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About Us: Copper Reflections Specializes in Wholesale Handmade Jewelry

How We Make Our Jewelry

About Us; Copper Reflections has many years of experience in making jewelry and gifts for the US and Canada. We do not use pre-made jewelry parts and put them together. Copper sheets come into our workshop in coils and are sliced into the correct lengths for each item using guillotines. These copper sheets are then polished using buffing tools and steel brushing to achieve a matte and subtle effect on copper. Jewelry designs are made ready after hard months of work, many trials, and experiments, and are finally transferred onto the copper sheets.

Designs are then silver-plated, and special finishes are applied to make them last for years, so people can enjoy them without any special care. There are actually three layers of finish to prevent tarnishing on all our copper work. These pieces are cut out by hand using jewelers’ shears or cutting tools. They are then meticulously diamond cut ( or bright cut ) so that they sparkle as if they have diamonds inserted in them. This makes our handcrafted jewelry look more expensive. We believe that because of this very reason, our work has been selling so well in the United States and Canada for over 35 years.

All of our items are silver plated and individually diamond cut on copper. Each piece has a protective acrylic coating to prevent tarnishing so no polishing is required. Inspired by the beauty of wildlife, nature, and Native Peoples of North America, each piece is carefully designed and handcrafted especially for you. Our work is unusual as we are the only ones making this type of jewelry using techniques and designs that we have developed over the years in the United States and Canada.

How Long We Have Making Jewelry

We have been designing and producing our artisan jewelry and gifts since 1985. I started my business in Vancouver, Canada. I was making jewelry and selling it on the street in Gastown, Vancouver. I began selling my creations at retail craft shows in British Columbia and Alberta. Later I moved to Ontario, Canada, and began doing the craft shows there. I also started my business in the United States and traveled to the craft shows in New York State, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Illinois, Vermont, and many others. I really enjoyed traveling, seeing new places, and meeting other craftspeople, and customers.

Coming Up With Techniques To Make Our Jewelry

It was at a craft show in Columbus, Ohio when a craftsman from Missouri showed me how to do diamond cut. This greatly increased our sales. Diamond cut made all our copper jewelry and gifts sparkle like there were diamonds on them. This made everything look more expensive. Combined with our reasonable prices this has made our business a great success.

Tony Hisir owner, designer and artisan of Handmade Jewelry by Copper Reflections
Tony Hisir Owner of Handmade Jewelry by Copper Reflections

Starting to Sell Our Handmade Jewelry Wholesale

I began to wholesale throughout the United States and Canada at wholesale jewelry and gift shows. I came up with new techniques and artistic designs over the years that have made this type of handmade jewelry unique to us. I have received many artisan awards for the originality of my creations. Over the years, with my wife, Jennifer Hisir, we trained artisans who work for our company Copper Reflections, making each piece by hand and handcrafting copper sheets into unique jewelry. With the hard and careful work of the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections, we have created outstanding jewelry in modern designs and exceptional quality.

Copper Reflections Co-Owner Jennifer Hisir
Jennifer Hisir, My wife has always been beside me in creating our jewelry

Our years of hard work have been fun for all of us at the workshop of Copper Reflections. We take great pride in our work and enjoy what we are doing. It makes us happy to know that our customers have been enjoying our handmade jewelry creations, which makes everything worthwhile.

We always come up with new designs so please visit our website often to view our additions.

How We Create Our Handmade Jewelry Designs

Other than our own designs, we have been also working together with renowned American artists like Lynn Bean, Nick Gustafson, and Johanna Lynch creating unique jewelry designs. If you are an artist and you would like us to make your paintings into jewelry please contact us. We have low minimum order quantities and very reasonable prices. If you would like to see some samples that we made for these artists please visit our art jewelry page.

Last couple of years we expanded our handmade jewelry designs that are Inspired by worldwide famous painters’ artwork. Making art jewelry from some of the master painters’ famous paintings. You will love the Starry Night, Almond Blossoms, Sunflowers and Irises paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, and The Kiss by Gustav Klimt on our art jewelry as well as Monet’s many renowned master paintings.

Wholesale Handmade Jewelry in the USA and Canada

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This is How We Make Our Handmade Jewelry

To create our handmade jewelry we go through 32 steps from start to finish

To make our jewelry we buy 99% pure copper in coils of long flat sheets in different thicknesses. This raw copper needs to be cleaned from the protective grease before polishing.

Copper coils
We buy long sheets of copper that are rolled into coils

Copper coils are cut to the correct lengths and then polished.

Artisan polishing copper sheets
Polishing copper sheets

Copper Sheets are polished to remove all the marks creating a clean surface.

After polishing the copper sheets using stainless steel wire brushes, they are dusted off with soft brushes to make sure no dust and copper particles are on the surface. We spray one side of the copper sheets to protect them.

Copper sheets are sprayed with acrylic finish
We spray the copper sheets with an acrylic finish to protect them

After the finish dries, the other side of the copper, which does not have the acrylic coating is silver plated using a special silver solution that reacts with only bare copper surface and turns into silver color. The coated side does not get affected due to the protective finish.

Silver-plated surfaces of copper are printed with jewelry artwork that is created after long hard work.

Silver plated copper is printed with designs
Designs are printed on silver-plated surfaces

We usually use letter-size copper sheets to print on. Depending on the size of the design, there are 10 to 30 pieces of jewelry on each sheet of copper. After the printed inks dry, each sheet of design is sprayed again to protect the designs.

About Us; Cutting jewelry with special tools
Some of the jewelry pieces are cut out using the press and cutting tools


Some of the jewelry is cut out using tools
About Us: Cutting jewelry using special tools on press


About Us; Cutting earrings by hand using jewelry shears
Some of the jewelry designs are cut by hand using jewelry shear

If we do not have the right shape of the cutting tool, we use the CNC machine or just use a metal cutting shear and cut by hand. This is meticulous work as it takes attention not to harm the designs printed on copper sheets.

CNC machine is used to cut out the jewelry
Using the CNC machine to cut out the jewelry

If we use the CNC machine, we have to use a coolant during the cutting to keep the copper from getting too hot. After the cutting is finished, jewelry pieces are rinsed to clean off the coolant and the edge of the jewelry is filed to make them smooth, as the CNC cutting leaves rough edges.

After this process is completed, the jewelry pieces are lined up onto the metal screens and the back of them are sprayed with lacquer finishes.

All of our handmade jewelry is protected by acrylic finish
Jewelry is sprayed with an acrylic finish to protect them from discoloring

Each piece of jewelry is meticulously diamond cut by hand to bring out the warm luster of copper. They look like they are inserted with shiny diamonds.

Diamond cutting on copper jewelry
Each piece of our handmade jewelry diamond cut to sparkle

After diamond cutting, we line them up onto the metal screens and spray them again to protect the exposed diamond cut or bright cut parts so they keep their shine for a much longer time.

Jewelry is protected by layers of acrylic finish
Spraying acrylic finish onto jewelry to protect them from tarnishing. Each piece has 3-4 layers of finishes

Jewelry is formed by doming and they get assembled to be completed.

Forming handmade earrings to give them a luxurious look
Earrings are formed to give them a dimensional look


Shaping the bracelets
Shaping the bracelets to make them fit your wrist comfortably


Earrings are assembled together
Assembling earrings, we use surgical steel wires so you can wear them without any worries

Earrings are carded and packed into resealable bags according to each individual order. Similarly, bracelets, rings, hair clips, necklaces, and brooches are also packed into re-sealable bags.

This is our Copper Reflections cat, the mascot of our workshop. He always makes sure that we are all working hard to complete your orders. We call him COPPER in short.

Copper, the cat
Copper, The Cat is the mascot of our workshop, making sure that orders are always completed and shipped on time

Browse one of the largest varieties of wholesale handmade jewelry that are creative, original, pretty, and fun to wear. With many wholesale handmade jewelry categories designed especially for the American and Canadian markets, you are sure to find the type of jewelry that will fit your unique store and appeal to your customer persona.

Copper Reflections received many awards over the years
Receiving an award from the chamber of commerce. We have received many awards over the years for the quality and originality of our handmade jewelry

Copper Reflections carries all types of popular wholesale jewelry from earrings, and bracelets to necklaces, and rings and they are all in impressive matching jewelry sets.

Thank you very much for your interest in our work. We are, at the workshop, wishing you all the BEST.


We will appreciate your comments and suggestions  copperreflections@yahoo.com