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I sold a watch, set of earrings and abalone shell choker today! The girls LOVED it. I am so excited about all your stuff, it really is VERY beautiful. I would love to order lots of your product, so I have enough and don't run out. Anyway, take care and I will be getting an order ready! JP

I just wanted to keep in touch with you. Everyone loves your jewelry...it is so beautiful!! Anyway, I am already started to get another order together. I will probably need to order, to have the items on hand for the beginning of September. I am so excited about these items, you have no idea. They truly are very beautiful.............Susan T.

The package is here. AND WOW, I don't know which item is nicer.It is Sooooooooooo beautiful. I love everything. They sure are nice, wow...I am just thrilled with the order. You folks do WONDERFUl amazing beautiful work......................Karen W.

How are you? Doing pretty good here! Been so busy......... anyway, your jewelry is going really well here. I have been to a rodeo and the women almost died and went to heaven when they seen it. So, this is good!..............................Tina G.

Your jewelry had another very strong year and I wish you could stand there and hear all the wonderful compliments from our guests...............................Ron C.

How about the turtle rings? I am SO in love! What gorgeous pieces! I want to put all your turtles into my store. I hope I can make a whole new category just for your jewelry. Incredible selection........Anna M.

Hello. Every now and then I have been lucky enough to obtain a piece of your beautiful copper turtle jewelry. I sell them in my turtle store, TURTLES NOT MIGRAINES. Your rings have been a store favorite. I personally LOVE the turtle watch. Just saw it for the first time................Marie P.

Your jewelry is some of the most unique I have ever seen......................Paula S.

By the way, your products are so unique and the quality is so fantastic, that I am getting nothing but great reviews from people buying them. Everything is working out fantastic, I get my product quickly and it is a pleasure to deal with you guys...Thanks Tony,................Frank & Diane L.

I have never seen anything like your jewelry offered. Your copper jewelry is GORGEOUS. I am happy to have found your beautiful work........................Jane B.

Tony, I must say ordering off your site WORKS way better for me. It didn't take near as long to organize this. I am going to do this the same way next time....it certainly is much easier for me..Thanks..................Peggy

Hello. I recently found and purchased some of your earrings at a gift shop while on vacation. I was so struck with the style. Your jewelry is beautiful and I'd love to be able to add more pieces to my collection....Yours sincerely,............S R

Thank you for your time and help. You have been excellent in leading me to be able to find my earrings! Good customer service! Thanks again,................Betty B.

We have carried Tony's items for years and even though we are a very small town and thought that we'd saturated the market with his items years ago, we still find they're very popular. I think that's a great testament to Tony's creativity!Thanks....Hazel

Hi, I went today to a craft market in Glen Becker Ontario and found a dealer who sells your jewelery. I fell in love with your collection! Would like to know....CB

Please send me your wholesale pricelist. I love your product and would like to sell it in my store..........................Y.S.

Helllo Tony, I just got the merchandise, it is just amazing!!!!!!!, I love it. Thank you. PLease let me know whats the way to start doing the Colombian designs? Regards,........................Carolina P.

I would very much like a price list on all of your jewelry. It is very beautiful and I'm very interested in obtaining some. My daughter has a one of your bracelets that she received several years ago.Since then this is the first time we have seen your website. I would like to be able to purchase some of your work. Which ones I'm not sure because everything is so beautiful.I know i would like to buy something for my daughter for Xmas and she has a birthday next month. Also I have several friends who would love to own one of your pieces. Thank You, Very Much..............................S.K

I do think you have very unique jewelry. I have never seen any thing like it.....Rowenna

I would like to know if you would consider having me sell your products. You have an amazing,and beautiful collection and I would like to try and sell these for you. Thank you for your consideration............Jo-Ann

These new designs are quite stunning. Congratulations on developing this new line. I am sure it will sell very well........Bob

Thank you for replying so quickly. I had purchased a bracelet and necklace in a retail store a few years ago in Clay N.Y. but could not find earrings to match at the time. I came upon your site during a search for other items and was totally thrilled to find your copper jewelry on line! It is lovely, unique, and reasonably priced. After two years of wear-and I wear it frequently-it looks as good as the day I bought it.......Sue L.

I would like a catalog or some list of your wholesale prices. I simply love your jewelry and believe that it will be very, very, easy to sale. Thanks, Dan G., Owner

Your jewelry is beautiful, I would like more information as to how I can purchase it wholesale and carry it in my shop.D.B

Looking for wholesale prices and ordering information. Do you have a printed catalogue or just on-line? Your work is pretty spectacular - I'm a big earring fan, and particularly loved C-15,D-14,TS-93,TS-263 and SL-42. Keep up the beautiful work! Mona F.

My husband and I met Tony at a craft show 9 years ago and have been retailing his jewelry since that time. We have never found finer handcrafted copper jewelry anywhere. The quality is superb and the designs are unique. We have gained many repeat customers over the years and plan to continue selling Tony’s products for many years to come.....Bob & Judy Robinson

I would like to include copper animal jewelry in my booth and a local craft mall in the OKC metro area. What is the minimum order and a price list for this gorgeous line of jewelry? Thank you....K.R

These are stunning and I would like to know where to buy these items as an individual. no business affiliation. B.R

Hi, I'm the Founder of Wolf Howl Animal Preserve. Your products are BEAUTIFUL and I am interested in carrying your Wolf products both in our Preserve's gift shop and our online gift shop.....Maria F.

I received my order today. Everything is just beautiful. Tony, you are truly a talented artist. Some of the jewelry just made me gasp! I can not wait now to place my next order for your new items. I am very impressed and happy. I can't wait for everyone to start seeing the jewelry. Beautiful. I'm going to have to take a few pieces for myself, for sure! Thanks for your help and for getting this to me so promptly. Best Regards, Maria... Everything Wolf Sales

Bob & I really appreciate all that you and Tony have done for us. You have always given us great service and wonderful products. We just finished a very successful 3 day show this past weekend. Now that Bob is retired we will be looking for new craft shows. Thanks again. All the best,...Judy

I am interested in wholesale jewellery pricing, mostly for the copper bracelets, particularly the Native American jewelry Haida designs copper with gold and the Inukshuk designs. I purchased several handmade bracelets for myself and as presents while I was in Prince Rupert and as people have admired mine I thought I might carry them in my jewelry business...Pat Y.

Hey there! Julian M. here. I came across your handmade jewelry while looking for a gift for my mother's birthday. I have to say I'm blown away by the quality and style of your jewelry pieces.

I really want to thank you for the excellent customer service that you have provided me and to tell you that I am really appreciative of the effort that you made to make sure that I am pleased with your product. I can assure you that I will be checking out the new stuff that was ordered from your company by Wendell August on my next trip to Grove City....Emma

We want to thank you for letting us sell your product. We have had great success and will be placing another order shortly. We are planning to be doing shows in Oregon & Washington this summer.....Fountains, Beads & Things

We just received our pill box order. They are absolutely beautiful. Next week our manager has a meeting with the corp office and will discuss designing a Amish buggy pill box. We will find a buggy to send you. Can not wait to see what you come up with. Thank you, Lynn

Hello, being a writer and designer I have never come across anything like this. I absolutely love your pieces!! I am a horse and wolf person. Penny

Hello, being a writer and designer I have never come across anything like this. I absolutely love your pieces!! I am a horse and wolf person. I start my Christmas shopping in July and I would love to purchase a few pieces from you. Penny

Hello your jewelry is absolutely beautiful! My boyfriends birthday is coming up and I have been struggling to come up with what to get him until I found this website! I would love nothing more than to get him one of these bracelets for his birthday they are perfect! Thank you so much! Katy

Thank you very much for your e-mail to J.K. I am very interested in stocking your range of Western/Native American/Horse jewellery for our Rio Bravo Store at Warner Bros. Movie World and your horse jewellery for our Australian Outback Spectacular Store. M.C. Head Buyer - Warner Village Theme Parks

Truely beautiful Jewelry Tony! I love them! Especially the Dragonfly pieces and the Wolf pieces. The tribal art is simply gorgeous also. Wonderful work you are doing... :) Annie

Hello, I recently bought several of your items. I am interested and ready to purchase!!! Thanks for your time and attention. Your jewelry is beautiful and I have gotten several compliments already! I will be purchasing some additional pieces for the holidays! Sincerely, Meredith G.

Hello Copper Reflections We are currently visiting Canada and USA trying to source unique cat gift ware for cat-lovers for our business, The Classic Cat which specializes in this product. We saw and bought 2 sets of cat earrings in the Rocky Mountains. We have not seen anything that compares to the uniqueness of your jewelry and would love to sell it in our business in Australia. Kind regards, Jacquie and Sarah The Classic Cat

I appreciate you covering the shipping cost. Every little bit helps when you run a small business. I'm establishing many customers for you throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. I'm also doing a show near the Gulf of Mexico. Everyone loves your work. Jason

I received the package last Saturday noon, it is complete and definitively your jewelry is gorgeous! Claudia, El Salvador

You have beautiful jewelry and must admit it is very different than what I have been selling. I am sure that line will be a good seller. I have looked over the catalogue and saw lots of things I would like to add to my collection.I truly like what I see and will definitely add your products to my selling stock. I have native background and can appreciate your jewelry. Dolores M.

Hi Guys, Thanks so much for your fast response. I will certainly be checking out you catalog! Your Items are BEAUTIFUL!! Donna

Thank you, Chris has been in touch with me, and we are setting up a sale. My mother picked me up a pair of your earrings and matching necklace on a bus trip to Canada, and I am very sad to say I lost an earring the first day I wore them (winter scarves and earrings don't mix well.) I was very sad because they are so unique and lovely! Moped a bit, but then I googled "Copper Reflections" and found that you sold online and had the earrings available. -Melissa

I received the package last Saturday noon, it is complete and definitively your jewelry is gorgeous! Best regards, Claudia

WOW!! That is what I think about your products. I usually only carry sterling silver in jewelry yet after seeing your collection I would like to carry these also. I am needing all the jewelry as well as the gifts and accessories. There is no part of your collection that I want to exclude. I know that I can sell your line easily. I look forward to working with you soon. Sincerely, Linda W.

I was given one of your bracelets for Christmas and I have been wearing it everyday since, I absolutely adore it! Sinead E.

We went to Victoria, BC about 2 years ago and came across your handmade jewelry. My fiance bought a turtle bracelet and fell in love with it. It was affordable and beautiful! Thank you, Maram

I write to you from Estonia. We are a metaphysical theme shop in Tallinn. We admire the beautiful handmade jewelry products on your web-site. We would like to purchase the unique copper bracelets with embossed designs. Thank you, Pille-Riin L.

Hi, You have such beautiful jewellery! I found you in a random google search. I like quite a few of your pieces so is there anywhere you can direct me in Australia that sells your jewellery. Thanks and Regards, Amanda H.

Oh, my gosh!! Your jewelry is so beautiful!! I really appreciate you notifying me of these beautiful works of art!...Warm Heart, California

In the planning stages of opening a shop on main st. in a small town. Plan to have unusual or hard to find items.You are both. Susan P.

Absolutely beautiful copper jewelry. I originally hailed from Helena, MT just a stones throw from Butte, MT known as the "Richest Hill on Earth". It was the home of the largest open pit copper mine in the world! No longer in operation, it produced more copper than all other copper mines put together for many years. Copper is such a beautifully rich metal with such a lovely patina. I will visit your site to view more. Kudos!

I have spent many hours researching and looking for just the right products to offer our customers. I feel you have exactly what we need, beautiful and unique pieces people cannot find anywhere else. I would absolutely love to sell your pieces. Thank you! Owner Babygirlz Boutique LLC

Your jewelry and pill boxes are just beautiful and we know these would make a wonderful addition to our jewelry business. Thank you. Marda N.

I have owned other earrings made by your company and the artistry and uniqueness of the design is always a delight. Judy

I came across jewelry displays of yours in many shops in Victoria, BC, Canada. I would be interested in adding many of your beautifully handcrafted jewelry pieces to our product line. Information as to pricing, MOQ, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks, Dolly

I bought a beautiful pair of your earrings. I truly love these earrings. Linda W.

We recently came across copperreflections.com and are interested in working with you. The handcrafted jewelry items you feature on your site are absolutely stunning. Each piece is so unique, and the artistry shown in this collection is unbelievable. Hillary J.

I will be forwarding orders hopefully today. We will also re-order in June. Your product does very well for us. Susan J. Wendell August Forge, PA

I got the jewelry order today. Everything looks wonderful. Looking forward to my upcoming show with it again. I like all of your new designs. Thanks, Lynn B.

Please review the attached Purchase Order. Tony these have sold very well for us and I think they will continue to do so. Thank you so much for a wonderful product. I would like to place this next order and was hoping you all maybe able to put a rush on it. From Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Society.

I have found your site through an article on Linkedin and I am interested to know if you can send me the wholesale prices for all your products. I like them all and I could not choose between so many beautiful items :) Thank you, Carmen

My order came today and I love all the designs. They are beautiful and cannot wait to get started on more dog breeds. Thanks for your good work. Gayle

I love your jewelry collection, having been fortunate enough to have 3 pieces. I live in Newfoundland and would like your price list. These items would make beautiful gifts. Just keep doing what you do, it's so tasteful and beautiful! Joannie C.

Hi, your line is top shelf. Wonderful colors. Do you have nautical creations such as Shells, Sand dollars, Mermaids Anchors and Ships Wheels? The bulk of our business is at the jersey shore. I believe your line would sell well there. Nick

Words can not express how much I love the bracelets! They are amazing. I will be ordering more stock very soon. Thank-you for being such a professional company to deal with. Best Melissah

Got my big order. Thanks so much the jewelry really looks nice as always. Love all the new designs. LB

The necklace and the earrings are very beautiful and radiant. They look wonderful and I am sure my girlfriend will be more than happy about them (unfortunately, she'll have to wait until the end of May when it is her birthday...) Thank you very much for all your information, help and a very quick handling.

I purchased some of your beautiful jewelry at the Equine Affaire in Columbus OH. Please send me a price list. I will share your website with my friends. They will LOVE it! The pictures do not do it justice. Thanks so much!

Thank you! I get lots of compliments wherever I go when I wear your earrings and hair clip! Beautiful work! You have a customer for life here! Janet J.

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The artisans of Copper Reflections are aware of the importance of high quality, reasonable prices and the uniqueness of handmade jewelry. Our work has been selling well in the United States and Canada for over 25 years. You might be looking for bracelets, earrings or necklaces for yourselves or to sell in your gift store. You will always be pleased with our unique jewelry and handcrafted gifts. We always strive to ensure that every customer is happy with their order.

We offer handmade earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets in unique jewelry sets. Bracelets are adjustable to the wrist and offered in cuff, wire, chain and bangle bracelets. Earrings are light weight so they do not hurt the ears like other heavy weight cast earrings. We use only surgical steel hypo-allergenic ear wires for all our earrings. We are specialized in wildlife, western, floral, Native and animal designs. You will discover Canadian and American wildlife and Native totemic designs on all our jewelry and gift selections. Animal jewelry is available in vast assortments of outstanding artwork including horses, cats, hummingbirds, butterflies, wolves and dragonflies as well as large selections of Native American and western designs. Other than our own designs, we have been also working together with renowned American artists like Lynn Bean, Nick Gustafson and Johanna Lynch creating unique art jewelry designs. We are looking for gift stores, gift shops, trading posts and sales representatives in Canada, Australia, the United States, UK and Europe. Contact us for more information and pricing at thisir at copperreflections.com