Colorful Handcrafted Bracelets

Bracelets Handcrafted in Delightfully Charming Designs

Enjoy shopping bracelets artisan-crafted from copper in animal, wildlife, western, nature & Native American colorful artwork.

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Elegance You Can Wear, Fine Quality, Stylish & Feminine Bracelets

Handcrafted bracelets are created from copper in animal, wildlife, and Native American designs with radiant colors. To wear them comfortably you can easily adjust the bracelets to your wrist. You can also purchase these magnificent bracelets in matching sets with earrings, rings, and, necklaces. We have many designs for you to choose from including horse, butterfly, hummingbird, cat, wolf, dogs, dragonfly, dolphins, and more. Whether you are shopping for wholesale handcrafted bracelets for your gift shop or just looking for unique bracelets for yourself, Copper Reflections is the best online shop for unique bracelets. Diamond cutting by hand makes our copper jewelry shine like diamonds for a luxurious and feminine look. Excellent quality craftsmanship and stunning designs will make you happy every time you wear them. Bracelets are protected with layers of the best quality acrylic finishes so you can just enjoy them without worrying about maintenance.

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