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How to Select Handmade Jewelry Wholesale for Your Gift Store

Matching designs will also increase the amount of up-sales. When your customer is looking for a pair of handmade earrings in a hummingbird design for their sister, there is a good chance that they will also purchase the matching handcrafted necklace or handmade bracelets. By offering matching jewelry sets your sales will surely increase as your customer will also keep it in mind for the next special occasion and be prepared to choose a handmade jewelry set. The wider the variety  that you offer to your customers with regards to the styles and designs, the likelihood of them  choosing to purchase from your store increases.

Handmade Jewelry, Horse Earrings

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The choices that are available to buyers for wholesale handmade jewelry are incredibly diverse. The selections of handcrafted jewelry that you choose for your gift store should enhance the overall variety of unique gifts that you offer your customers. The wider the range of designs and styles of handmade earrings, handcrafted necklaces, unique rings and handmade bracelets that you display in your gift shop the greater the chances of increasing retail sales.

Handmade Bracelets in Horse Jewelry Design

Unique Handmade Bracelets in Horse Jewelry Theme






One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying wholesale handmade jewelry for your gift store is knowing who your customers are and the type of gifts they prefer. Many handmade boutiques provide unique gifts for more expensive tastes while a general gift store needs to keep the retail prices more reasonable. Designer handmade jewelry may be appropriate for the boutique but artisan handmade jewelry will be a better choice for most gift shops. The lower retail price will lead to more multiple piece purchases and will be an incredibly great way to increase your retail sales.

Handmade Jewelry Earrings in Canadian Loon Theme

Handmade Jewelry Earrings with Canadian Loon Design







For most gift stores the best way of finding wholesale handmade jewelry suppliers is to attend wholesale gift shows. Trade shows attract many exhibitors who display handmade jewelry. It is the best chance for a gift store buyer to see a variety of handmade jewelry all in one place. Unfortunately only certain handcrafted jewelry artisans participate in wholesale shows nationwide so you may be missing out on some great handmade jewelry.



There are thousands of handmade jewelry artisans who sell their creations at wholesale jewelry prices. Most jewelry artisans are also online with their own websites.

Colorful handmade bracelets with hummingbird design

Handmade Colorful Bracelets




The internet is by far the easiest way to see the creations of many handcrafted jewelry artisans from all parts of the country and even worldwide. Many of these artisans do not participate in wholesale jewelry gift shows. The advent of the internet has made it possible to buy wholesale handmade jewelry at any time of the year according to your needs without ever leaving your home.