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Native American Jewelry Unique Jewelry Native Handmade Bracelets Earrings With Legends

Native American jewelry, Native Indian bracelets, Native handmade bracelets

Native American jewelry, Native Indian bracelets, Native handmade bracelets

Native American Jewelry is a type of jewelry that has meaning. All the native animal symbols have meaning and historical stories behind them. All these stories and legends behind the Native American designs for Native Jewelry and Native crafts makes them more valuable for people who cherish this meaningful ancient art form.

Animals, sun, moon and nature plays a big role in Native American cultures. In Native American Indian jewelry earrings and art you will always see representations, symbols and totemic designs of animals and nature. Each animal and nature has meaning and stories behind that goes back centuries told from father to son. For example the bear is a symbol of power, strength and healing. The Bear is held in high respect by all, as it is beloved as an elder family member of the human race. When hunted and killed the body of the bear was generally taken to the chief’s dwelling and showered in eagle down, which is a gracious symbol of welcoming friendship. There is no meaning if you are not fully ‘into’ native culture. There is no real connection if you don’t know what you are doing. If you want to know what the eagle represents? In a word; God. But that is just one word. Here are a few more: The power, the challenge, the knowledge, nature, culture, the connection, the bridge. The eagle can represent many things, depending on the tribe. The circle can represent life. The eagle is the master of the sky, carries prayers, and is known for itch courage and wisdom.

Native American metalwork jewelry, before colonization, the metalwork used in Native American jewelry bracelets making was fairly simple. The craftsmen would mainly hammer metals such as silver and copper to make jewelry pieces such as pendants, earrings, and even necklaces. They would then etch the design on the surface of the metal. It was only during the 1800s that Native American tribes such as Navajo, Hopi, and Pueblo learned the art of silver-smithing from the Spaniards. This led to a revolution in the Native American jewelry design, especially in the Southwest regions of America. This resulted in the creation of unique Native American jewelry pieces including Squash Blossom necklace, the turquoise inlay ring called Navajo, Hopi silver bracelets in overlay style.

Native American jewelry, Native handmade Earrings, Native hummingbird jewelry

Native American jewelry, Native handmade Earrings, Native hummingbird jewelry

The Native American craftsmen knew the art of fine grinding stones such as turquoise, coral, and shell beads in order to make Native jewelry dangle earrings pieces such as heishi necklaces. But their skills were not limited to just this. These craftsmen could make delicate carvings on the surface of bone and carved wood. They knew how to stitch over a thousand beads together, and to soak and piece together a quill made out of a porcupine. Today, while most of these skills are extinct, some of the art forms are still being practiced by people. Some young Native Indian handmade jewelry artists have taken it upon themselves to revive the porcupine quill work.

Native American jewelry is recognized all over the world for its unique jewelry designs. Traditionally, Native American Indian jewelry involves handcrafted or handmade jewelry with hand stamped designs, beads, flowers, and leaves around the gem. Such jewelry is sometimes designed with symbols and geometric patterns, and is a beautiful unique jewelry item for any women. Each piece of handmade Native American jewelry is handcrafted in traditional Native Indian designs and motifs. There are several different varieties of handmade Native American jewelry available. The most impressive traditions of jewelry making in Native American jewelry belongs to Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and Pueblo artisans who hand crafted silver stones into distinctive designs.

Wholesale Native American jewelry has a very rich history. Native American people have been making and wearing jewelry since time began. Finding all sorts of ways to decorate their bodies, faces, clothing, etc… Sometimes to show status within their social setting, and sometimes just to attract a mate. What some people find attractive, other definitely do not. Different Native tribes used different unique jewelry designs according where they lived. Different animal, wildlife and nature symbols gained different values of importance in their cultures. The differences in the symbols, patterns and designs come from their own interpretations of the colors, animals, nature and wildlife. The different surroundings and environments they lived in really dictated what was available to them to work with in creating their Native American jewelry designs.