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Handmade Jewelry

Copper Reflections has been providing handcrafted jewelry and unique gift ideas using an exclusive ancient copper craft art form. All of our copper handmade jewelry and unique gifts are silver plated and individually diamond cut by hand on copper. Each piece of our handcrafted copper jewelry and handmade gifts has a protective coating to prevent tarnishing so no polishing is required. We have been designing and producing our artisan jewelry and gifts since 1985. I started my jewelry business in Vancouver, Canada. I began participating at arts and craft shows displaying my handcrafted jewelry as well as handmade gifts.

Handcrafted earrings in cat jewelry theme

Colorful Cat Earrings

We have been designing unique rings that are adjustable and bangle watches that are expandable to fit the wrist. The lockets, necklaces and handmade chokers all come with a beautiful chain. Handmade earrings, handmade bracelets and hair clips are easy to match. All our unique handmade jewelry can be made into matching sets as the designs we create are the same for all the jewelry items. We enjoy making them with great care hoping that you will enjoy wearing them.

Copper Reflections is known throughout Canada and the United States as one of the premiere handmade jewelry suppliers. We have been creating unique handcrafted jewelry since 1985 and have a reputation for great customer service, a huge selection, fast shipping, and great prices. Many of our customers love our handmade jewelry because our great prices allow them to keep coming back to buy more beautiful  jewelry to add to their collections. You will never be disappointed in the handmade jewelry you find at Copper Reflections.

Beautiful copper jewelry makes fantastic gifts for friends and family who love handmade jewelry. You will love the gorgeous designs and styles earrings and bracelets. The warm earth tone of copper accented with silver and black will be the perfect accessory to complement any outfit. You will love the wide selection of handmade jewelry!

Colorful handmade bracelets with hummingbird design

Colorful Bracelets

We take pride in our company and our handmade art jewelry in colorful design, as well as our customer service. We strive to ensure that every customer is happy with their order when they receive it. We set our standards high when we create the handcrafted jewelry in our collection, and we keep our prices affordable. We want you to look and feel special when you wear our handmade jewelry. Our goal is to keep you pleased and to continue to give you reasons to return again and again.

Please inquire about our wholesale jewelry prices for your store.

If you are looking for a way to show your friends that you care for them, one of the best ways is to give a unique gift of animal jewelry as a unique birthday gift. You’ll find that when you give a gift of one of a kind unique jewelry that it can become a very important symbol in many ways and a treasured memory for her to remember for years to come. Your friends will cherish this outstanding animal jewelry and think of you every time she wears it.

Handmade Horse Jewelry Bracelets

Horse Jewelry Bracelets

Tell your friends that you took the time to go out and find something really special and that you think of them as one of a kind as well. A one of a kind piece of handcrafted jewelry for a one of a kind friend is a great way to make your feelings and thoughts known. She might like a pair of beautiful handmade earrings. What is your friends style? Traditional or modern, trendy or sophisticated, your jewelry gift should reflect your friends style as much as suit well with her clothes. Handmade earrings have been one of the first fashion jewelry for many years. Unique dangle earrings are part of important personal accessories.

When you head out to look for animal jewelry bracelets, earrings or handcrafted necklaces you need to put a bit of thought into it before you start searching. Think about your friends favorite animal, beautiful horse jewelry, hummingbird jewelry maybe wolf jewelry would make her very happy. We all love animals, so it is a great way to personalize your unique birthday gift for her. Your friends will show their favorite animal every time when they wear the butterfly jewelry or dragonfly jewelry.

Handmade Rings in Cat Jewelry Theme

Handcrafted Cat Jewelry Rings

You’ll find that when you give a gift of one of a kind unique jewelry that it can become a very important symbol in many ways and a treasured memory for her to remember for years to come. Your friends will cherish this outstanding animal jewelry, which could be horse jewelry, hummingbird, cat, dragonfly, butterfly or dolphin jewelry and think of you every time she wears it.

Some ladies only wear jewelry at work, while others will switch out sets when they come home or head out for the evening. Take a moment to notice the unique jewelry that your friend likes to wear so you can better choose a style that she would love. Keep in mind that heavy earrings will hurt her ears and she might be sensitive to ear wires with nickel in them. Always look for handmade earrings with hypo-allergenic ear wires and light weight to be on the safe side.It would also be easier for your friend if you find handmade jewelry that does not require any special maintenance, so she does not need to polish them.

Think about whether the handcrafted jewelry you select should have any meaning. For instance, most people who love jewelry will often prefer copper, gold or silver. Copper jewelry has a lovely, radiant, glowing sheen. The earth tone and natural beauty will make it easier to match with all her clothes. Copper jewelry can be worn with casual clothing or makes an elegant evening fashion accessory. They are also much more reasonably prices so they would not break you wallet. Because of this you can buy your mother a jewelry set of handmade bracelet with handmade earrings or handcrafted necklace with a pair of handmade earrings.

Handmade Wolf Jewelry Earrings

Handmade Wolf Earrings

Start your shopping early so you can take your time to look around and find the perfect handmade jewelry gift that is sure to make your friend happy. It is a good tradition to give gifts but giving good unique gifts is more than a tradition. Any handmade gift which is thoughtful shows the receiver how attentive and considerate you are towards that person. Thus, we should be more scrupulous while choosing a gift for our friends.

You know your friend better that anyone else in the world and just getting any gift that you come across is not serious. Many people think that their friends will simply enjoy the fact that their friends think of them and no matter what special gift they are going to give, but why not surprise your friends with a handmade jewelry gift this year.