Wildlife jewelry created in wide assortments artwork including eagles, wolves, bears, whales, loons and many more. Wildlife jewelry by Copper Reflections is available in wildlife inspired bracelets, wildlife earrings, wolf necklaces, lockets, rings, brooches and more.

Wildlife Jewelry

Wildlife Theme Jewelry by Copper Reflections

Outstanding Design and Style Selections Since 1985

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Colorful Bear Earrings
Bear Earrings
Bear Bracelet
Bear Bracelet
Elk Earrings
Elk Earrings
Alaska Humpback Whales Bracelet
Humpback Whales Bracelet
Wolf Bracelet by Designed by American Artist Bob Coonts
Wolf Bracelet
Colorful Frog Earrings
Whimsical Frog Earrings
Loon Rings Created in Colorful Artwork
Loon Rings
Manatee Earrings in Whimsical Art
Manatee Earrings
Alaska Caribou Earrings
Caribou Earrings
Polar Bear Earrings
Polar Bear Earrings
Handcrafted Eagle Ring
Eagle Rings
Killer Whale Earrings
Killer Whale Earrings
Key Chains in Wildlife Designs
Deer Key Chains
Earrings Handcrafted in Colorful Tiger Artwork By American Artist
Tiger Earrings
Wholesale Wildlife Jewelry
Wild Horse Dangle Earrings
Red Hawk Bracelet
Red Hawk Bracelets
Wildlife Gifts, Elk Business Card Case

Elk Card Holders

Unique Gifts in Wildlife Designs
Canada Goose Pill Boxes
Leather Bracelets in Buffalo Design
Buffalo Leather Bracelets
Bear and Cub Hair Clips
Bear Hair Clips

Our collections of wildlife jewelry features the most exquisite wildlife designs like wolves, eagles, bears, loons and many more. Express your passion for the beauty of the wilderness and wildlife with these breathtaking jewelry and gifts handcrafted in earth tones or colorful designs. Designs are individually silver plated and diamond cut by hand to bring out the luster in the copper to give that special sparkle like diamonds. Our wildlife jewelry and gifts will make the perfect gift for animal and wildlife lovers. We hope that our creations will bring you and your loved ones much enjoyment for many years. We hope you will enjoy our wildlife jewelry collections, we have been working hard for over 24 years to make it even more beautiful for you.

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