Unique Jewelry Handmade in Creative Techniques & Charming Styles

Handmade jewelry created by the skilled artisans in fine quality and reasonable prices. Creative techniques and unique jewelry designs distinguish our work. Copper Reflections has the most unusual collections of handmade jewelry featuring stunning necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. We make gorgeous handmade jewelry inspired by animals, wildlife, flowers, and Native American culture. Everything is made by hand at our workshop from start to finish using copper. The unique nature of our handmade jewelry meant that we did not have the opportunity to learn from others, we had to learn how to create our jewelry by trial and error. With years of experience we refined our handmade jewelry to be able to offer you the most original handmade jewelry pieces with the best quality possible.  Catering to both the retail jewelry customers and the wholesale jewelry customers, our focus is on animal and wildlife inspired jewelry styles. Copper Reflections has been committed to providing our customers with not only outstanding wholesale handmade jewelry, but also excellent service.


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