Colorful Flowers and Hummingd Earrings

Preview New Handcrafted Colorful Jewelry for Christmas Sales

The response to our colorful jewelry line has been nothing less than wonderful. We are working hard to get all the orders out for the Christmas gift season. Please drop us an inquiry on our website to see all our newest designs. We can ship in time for you to make the most of the holiday selling season.

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Handcrafted earrings in cat jewelry theme

How to Create Great Selling Handmade Jewelry

Probably you started making handcrafted jewelry just for fun as an outlet for your creative energy. At some point you realized you could make some extra money from your hobby and began selling your handmade bracelets and earrings. After that point, you also need to think like a business person and create designs that fit into a niche market in order to have a successful handmade jewelry business.

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Tips to Build a Successful Handcrafted Jewelry Business

Every handmade jewelry business needs a solid foundation and must be gradually built to achieve success. There are very few who have the financial means to start at the wholesale jewelry level. Wholesale gift shows are expensive, requiring a great selection of unique jewelry and needing professional looking displays so it is not something for those just starting out.

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Handmade earrings in colorful dragonfly jewelry design

New Colorful Handcrafted Jewelry Displayed at Wholesale Gift Shows

You will find a huge collection of colorful jewelry handmade using techniques that we have developed over the last year. The designs include all of our best selling themes with plenty of hummingbirds, butterflies, horses, wolves and many more. We are sure these colorful handmade bracelets, earrings and rings will be your stores best selling jewelry line for 2013!

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handmade cat bracelets

How to Increase Your Handcrafted Jewelry Christmas Sales

Whether participating in craft shows or selling at the local shopping mall people love to see that you are the handmade jewelry artisan. Even if you sell other peoples jewelry as well, seeing you working in your booth is a great way to attract customer attention and increase sales.

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Copper horse feather earrings

Finding Inspiration for Handmade Jewelry

We have been working non-stop on new techniques, new styles, shapes and designs for our handmade earrings. When making handcrafted jewelry the experimenting seems to be never ending. There have been many times in our handmade jewelry making history when designing was hard and techniques just would not work properly.

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