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The handmade jewelry business is a very competitive business to be in. One needs to be a creative artisan and has to come up with new designs, ideas, and techniques to create handcrafted jewelry that people would like to buy. It is not a business to buy and sell. That product can be changed if it does not sell. A lot of thought and effort goes into creating handmade bracelets and unique earrings.





These unique jewelry pieces cannot be changed so quickly if it is not the right product. So it is better to do lots of thinking on creating jewelry and handmade gifts to make sure that it will unique, what people would like and reasonably priced. Of course, the price of handmade jewelry and unique gifts is very important and it could be a deterrent factor even if the jewelry is unique.

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Handcrafted Copper Feather Earrings

Copper Reflections is a great place to buy handmade jewelry online. The artisans of Copper Reflections have a reputation for great customer service, huge selections of handcrafted artisan jewelry, fast delivery and the latest fashion trends in handmade jewelry and unique jewelry. We always strive to come up with new, unique and fresh jewelry designs as well as new techniques to make our artisan handmade jewelry.

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Handmade Leather Bracelet

Copper Reflections has been providing immense selections of wholesale handmade jewelry with low reasonable prices and great quality since 1985. Wholesale jewelry, wholesale handmade jewelry with great quality and reasonable prices offered in a vast selection by Copper Reflections. Our wholesale jewelry is designed meticulously using unique jewelry designs, in animal jewelry, wildlife jewelry, flower jewelry and Native American jewelry designs on handmade bracelets, handmade earrings, necklaces, lockets, rings, hair clips, brooches, chokers, pins brooches, pendants, and many other fashion jewelry pieces.

We can also make custom design unique jewelry exclusively for you following your ideas and instructions. You will love the exceptional selection, quality and the prices of our unique wholesale jewelry.

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Alaskan Wildlife and Nature Jewelry

You can browse all of your favorite jewelry categories: handmade bracelets, handmade earrings, handcrafted necklaces, lockets, rings, brooches, hair clips and more at “Handmade Jewelry by Copper Reflections” website. We will always have new and exciting handmade jewelry for you to enjoy. Why wait for your unique handmade jewelry for yourself or a special gift for your loved ones! Get it right away at reasonable prices and best selections of handmade artisan jewelry at Copper Reflections, your best source for unique handmade jewelry.

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Welcome to Copper Reflections handmade jewelry blog. We will try to encourage you in your handmade jewelry business, sharing our thoughts, ideas and maybe a few pointers that could help you on your way.  We hope you will enjoy visiting our handmade jewelry blog!

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