Best Online Sources to Buy Wholesale Handmade Jewelry

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2020 Guide for Buying Handmade Jewelry Wholesale

How successful your retail business becomes greatly depends on offering the best products that your customers want to purchase. Handmade jewelry is one of the best selling items for the majority of gift stores. It is extremely important to the success of your business to find the best products, at the best price, and at the perfect time. Locating the best online sources for handmade jewelry wholesale is imperative and will save your business time and money.

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Buying Wholesale Handmade Jewelry

Before purchasing handmade jewelry wholesale for your gift shop, you need to do market research by visiting local stores. Browse their product selections and note the brands they carry. Decide what products are selling well and which are discounted. You do not want to compete with the same lines but capitalize on similar themes that appeal to your local customers.

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Specialty gift stores carrying products similar to your own shop, which are located far away, maybe willing to share with you the source of their wholesale handmade jewelry. Once you decide which brands you want to carry, you can then locate the best handmade jewelry wholesaler for those products.

Your loyal customers also play an important role in recommending the types of products they would like to purchase from your store. Asking for customer feedback is essential to building a relationship that meets their gift-giving requirements.

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Types of Handmade Jewelry Suppliers

Some manufacturers will sell their handmade jewelry and gift items directly to the retailer. If you know exactly what you want to sell, contacting the manufacturer and asking if they sell directly to gift stores might be an alternative. If they do not sell direct, they are sure to refer you to distributors that sell their products.

A handmade jewelry distributor generally sells a large variety of handmade wholesale jewelry. Their prices may be slightly higher than purchasing from the manufacturer, but gift retailers can buy selections with little or no minimum order. Some even offer free freight on orders over a certain amount.

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Choosing a Handmade Jewelry Vendor

Once you have located several suppliers of handmade jewelry, evaluate each on a variety of factors. To offer the best selection to your customers, you will need to purchase from a well-established company that offers a wide array of quality products, reasonable prices, great customer service, and reliable delivery.

Providing excellent customer service is an art that is under-appreciated in the fast-paced society of today, but can often be the breaking point in your buying chain. You need to be comfortable knowing that you will get the desired items when you need them without effort. Convenient payment terms and friendly knowledgeable service makes business easier.

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Handmade jewelry is one of the best selling items for the majority of gift stores. Finding the best sources is very important for retail and wholesale buyers.