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Tips on Animal Jewelry Wildlife Jewelry Advertising Online

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The internet provides everyone with many opportunities for advertising and promoting their animal jewelry online. Taking advantage of all the opportunities is very time consuming; blogging, article submission, press releases, social networking. Handmade jewelry retailers and handmade jewelry wholesalers alike need to focus on branding and advertising in the right places. There are only so many hours in the day so you have to reach your target market and make sure they respond. You have only one chance to make a first impression, how do you ensure it is a good one?

Every wildlife jewelry artist needs a well optimized website. Research your target market and find the right keywords for your products. Use your keywords properly within your content to get good search engine rankings. Pay close attention to meta-tags creating title and description tags that will let search engines know what your webpage is about, but even more important is to tell your customers (or prospective customers) why they should visit your webpage. Don’t forget to use your keywords in the image alt attributes to let the search engines know what the picture is about.

Your website should reflect your personality and your creativity. You are the one who knows your handmade jewelry the best. People want to connect with the artist, feel comfortable and relaxed. High pressure flash may work for some but generally to be avoided. Show your work, tell your story and let your handcrafted jewelry do the rest!

Your website should be well organized with easy navigation. Every link is a good place for keywords and another chance to get into the search engine rankings. Search engines are your best friend and will send more targeted visitors to your handmade jewelry website than anything else.

Use blogs, press releases and article submissions to get back links as well as drive targeted traffic to your website. The more people that see your handmade jewelry the more likely they are to buy your handcrafted jewelry. The more often they see your name and your work, then they may refer other people to your sight giving you added exposure to your target audience.

Social networking is another great way to get your name out there. Although it can be very time consuming, but it would help your website to submit to bookmarking sites and social sites add to your handmade earrings advertising. The more active you are on the sites the more chances of connecting with the right people and even coming up in the search engines. Personally speaking, it’s better to focus on one or two sites than trying to be on everything. See what your response is and if it’s not working try something else until you find something that fits your personal style.

Just like making handmade jewelry, it’s a lot of trial and experimentation that in the end will yield the results that you want. The amount of time that all these things require is at times a little frightening. Focus is key to bring your handmade jewelry website into view. The online handcrafted jewelry marketplace is forever changing and you will constantly need to update and re-focus your efforts. All your efforts will be rewarded in time, enjoy the journey!