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Horse Bracelets

Horse themed bracelets are offered by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections in a variety of designs and styles.

Whether you prefer cuff, chain or bangle bracelets you will find a great selection of horse designs in the styles you want. Shop for elegant handmade horse bracelets in a wonderful assortment of designs available in matching jewelry sets with rings, earrings and necklaces.

Handmade Bracelets in Horse Jewelry Design

Horse Bracelets









Horse jewelry is one of the most popular items we make and has been a consistent best seller for many years. Horses are noble animals that symbolize strength and beauty. The wild beauty of the mustang is awe-inspiring representing freedom. While the friendly and loyal nature of horses made them one of the most loved animals they are also revered for their power and courage.

Horse Bracelet Handcrafted in Colorful Artwork

Colorful Art Horse Bracelet






Horses have for a long time been associated with passion and excitement. Wearing horse jewelry is an expression of your personal style, passion and excitement for life. You are showing everyone that you love horses by wearing horse jewelry. The incredible strength and timeless beauty of the horse is inspiring. Horse jewelry is symbolic of emotional and spiritual freedom. Unique horse jewelry bracelets say that you are independent, strong and graceful.

Colorful Bracelets with War Pony designed by Lynn Bean

War Pony Bracelets





Our horse jewelry is inspired by the beauty and elegance of horses. The artisans of Copper Reflections have been specialized in horse jewelry for over 25 years in wide selections of horse bracelets, earrings and necklaces all in matching equine jewelry sets. The Horse symbolizes many things to many people including success, courage, freedom, strength, wisdom, nobility, power and loyalty.

In Native legends, the Horse is said to be your warrior spirit, the loyal companion and brave fighter who brings you home safely after all your battles.

Handmade bracelets with painted pony design

Colorful Painted Pony Bracelets






New for 2013 are beautiful colorful bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. As always, our designs are available in matching sets. This year we have developed a revolutionary technique to create vibrant colored jewelry. We are sure that this will be the best selling jewelry line of the year. It has taken many months to perfect this technique but the results have been beyond our wildest dreams. We hope you will enjoy our colorful horse bracelets and all of our colored jewelry collection.

Petroglyph Horses Bracelet designed by Lynn Bean

Petroglyph Horses Bracelets






We are very pleased to introduce colorful jewelry designed by Lynn Bean. Lynn is a very well respected American Artist renowned for her painted ponies as well as her watercolor and ink paintings. We have teamed up with Lynn to re-create her most popular artwork in an exciting line of handmade jewelry.

Whether you are shopping for wholesale jewelry for your gift shop or just looking for unique handmade bracelets for yourself, Copper Reflections is the perfect place. If you can not find the jewelry designs you are looking for we can custom make them exclusively for you, please contact us for details. Creative techniques and distinctive designs make these beautiful horse bracelets truly unique.