs the negative ions from the body and relieves the pains that arthritis and rheumatism cause. Some copper jewelry is also available with magnets to help relieve the pain more.

There is also another way of making copper jewelry that is very fascinating. This unique handmade jewelry was originated from an old Turkish art that goes back centuries. Handmade jewelry pieces are individually handcrafted in a process of many different steps in order to achieve very special unique jewelry. Animal jewelry, wildlife jewelry and Native American jewelry designs are drawn by hand and transferred onto copper. These unique horse jewelry, dolphin jewelry, hummingbird jewelry and dragonfly jewelry designs are then silver plated. To give a contrast between silver and copper, black color is used in between to separate these two parts of metal color. To highlight all these exceptional unique jewelry pieces, parts of the cat jewelry, wolf jewelry and nature jewelry is diamond cut. Diamond cut is done by hand and requires highly skilled craftsmanship that can only be obtained by years of training. Diamond cut, also known as bright cut, makes the copper jewelry, copper handmade bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces look very valuable and expensive. These diamond cut unique jewelry pieces look like they have diamonds inserted in them and sparkle like the stars in the sky. Most people who like handmade jewelry and handcrafted jewelry appreciate all the skilled work that goes into this handcrafted artisan jewelry and they always cherish their handmade unique jewelry, value them and enjoy them for a long time. If an jewelry artisan is making copper jewelry, it is better to make sure to coat the handcrafted jewelry they are creating so people enjoy for a long time without polishing.