Unique Handcrafted Brooches and Pins

Handmade brooches are created by the artisans of Copper Reflections in a wide variety of unique designs. Our artisan handcrafted brooches and pins are offered in two different styles. The etched brooches are cut out and two tone plated in gold and copper. The other style of handcrafted brooches we offer are silver plated and diamond cut on copper to enhance the unique designs. These outstanding jewelry brooches are available in wide selections of wildlife and animal jewelry designs. Horse, butterfly, hummingbird, dragonfly and wolf brooches are just some of the very popular brooch designs we offer. We always strive to create and develop the most original and unique ideas so our customers always have new designs to sell. We hope you enjoy our handmade unique brooches. Accessorize your outfits with animal inspired unique brooches and pins from Copper Reflections. You will be impressed with quality and originality of our handmade jewelry pins.

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