Handmade Earrings for Christmas

Copper Wire Jewelry Flower Earrings Red FW-05

Handmade Earrings Make Special Gifts for Christmas

It has been a while since we have had time to breathe but the lack of blog posts means that we have been inventing new techniques and new handmade earring designs. These new designs are going to send your sales through the roof. We are so excited to be introducing our high-quality handcrafted earrings for Christmas created by using techniques that are truly revolutionary.

The biggest difference between mass-produced jewelry design and handmade earrings is the amount of craftsmanship involved. At Copper Reflections every piece we make has been worked on by the hands of one of our talented craftspeople. The care and creative talent of artisans result in impressively unique earrings that are special and make a statement, such as with our striking horse earrings designs by Lynn Bean.

If you are looking for a handmade jewelry gift that is stylish and appealing, handmade earrings will surely be high on the list. Stylish and original handmade earrings for Christmas will be cherished by loved ones. Every piece of quality handmade earrings for Christmas requires significant time and patience to create, from designing through the actual crafting to the finished item. Because of the time invested and paying attention to detail Copper Reflections, high-quality handmade jewelry designs make special jewelry gifts for Christmas.

White Spotted Indian Horse Earrings Designed by Lynn Bean
Horse Earrings Designed by Lynn Bean

Every piece of quality handmade jewelry requires a significant time commitment, from the initial design through the actual crafting of the finished item. Because of the time invested, many high-quality handmade jewelry designs have elegant details We are working hard to perfect each and every design. We still have to take the photos and post them on our website. We have the catalog pages ready so if you want to get a head start on the competition this season just drops us a note asking for the latest designs to be emailed to you.

Snowflakes Earrings Created in Blue Background
Handmade snowflakes earrings, special jewlery gifts for Christmas

On another exciting note, we are proud to announce that we have been working with the distinguished artist Lynn Bean and many of her famous artworks have been transformed by the artisans of Copper Reflections into handcrafted artisan jewelry designs that are sure to be at the top of everyone’s Christmas list. Unique handmade jewelry for Christmas created in animal, wildlife, flower, native, and western colorful artwork. These beautiful earrings are distinctive with vivid colors. They are the best choice for casual to elegant outfits and can be worn with anything from jeans to that little black dress, always the perfect accessory for any occasion!

Buy Flower Earrings Embellished with Copper Wire
Copper Wire Jewelry Flower Earrings

Handmade jewelry for Christmas will be an easier gift to buy. With buying clothing you have the problem of not fitting. As long as you know what designs your girlfriend would like, earrings will be the perfect Christmas gift. We want to make sure that all our new earrings are ready for the upcoming holiday season. We are also working on matching handmade bracelets that will make special jewelry gifts for Christmas. We will let you know when they are ready.