Alaska Jewelry

Alaska jewelry created in Native, wildlife & nature designs.

Bracelets, earrings, and rings are handcrafted in matching sets.

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Alaska Jewelry with Legends for a Sophisticated & Elegant Look

Shop now for Alaska jewelry inspired by Alaskan wildlife animals, nature, and Alaska Native peoples’ artwork in vibrant colors. Wildlife animals of Alaska are a hallmark of the state. The untouched wilderness is, perhaps, the last trace of thriving populations of North American wildlife. Polar bears, bald eagles, blue and humpback whales, gray wolves, grizzly bears, orcas, and moose.

All our jewelry is protected with many layers of acrylic finish es so no maintenance is required. Ear wires for the earrings are surgical steel hypoallergenic which is the best ear wire for women with sensitive skin. You are sure to make a statement with our bold Alaskan bracelets and earrings that will dazzle everyone with originality and fine craftsmanship quality. Wholesale Alaska jewelry would make a special addition to your gift shop

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