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Unique Rings

Unique Handmade Jewelry Rings

Hummingbird Rings, Handcrafted Copper Rings

HandmadeĀ rings by the artisans of Copper Reflections provide handcrafted copper rings that are individually hand made, silver plated and diamond cut on copper rings in designer fashion ring styles. We offer a wide selection of wholesale handmade copper rings in animal jewelry and wildlife jewelry designs including horse rings, dolphin rings, butterfly rings, hummingbird rings, wolf rings and dragonfly rings. We also makeĀ Native American Jewelry ring designs. Our handmade copper unique rings are adjustable to fit women and mens ring sizes.

For Hundreds of years, people have worn copper bracelets and other copper jewelry, such as copper anklets, handcrafted rings and other copper items to help relieve joint pain caused from tendinitis and arthritis. This wives’ tale has persisted throughout the centuries. Copper Bracelets work for me, and thousands of people who wear copper bracelets and unique rings today. Try it for yourself and experience the healing power of Copper.

The benefits of wearing copper next to the skin are reputed to begin working within 2 or 3 weeks of wearing. Studies throughout the world have indicated that a copper deficiency may cause those rheumatic aches and pains. Copper bracelets and copper rings worn next to the skin may rectify this imbalance and give relief to the whole body. As the present generation grows older, many people are looking for non-invasive methods to maintain their health and well being in order that they may continue to enjoy their lives. Our wide selection of bracelets and unique rings are very popular.

Copper is an essential mineral necessary for pain relief and to assist the body in the production of white blood cells to fight infection. Copper is used by various enzymes in the body as a helper for the chemical reaction. The chemical reaction may involve creating energy, decreasing the body’s inflammatory response, blood clotting and so on. In the alternative medicine arena, it is believed that because copper is such an essential element for our biochemical success, a constant supplementation of copper from a copper braceletĀ  or copper unique rings will not only replenish but further enhance our biological systems that use the copper-containing enzymes.