Finding Inspiration for Handmade Jewelry

Wolf Jewelry Lockets Designed by Lynn Bean
Wolf Jewelry Locket



We have been working non-stop on new techniques, new styles, shapes and designs for our handmade earrings. When making handcrafted jewelry the experimenting seems to be never ending. We started our latest project in February 2012 and now it is October and there are still more designs that we want to make.





Some times you get a good idea and you just have to run with it. I keep saying enough already but oops there is another design begging to be a pair of unique handmade earrings. Well, what are we to do? Just make it, that’s what.

Unique Horse Earrings with Colorful Background
Unique Handmade Earrings, Horse Jewelry

Handmade Bracelets in Horse Jewelry Design

Unique Horse Bracelets, Handmade Horse Jewelry 


There have been many times in our handmade jewelry making history when designing was hard and techniques just would not work properly. Right now it is not a problem but I’m sure that everyone has at one time or another had a difficult time with a new style or technique. What are you to do when things are not working the way you want? Perseverance is the only way to get through the tough times. When things are not turning out right try taking a step back; go for a walk, or a swim. Getting away from your studio can bring a fresh perspective to your work.


Howling Wolf Hair Clips
Wolf Hair Clips Designed by Lynn Bean

We have a file where we collect ideas; patterns, colors and shapes. Whenever we are stuck on a design we go back to the file and are sure to find something that sends us in the right direction.In order to focus on making your handcrafted jewelry, especially a new technique, you need to be thinking clearly. Paying attention to the details is usually the key to success. The smallest deviation can produce inadequate results.

Unique Butterfly Earrings
Butterfly Earrings, Wholesale Handcrafted Jewelry

Honestly, techniques need to be refined to the easiest to follow steps. This will allow you to re-create the same results every time, which is very important if you are selling your wholesale handcrafted jewelry. Retail customers may love the fact that no two pieces are alike but that doesn’t necessarily work when you wholesale jewelry. Wholesale customers want the design they ordered, not a similar design, the exact same design.

Copper horse feather earrings
Copper feather earrings








Taking a break can at times be the only option. With all the pressures of modern life we sometimes need to do something just for fun. Take the family to the beach or the park or the library. You might just find a book on jewelry making that explains your technique better, or your daughter might make a drawing that triggers your inspiration. We all find our inspiration in different ways.