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Hummingbird Earrings

Hummingbird Earrings Handmade in Wide Selections of Exquisite Hummingbird Jewelry Designs.

You will be pleased to see the assortments of the hummingbird jewelry themes we offer at Copper Reflections. Hummingbird earrings are available in dangle and stud styles.

Handmade Hummingbird Earrings

Colorful Hummingbird Earrings


We have been working on our new colorful hummingbird jewelry designs for almost a year. They are finished and we are very happy with the results. We hope you will like them and enjoy wearing them. If there are more specific hummingbird designs that you would be interested in we can make them exclusively for your wholesale hummingbird jewelry orders.





Hummingbirds are symbol of a messenger of love and joy. They are one of the most beautiful birds with their colorful feathers. Hummingbirds are skillful flyer of all birds as they can fly backward, forward, sideways as well as hover in the air and stop immediately in flight from a high speed. In Native American legends hummingbird teaches us to appreciate the natural balance of the world. When the hummingbird hovering over flowers to drinking nectar. Hummingbirds teach us that we should savor each moment, and appreciate the things we love.

Wholesale Hummingbird Earrings

Hummingbird Jewelry



Hummingbird teaches us how to find the miracle of joyful living from our own lives. By wearing handmade earrings in hummingbird designs you can express your love and joy for life. Show-off what you love most with colorful hummingbird earrings.



Hummingbird inspired handmade jewelry will add that extra special touch to your unique gifts. What better way is there to tell your loved ones how much you care than a pair of hummingbird earrings in brilliant colors. Create a precious moment by choosing unique jewelry in hummingbird themes handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections.

Summer days at the cottage watching the hummingbirds hovering by the feeder outside the window always come to mind to make us remember all those special times we have had with family and friends. When you wear hummingbird jewelry you cannot help but be reminded of all those precious memories.

Colorful Handmade Hummingbird Jewelry

Hummingbird Earrings



According to Native legends, hummingbirds symbolize the joyful messenger and healer. When the hummingbird appears in a time of great sorrow and pain, healing will soon follow. It is said that when a hummingbird hovers near, you will receive a message of healing.



The hummingbird is a powerful symbol of life and joy. Hummingbirds are a reminder that life is meant to be savored. Their tireless activity symbolizes eternity and everlasting life. Just as the summer days pass too quickly so does life. Make the most of each and every day appreciating the wonders of nature and the love that surrounds us all giving us a reason to cherish every moment.

The hummingbird is also symbol that represents love and fertility. It is said in native stories that as this tiny bird passes from flower to flower that it is thanking the blooms for providing the world with their beauty.

Handmade Colorful Hummingbird Earrings

Tear Drop Hummingbird Earrings

You can browse all of your favorite hummingbird earrings designs in the colors, shapes and style that you will love the most at CopperReflections.com. We will always have new and exciting hummingbird jewelry designs for you to enjoy.