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How to Display Handmade Jewelry at Craft Shows

One of the most important parts of exhibiting your handmade jewelry at craft shows is preparation. Everything needs to come together perfectly for the show to be a success. It takes planning and proper execution that comes only with experience.

Wolf Jewelry Themed Handmade Earrings

Handmade Earrings in Wolf Jewelry Designs

Design your handmade jewelry booth for quick and easy set-up and tear-down. Displays that fold together, stack or pack in well fitting boxes will decrease damage and reduce the amount of time needed to pack and unpack. Plastic containers and waterproof covers are a must if you are participating in outdoor craft festivals.

We always displayed our handmade earrings on padded boards or in frames that could be packed as they are with many earrings so we did not have to individually package each pair. We grouped the earrings into sections and included the price so we were ready to start selling handmade jewelry. We covered the entire board with sponge to prevent any damage to the earrings and put into thick plastic bags so just in case an earring fell off it was always in the bottom of the bag. Depending on the booth setup the handmade earrings board had either a hook for hanging or a hinged support for table top.

For handmade bracelets we had wood cases made to hold the bracelets upright perfect for display and easy to pack 20 bracelets at a time. Each tray held a different style of cuff bracelet in the full range of designs. We actually came up with the idea from doing wholesale jewelry shows. Each space was labeled with the handmade bracelet code number to make restocking much easier as well.

Handcrafted necklaces were bulked packed as well in a roll. Get a piece of material that matches your display, velvet is excellent, and make a necklace pad, attach the necklaces with u-pins, set up the distance between each necklace so that it is attractive and then carefully roll the fabric from the top down to pack up. This works well for chains with pendants. Roll from the side for bulkier necklaces.

Handmade Jewelry Handcrafted Copper Bracelets With Patina

Handmade Bracelets in Dolphin Jewelry Theme

Handmade rings were displayed in ring trays. There really is not anything better than the standard foam ring displays that are available from wholesale suppliers. Cover the display with sponge and plastic bag for added protection.

During the last hours of the craft show when it slows down, replace any sold items so your handcrafted jewelry displays are full and ready to go for the next show. Handmade earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings should have their own boxes for extra stock which can be restocked in between shows knowing that your handmade jewelry displays are full. We stapled the bags of the same designs together so it was easy to see which designs were running low.

For many years we traveled to outdoor craft fairs and art festivals. It is a fun and exciting way of life. There were however several times that the weather did not cooperate and quick packing was necessary. By setting up your booth display in a way that items can be packed and unpacked quickly you will not only save time but avoid costly damage to your handmade jewelry. It takes years of experience to learn how to display handmade jewelry at craft shows to make the best impression on your customers.

Animal Jewelry Increases Gift Store Sales

The key to increasing your gift stores retail sales is to continually offer new unique gift lines that will encourage your customers to come back often to see what new items you have in your gift shop. One of the prominent niche markets is handmade gifts with a huge emphasis on gifts for animal lovers.

Dangle Earrings in Butterfly Jewelry Design

Butterfly Jewelry Unique Earrings

Near the top of the gift list for everyone is handmade jewelry. There are many types of handcrafted jewelry available from wholesale jewelry suppliers. One of the most popular styles is animal jewelry. Everyone has a favorite animal which makes gift giving easier for friends and relatives.







By offering your customers a wide assortment of animal themed jewelry you will make their selection of unique gifts quick and easy. When the stress of choosing the perfect gift is lessened then they will come back to your gift store every time they need to purchase gifts.

Hummingbird Earrings, Animal themed Jewelry

Hummingbird Colorful Earrings









Animal jewelry has great variations that are sure to please every style and taste. From fun and whimsical to elegant and everything in between, animal themed jewelry is always the perfect unique gift for any occasion.

Displaying your selections of animal jewelry and handmade gifts for animal lovers all in one area of your gift shop will make it convenient for your customers to find matching designs of handmade earrings and handmade bracelets in the animal design of their choice.

Animal Themed Bracelet

Dolphin Bracelets

Providing animal themed jewelry and gifts is one of the easiest ways to increase the sales of your gift store. This is what niche marketing is all about. Offering the products that your customers want in a large selection so they will be able to find the perfect gifts every time.




Keep in mind when placing your wholesale handmade jewelry orders that you should spread out the arrival dates of your purchases. This type of scheduling will also reduce the financial stress on your business. Your best selling animal jewelry lines and handmade gifts should be first to arrive with fill in orders several times during the year. New lines should be added frequently to keep your gift store full of great gift ideas.

Handmade Gifts for Animal Lovers Unique Money Clips

Unique Gifts for Animal Lovers Money Clips



You should try to arrange delivery for the week before major dates like Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Unique gifts for fathers could include western belt buckles, handmade bolo ties  and unique money clips. Combine handmade gifts with his favorite animal theme for the perfect Fathers Day gifts.



How to Select Handmade Jewelry Wholesale for Your Gift Store

Matching designs will also increase the amount of up-sales. When your customer is looking for a pair of handmade earrings in a hummingbird design for their sister, there is a good chance that they will also purchase the matching handcrafted necklace or handmade bracelets. By offering matching jewelry sets your sales will surely increase as your customer will also keep it in mind for the next special occasion and be prepared to choose a handmade jewelry set. The wider the variety  that you offer to your customers with regards to the styles and designs, the likelihood of them  choosing to purchase from your store increases.

Handmade Jewelry, Horse Earrings

Unique Jewelry, Handmade Earrings







The choices that are available to buyers for wholesale handmade jewelry are incredibly diverse. The selections of handcrafted jewelry that you choose for your gift store should enhance the overall variety of unique gifts that you offer your customers. The wider the range of designs and styles of handmade earrings, handcrafted necklaces, unique rings and handmade bracelets that you display in your gift shop the greater the chances of increasing retail sales.

Handmade Bracelets in Horse Jewelry Design

Unique Handmade Bracelets in Horse Jewelry Theme






One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying wholesale handmade jewelry for your gift store is knowing who your customers are and the type of gifts they prefer. Many handmade boutiques provide unique gifts for more expensive tastes while a general gift store needs to keep the retail prices more reasonable. Designer handmade jewelry may be appropriate for the boutique but artisan handmade jewelry will be a better choice for most gift shops. The lower retail price will lead to more multiple piece purchases and will be an incredibly great way to increase your retail sales.

Handmade Jewelry Earrings in Canadian Loon Theme

Handmade Jewelry Earrings with Canadian Loon Design







For most gift stores the best way of finding wholesale handmade jewelry suppliers is to attend wholesale gift shows. Trade shows attract many exhibitors who display handmade jewelry. It is the best chance for a gift store buyer to see a variety of handmade jewelry all in one place. Unfortunately only certain handcrafted jewelry artisans participate in wholesale shows nationwide so you may be missing out on some great handmade jewelry.



There are thousands of handmade jewelry artisans who sell their creations at wholesale jewelry prices. Most jewelry artisans are also online with their own websites.

Colorful handmade bracelets with hummingbird design

Handmade Colorful Bracelets




The internet is by far the easiest way to see the creations of many handcrafted jewelry artisans from all parts of the country and even worldwide. Many of these artisans do not participate in wholesale jewelry gift shows. The advent of the internet has made it possible to buy wholesale handmade jewelry at any time of the year according to your needs without ever leaving your home.