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Unique Earrings

Unique earrings Handmade

Unique Earrings Animal Inspired

Unique earrings-Animal Earrings-Horse Jewelry

Unique Horse Earrings

Unique earrings-Animal Wholesale Jewelry

Abalone Shell Unique Earrings









The artisans of Copper Reflections offer a wide variety of Unique earrings to suit every taste and style. *Animal unique earrings designs include hummingbird, cat, butterfly, dolphin, whales, turtles, wolf, eagle, bear, polar bear, horse, loon, elk, moose, coyote, roadrunner, unicorn, dragonfly, owl, elephant and puffin. We have a wide selection of dolphin jewelry, as well as western and horse jewelry.

Southwest Native Earrings

Southwest Kokopelli Earrings

Southwest Native earrings

Unique Native Earrings

Unique Handmade Native Earrings

Colorful Southwest Native Earrings








* Southwest native American unique earrings designs include end of the trail, four elements, desert scene, cactus, roadrunner, sunburst, star, geometrical, cloud, kokopelli, turtle, feathers, hummingbird, butterfly, frog, Thunderbird and bear.

Northwest Native Eagle Earrings

Northwest Native Eagle Earrings

Hummingbird Northwest Native earrings

Unique Native Hummingbird Earrings

Unique Handmade Native Earrings

Colorful Northwest Salmon Earrings








* Northwest native American earrings designs include hands of creation, killer whale / orca, bear, sun, eagle, salmon, wolf, otter, moon, hummingbird, butterfly, raven, lovebirds, beaver, totem poles, totemic, frog, Thunderbird and owl.

*  You will love the selections of artwork on our unique earrings including inukshuk, maple leaf, angel, cross, geometrical, art deco, art nouveau, medieval and celtic.

Handmade Cowboy Boot Earrings

Cowboy Boot Earrings

Western Style Colorful Horse earrings

Western Horse earrings

Colorful Western Horses Earrings

Wild Horses Western Earrings








* Western earrings designs include cowboy boots, cowboy hat, horseshoe, team ropers, bull rider, guitar and horse.

* Wide selections of flower earrings available in artistic daisies, iris and lilies.

You can also made earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets into matching sets, we we design our jewelry in matching artwork. We enjoy making them with a great care hoping that you will enjoy wearing them.

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