Nature jewelry offered in earth tones and also colorful nature designs. Wide selections of American and Canadian nature theme jewelry offered by Copper Reflections including maple leaf, wolf, eagle, moose, elk, loon, bear designs on bracelets, earrings, necklaces, lockets, rings and brooches. Nature inspired gifts are also available in pill boxes, card holders and many more.

Nature Inspired Jewelry

Nature Theme Jewelry by Copper Reflections

Large Selections of Designs and Reasonable Prices Since 1985

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Alaska Forget Me Not Flower Earrings
Forget Me Not Flower Earrings
Maple Leaf Bracelet with Black Patina BackgroundMaple Leaf Bracelet Maple Leaves Design Bangle Watches
Cut Out Maple Leaves Bracelets
Wire Bracelets in Nature Themes
Bracelets with Nature Themes
Nature Theme Cut Out Brooch
Brooches in Nature Designs
Dangle Nature Inspired Earrings
Maple Leaf Dangle Earrings
Cut Out Nature Inspired Earrings
Cut Out Maple Leaves Earrings
Wire Bracelets with Colorful Aspen Tree Leaves
Aspen Tree Leaves
Handmade Bracelets in Beautiful Nature Designs
Maple Leaf Bracelet
Stud Earrings in Nature Designs
Maple Leaf Stud Earrings
Colorful Forget Me Not Flower Bracelet Forget Me Not Flower Bracelet Cut Out Maple Leaves Earrings with Black Patina Background
Cut Out Nature Earrings
Colorful Maple Leaves Magnetic Bracelets
Maple Leaves Magnetic Bracelet
Nature Gifts, Keychains
Maple Leaf Key Chains
Round Earrings in Fascinating Nature Designs
Flowers and Dragonfly Earrings
Gold and Copper Maple Leaves Dangle Earrings
Maple Leaf Dangle Earrings
Cut Out Colorful Maple Leaves Earrings
Maple Leaves Earrings
Flower Bracelets Flower Theme Bracelets Cut Out Flower Earrings
Cut Out Nature Earrings
Torch Flame Colored Maple Leaves Earrings
Flame Colored Maple Leaf Earrings

Nature jewelry is inspired by the beauty of wildlife, animals and nature. Nature jewelry has always made us feel closer to the world as it represents the God given gifts of beauty and wonder. Nature enchants us with amazing creations of animal, plants, wildlife and flowers. We try to capture these in our jewelry. Beautiful nature designs for jewelry were very popular in the Art Nouveau period from the 1890s to early 1900 and continues in popularity today. We use a wide variety of techniques to make our nature jewelry including etching, embossing and engraving. You can find unique creations of jewelry and gifts in earth tone colors like silver, copper and black and also in colorful artwork. If you prefer, we can also make custom design items for you.

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