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How to Start Wholesale Jewelry Business Sell Handmade Jewelry Earrings Bracelets

If you have ever wanted to start your own business there are countless different business ideas available, but one that you could do quite well with is a wholesale jewelry business. If you seek the freedom to be your own boss and make an unlimited amount of money this could be a wonderful business option for you.

Handmade Earrings, Animal Jewelry, Handcrafted Horse Jewelry

Handmade Earrings, Animal Jewelry, Handcrafted Horse Jewelry

When starting your wholesale jewelry business, you have to think about what your main concentration will be and where you will sell the jewelry. When purchasing from jewelry manufacturers, you will have the option to purchase handmade jewelry or unique jewelry in a wide range of quality and price. You could concentrate on one of a kind jewelry or inexpensive costume jewelry. You could have wide themes such as animal jewelry, wildlife jewelry or Native American jewelry. Making you own niche will attract the right wholesale jewelry buyers.

Because of the nature of the wholesale jewelry business it is a great home-based business. Generally the largest part of your sales will be generated at wholesale jewelry and gift shows which bring targeted buyers directly to you. While traveling always have samples on hand to show to gift shops along the way. With a home-based wholesale jewelry business you are not tied down to a store and all the expenses that would incur.

Turn your passion for handmade jewelry into your own wholesale handcrafted jewelry business. It can be as little as you want or bigger than you can imagine. To create a successful home-based business can make all your dreams come true.

Wholesale jewelry gifts shows are a great way to expose your unique handmade jewelry. Some trade shows are regional in nature & some attract buyers from all over the world. You will also need to reply their inquiries and be friendly with them after the trade shows to be able to getting re-orders. Re-orders are very important to increase your profit as the orders should pay the expenses of the jewelry and gifts shows. It is a great idea to provide your prospect customers with catalogs and brochures to they do not forget about your company after the shows. You can even contact them after the shows to talk with them and find out if they have any questions needed to be answered. They might have questions regarding the packaging of your wholesale handmade earrings and handmade wholesale bracelets . It is always helpful for your customers if you can supply them with jewelry displays and pack your unique jewelry pieces in gift boxes that would display jewelry more presentable for their retail customers.

If you are ready to take your wholesale jewelry gifts business to the next level, trade shows are the best place to be. The set up is a bit different than craft shows but is easily learned. Fundamentally you will have to concentrate on displaying jewelry samples. You’ll need great lighting to make your pieces sparkle.

Trade shows are usually well attended and are a bustle of activity in a speedy paced environment. Buyers have thousands of booths to visit in a couple of days, collecting catalogs from prospect wholesale jewelry supplier, taking notes and making decisions. The impression you make in terms of professionalism and expertise will go along way in keeping your unique wholesale jewelry earrings fresh in their minds for as long as possible. No matter how big or small your wholesale jewelry company is, you can learn in time and improve your sale techniques to expand your business.

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