Art Jewelry Designed By Renowned American Artists

Unique jewelry handcrafted from original artwork of renowned American artists, Lynn Bean, Jo Lynch and Nick Gustafson. Both of these great artist have won so many awards for their exceptional work. Lynn is well known with her beautiful watercolor horse, wolf, bear, so many other wildlife and animal paintings as well as Southwest Native and western. You will love the vivid colors on stunning artwork of Nick.

Earrings by Lynn Bean (43)

Bracelets by Lynn Bean (20)

Western Earrings by Lynn Bean (45)

Native Earrings by Lynn Bean (31)

SW Native Jewelry by Lynn Bean (60)

Native American Earrings by Lynn Bean (20)

Native Bracelets by Lynn Bean (25)

Hair Clips by Lynn Bean (16)

Necklaces by Lynn Bean (3)

Earrings by Bob Coonts (28)

Bracelets by Bob Coonts (10)

Rings by Bob Coonts (10)

Earrings Designed by Jo Lynch (32)

Bracelets Designed by Jo Lynch (14)

Earrings by Nick Gustafson (18)

Bracelets by Nick Gustafson (3)