Best Selling Handmade Jewelry Increases Christmas Sales

Butterfly Dangle Earrings, Lynn Bean wire jewelry earrings

Selling handmade jewelry can increase your Christmas sales. We are in the last quarter of the year with all eyes looking forward to the Christmas season. Many gift stores are searching for new items that will make sales soar to new heights. Gift stores want unique items that will draw in retail customers and encourage them to buy multiple gifts for everyone on their Christmas list. Handmade jewelry is the perfect gift item that is available in matching sets to suit every taste and style.

SW Native Bracelet Handmade in Burgundy Narrow Cuff Style
Handmade Cuff Bracelets

When we are searching for unique Christmas gifts, we always looking for an unusual and original one. Your store customers will be looking for new handmade jewelry designs to purchase as Christmas gifts. What makes us happy is to see the person happy when she receives her gift. Something she has never seen before but a gift that is to her taste, something that she is interested in and she will enjoy for a long time. If she is a horse lover or a cat lover or she loves nature. We think all these to decide what would make her most happy. Handmade creations have a character, an artist touch and a touch of soul. They are artisan hand-created, not just using a machine. Handmade artisan jewelry is a great gift solution, as they are original, spiritual and intelligent.

Copper Feather Horse Earrings
Feather Copper Earrings, Horse Earrings

This year has seen many items with record sales for Copper Reflections. Among our best sellers of 2019 are BSN unique handcrafted bracelets, RNS thin copper rings and the matching handmade earrings in the SN and SF series feather copper earrings in colorful designs such as horses and Native American and Canadian. Each piece is created by us from start to finish, from designing to crafting at our workshop. Over the years, we have developed different jewelry making techniques which made our jewelry unique. Our jewelry creations are being sold in national parks gift stores, trading posts, and gift shops throughout the United States and Canada.

Unique rings handmade in Pretty Butterfly Design
Handmade Rings, Butterfly Rings

Also, our double leaf shape and feather design earrings have been great selling items that will add that extra special sparkle to your store displays to attract customers and keep them coming back again and again.

Colorful Feather Copper Earrings
Colorful Feather Earrings Handmade from Copper

You will love the wire earrings we created from Lynn Bean’s captivating artwork using copper jump rings. The surgical steel hypoallergenic ear wires we use for the unique wire earrings have copper spring and copper balls.  They are lightweight so they would not hear your ears.

To increase Christmas sales you can also create deals your customer won’t be able to pass up on your best selling handmade jewelry pieces. These deals could be giving better prices when your customers would like to buy jewelry sets like; an earring, and necklace set, or earrings, necklace, and bracelets. Be sure to include the price for the set as well as the price for each piece separately.

Square Copper Wire Dangle Pueblo Native Earrings
Handmade Wire Earrings

Copper Reflections also have a wonderful selection of unique gifts for men including money clips, key chains, and western belt buckles.