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New Colorful Handcrafted Jewelry Displayed at Wholesale Gift Shows

We hope that everyone had a happy and restful holiday season because 2013 is off and running with a full schedule of wholesale gift shows. New for this year are our unique colorful handmade earrings, bracelets and rings in a wide range of designs. We are very excited to show everyone our latest handmade jewelry.

Colorful hummingbird earrings

Colorful Handmade Earrings

Handmade earrings in colorful dragonfly jewelry design

Dragonfly Earrings

Colorful eagle jewelry design on copper handmade earrings

Handcrafted Earrings

We have teamed up with renowned artist Lynn Bean to re-create her beautiful paintings on handmade earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. This has taken our handcrafted jewelry to a whole new level. Lynn is famous for her painted ponies and fine detailed wildlife art. We hope you will enjoy her beautiful designs on our handmade jewelry.

Colorful cat jewelry bracelets

Handmade Bracelets

Colorful wolf jewelry design on handmade bracelets

Wolf Jewelry Bracelet

Colorful horse bracelets designed by Lynn Bean

Horse Bracelets

As always our handcrafted jewelry is reasonably priced and high quality. Our philosophy is to create the most unique jewelry that is affordable as well as fun to wear. With our new colorful jewelry line we have tried to capture the spirit and beauty of nature that is all around us.

Colorful butterfly rings

Handmade Rings

Colorful wolf ring designed by Lynn Bean

Wolf Rings by Lynn Bean

Copper Rings handmade in Northwest Native Hummingbird Jewelry Design

Northwest Native Rings

You will find a huge collection of colorful jewelry handmade using techniques that we have developed over the last year. The designs include all of our best selling themes with plenty of hummingbirds, butterflies, horses, wolves and many more. We are sure these colorful handmade bracelets, earrings and rings will be your stores best selling jewelry line for 2013!

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