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About Us

Copper Reflections has been established in unique gifts and wholesale jewelry business  in Canada and the United States since 1985. Providing outstanding handmade jewelry in animal, wildlife, nature, western and Native American designs. This form of  copper craft was originated from an exclusive ancient art.  After creating the unique designs, they are transferred onto copper sheets,  silver plated and diamond cut by skilled artisans. Each piece of our handcrafted jewelry and handmade gifts has a protective acrylic coating to prevent tarnishing so polishing is not required.

Handmade earrings in colorful dragonfly jewelry design

Dragonfly Earrings

We are proud to introduce our colorful earrings, bracelets and rings in a vast selection of unique designs. We have never before added so many new designs in such a short period of time. It took years to develop this technique to make these bright and beautiful designs. We hope you will enjoy all our new designs of colored jewelry. We have included all of our best selling themes with many butterflies, hummingbirds, cats and horse jewelry designs.

We are also offering our colorful bracelets, earrings and rings featuring designs by world renowned artist Lynn Bean. Lynn is famous for her painted ponies, horses and fine detailed wildlife paintings.

I started my handmade jewelry business in Vancouver, Canada. I began selling my unique jewelry at retail craft shows showcasing necklaces,  earrings, lockets, brooches, handmade bracelets, other styles of handcrafted artisan jewelry and unique handcrafted  gifts. Unique rings are adjustable and bangle watches are expandable to fit the wrist. The lockets and handmade chokers come with a beautiful chain. Handmade pins brooches match the handmade earrings, handmade bracelets and barrettes that we make. All our unique handmade jewelry can be made into matching sets. We enjoy making them with  great care hoping that you will enjoy wearing them.

Handmade bracelets, animal jewelry, hummingbird bracelet

Handmade Hummingbird Bracelets

I began to wholesale jewelry and gifts  throughout the United States and Canada at wholesale gift shows. We created new techniques and artistic designs over the years that has made this type of handmade jewelry and copper gifts unique to us. We have received artisan awards for the originality of our unique handcrafted jewelry and for the quality of our unique craft. The designers and artisans of Copper Reflections make each piece by hand, individually handcrafting copper into unique modern jewelry. Our artisans bring to you the antique copper craft in modern designs and exceptional quality.

We have many animal, western, nature, wildlife, flower, Northwest and Southwest Native American designs on handmade bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, chokers and lockets available in matching jewelry sets.

* Animal jewelry designs include hummingbird, cat, butterfly, dolphin, whales, turtles, wolf, eagle, bear, polar bear, horse, loon, elk, moose, coyote, roadrunner, unicorn, dragonfly, owl, elephant and puffin. We have a wide selection of dolphin jewelry, as well as western and horse jewelry.

* Southwest Native American jewelry designs include end of the trail, four elements, desert scene, cactus, roadrunner, sunburst, star, geometrical, cloud, kokopelli, turtle, feathers, hummingbird, butterfly, frog, Thunderbird and bear.

* Northwest Native American jewelry designs include hands of creation, killer whale/orca, bear, sun, eagle, salmon, wolf, otter, moon, hummingbird, butterfly, raven, lovebirds, beaver, totem poles, totemic, frog, Thunderbird and owl.

Handmade earrings, horse jewelry, handmade dangle earrings

Horse Jewelry Earrings

* We also have a wide range of handcrafted artisan jewelry and unique gift designs including inukshuk, maple leaf, angel, cross, geometrical, art deco, art nouveau, medieval and Celtic.

* Canadian and American western jewelry designs include cowboy boots, cowboy hat, horseshoe, team ropers, bull rider, guitar and horse jewelry gifts which are also available on western cowboy belt buckles, money clips, bolo ties.

* You will also find a variety of unique jewelry and handmade gifts including pill boxes, card holders and jewelry boxes with flower themes including daisies, iris and lilies.

Custom jewelry can be made exclusively for you in small minimum order quantities and reasonable wholesale prices to suit your target market . Wholesale jewelry is designed meticulously using unique jewelry designs. You will love the exceptional selection, originality, quality and the prices of our unique wholesale jewelry and handmade earrings . Copper Reflections artisans take pride in our jewelry gift designs and the quality of them. Our handmade gifts have been selling very well in Canada and the United States for many years because of their high quality, uniqueness and great prices.  These unique gifts will make perfect mens gifts and unique womens gifts suitable for any gift giving occasion including birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and Christmas gifts.

Copper Reflections is looking for gift stores, gift shops, trading posts and sales representatives in  Canada, Australia, the United States, UK and Europe for our Handmade Jewelry and Handcrafted Unique Gift lines

Please contact us for more information and pricing details about our Handmade Jewelry and Unique Gift Ideas.