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Unique Copper Jewelry Handcrafted in Stunning Styles & Designs

Handcrafted jewelry created using copper in wide selections of animal, wildlife, native, western and flower themes. Browse through our categories of unique jewelry including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and many more. We have made our jewelry individually with lots of love, care and paid attention to every small detail so you enjoy wearring them for a long time. You can choose your most favorite handmade jewelry designs  from bracelets and earrings to the rings, hair clips and necklaces made in matching jewelry sets. Copper Reflections has the perfect unique jewelry for your that will always amaze and inspire you for hard-earned money. Our outstanding creations of artisan jewelry is sure to be treasured and will add a sophisticated look to your outfits. Copper Reflections has been established in the wholesale handcrafted jewelry in the United States and Canada. This is the best place for you to be if you are looking for handcrafted bracelets, earrings and rings for yourself or wholesale artisan jewelry for your gift store in the US and Canada. These outstanding wholesale artisan jewelry are carefully crafted by hand to ensure that they are of excellent quality and appealing so that your customers will love. We go through 32 steps to complete each piece. Ear wires for the earrings are surgical steel hypoallergenic so you can confortably wear them. Bracelets are adjustable to your wrist. No polishing required as we coat them with acrylic finishes.

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