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How to Achieve Handcrafted Jewelry Customer Trust

Every handcrafted jewelry artisan would like to have retail and wholesale jewelry customers remember them as well as their unique art jewelry. The secret to making a lasting impression, and ultimately trust, is simply treating each and every customer as if they are the only customer in the world!

I know it sounds too simple, but think about the people you remember and the reasons why you remember them. Great customer service presented in a sincere manner is so hard to find these days that it becomes memorable.

Handmade Earrings Wholesale Handcrafted Jewelry

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Every part of modern life has become impersonal from automated bank tellers, automated check outs at the grocery store to internet shopping. There are actually weeks where we do not talk to anyone outside of the family. I find it hard to believe that we are the only ones feeling like this. It has just become an ordinary part of life to spend our time in front of a computer.

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Next time you are at a craft show or wholesale jewelry show, when a customer approaches your handmade jewelry booth promise to see them as if they are your only customer and treat them the way you prefer to be treated. You will be amazed at what a simple act of courtesy can accomplish. Your customer will buy handcrafted jewelry from you again and again. Many times customers have said that they came to the show specifically to see our new handmade earrings and handmade bracelets. One of the added benefits is that people will spread the word to their friends as well. Excellent service leads to happy customers who are always your best advertising. Building handmade jewelry customer loyalty can be the key to business success.

Cat Bracelet in Colorful Artwork

Cut Out Cat Bracelets

A welcoming smile and a sincere hello go a long way towards establishing a positive interaction with your handmade jewelry customer. Listen carefully to what they want and do your best to find the perfect unique gifts whether it is for themselves or for their gift store.




Always ask if there is any other way you can be of help to your customer. Give them your business card with your email address so that they can contact you if they have any other questions or concerns. Let them know that you are always available to help which shows that you appreciate their business.

Handmade Bracelets in Cat Jewelry Design

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Many times we have added a small inexpensive item just to say thank you for choosing our unique jewelry. For wholesale jewelry customers we add a few small items for them to give to their own customers to show their appreciation.

Good customers are hard to find and harder to keep in the competitive marketplace today. As a business person you must go the extra mile with superior customer service. Always try to make every handcrafted jewelry customer feel special as if they are your only and best customer.

How to Price Your Handcrafted Jewelry to Sell More Handmade Bracelets Earrings

As handmade jewelry artisans we like to focus on making handcrafted jewelry, not so much the selling of it. But in order to continue to making our artisan jewelry and doing what we love, we need to be able to sell it at a price that we make money. It is very important that handmade jewelry artists learn how to price their handmade earrings and handmade bracelets correctly to be able to sell handcrafted jewelry quickly and at a profit.

Unique Handcrafted Jewelry, Handmade Earrings, Horse Jewelry Horse Earrings

Horse Jewelry Earrings, Handmade Earrings, Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

There is no single approach to pricing your handmade jewelry. What you will be able to sell your handcrafted jewelry for depends on a variety of factors, such as your ability as an artist, the demand for your style of work, how well established you are and many more. If you are just starting out or if you have been creating handmade jewelry for a while and you are looking to start selling it, there is no need to worry about all the factors. Focus on the cost of materials and the time it takes to create each handcrafted jewelry piece. There are strategies and pricing structures that you can put in place to build a customer base and gradually increase the perceived value of your handmade jewelry.

We would all like to start out selling our unique handmade jewelry pieces for hundreds of dollars but the simple truth is that without demand or a designer label it is not likely to happen. However, as a new handcrafted jewelry artisan just entering the marketplace you have the unique opportunity to establish buyers who can grow with you, perhaps into avid collectors of your work. And the simple fact of the marketplace is that collectors mean demand and demand means increased sales as well as heightened prices for your work. But before we get too carried away, take a step back and look at how we can price our unique handmade jewelry to get to this point.

As an entry-level handcrafted jewelry artist, you need to look to sell to entry-level buyers, which will inevitably mean entry-level prices. And again, these prices can depend on the particular market you are looking to sell to and the type of unique jewelry you are trying to sell. You will need to do some research, find some similar handmade jewelry artisans in your area or similar handmade jewelry pieces for sale, and decide what the common price points are. It may be very low, under $20 or for more elaborate styles above $50. Either way, you need to find a reasonable price point to start with depending on the cost to make the handmade jewelry piece and the amount of time it takes to create. Nothing is written in stone, if you find certain handmade earrings and handmade bracelets are selling quickly, you could raise your average price on those items and lower the prices on the slower selling pieces.

Unique Handcrafted Jewelry, Handmade Bracelets, Wildlife Jewelry Hummingbird Bracelets

Hummingbird Jewelry Bracelets, Handmade Bracelets, Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

Once you have sold your first few handmade bracelets and handmade earrings, you should be starting to create a customer base. This does not necessarily need to only include people who have purchased your work, you may have come across people who are genuinely interested in your work that you could include in your customer base to market your handcrafted jewelry to in the future. The idea here is not so much to focus on selling your handmade jewelry now, but to establish ways in which you can continue to sell your unique jewelry in the future.

Make sure you align your pricing with the current target market you are looking to sell into. Knowing who your customers are is very important. The age range directly influences pricing strategies for your handmade jewelry. If you are making funky, bright colored handmade bracelets for a younger person then your prices need to be lower than if you are making sophisticated handmade earrings for the 35 – 50 age range. Younger people usually have less money so you need to make the price reasonable.

You do not need to continue selling your handmade jewelry at the initial price points you establish. Remember that as your customer base grows larger and with customer loyalty for your handcrafted jewelry the demand increases, your average price point for your handmade earrings and handmade bracelets can also increase. Also take into consideration that the more experience you have making handmade jewelry the quicker and more cost effective you will be able to create each handcrafted jewelry piece. Once you have a great line of profitable handmade jewelry you may want to expand into the handmade wholesale jewelry market and begin to wholesale jewelry to gift stores and handmade shops.

How to Start Handmade Jewelry Business and Earn Money Working from Home

Because of the internet, intelligent women everywhere realized that they could work from home with their own home based business. They could make extra money while taking care of the needs of their families. These first women on the online scene opened the path for others who had similar dreams and goals. If you are considering being a work from home mom, there are several things that must be thought through. Start by honestly assessing what it is you want, alongside the difficulties and the opportunities available.

Handmade Earrings, Western Jewelry Horse Earrings, Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

Western Jewelry Horse Earrings, Unique Handcrafted Jewelry, Handmade Earrings

Selling handmade jewelry can be a fun way to turn a hobby into a profitable enterprise and is a great product for a home based business. Handcrafted jewelry does not take a lot of space, requires few tools and some basic supplies. With hard work and perseverance you can make money by selling handmade earrings, handcrafted necklaces and handmade bracelets.

For many handmade jewelry hobbyists, taking the next step of making a pastime into a means of earning is an exciting phase. However, there are also many of those who could still be quite hesitant take their handcrafted jewelry hobby to the next level because of many uncertainties and risks that come along with any business venture. Making handmade jewelry requires creativity, patience and time. Selling handcrafted jewelry is also time consuming and you must focus on marketing, promoting and customer service.

When thinking about starting a home based handmade jewelry business whether or not you know how to make jewelry is the first thing to consider. Most people can string a few beads on a cord and add a clasp and have a beautiful necklace. If you want your handcrafted jewelry business to be successful, then your work has to be exceptional. The quality of work has to be good and the components have to be good quality also. Your designs have to be pleasing to the eye with the colors and textures balanced and complimentary. Your jewelry has to stand out in a crowd and be unique.

One painful lesson I learned years ago when I tried to sell some handmade jewelry at a little craft mall was that your work has to be better quality and more difficult to make than what the average shopper can produce themselves. If you want to sell handmade jewelry then you need to make it in a way that the average person cannot. The difference can be a more complicated design, original techniques, unique components, more expensive components or what ever you can think of to make your work special.

Handmade Bracelets, Western Jewelry Bracelets, Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

Western Jewelry Bracelets, Handmade Bracelets, Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

If you are not creative at making things with your hands then you may do well with buying handmade jewelry wholesale, and then sell it directly to your customers at the full retail price. Even if you sell at a discount, because you are a home based business with little overhead expenses you still make a huge profit. You can do a search for wholesale handmade jewelry but you will need to research each option to find wholesale jewelry suppliers that have the best quality unique handcrafted jewelry and reasonable prices.

Buying handmade jewelry from wholesale jewelry suppliers reduces your risk. You get to choose from a wide selection of designs and styles of handmade earrings, handcrafted necklaces and handmade bracelets. If something does not sell you do not buy that item again. If the items sell quickly you simply re-order the designs and styles that sold the best. It is also very easy to test a niche market such as animal jewelry or western jewelry. Wholesale jewelry suppliers who have more experience will be able to provide tried and tested handmade jewelry designs that will sell great in your chosen niche.

Creating a successful home based handmade jewelry business is easily accomplished if you find a wholesale jewelry supplier with great quality unique handcrafted jewelry at reasonable prices. This will leave you with time to devote toward learning handmade jewelry online marketing techniques and selling the handcrafted jewelry as well as time for your family.