How Google Algorithm Effects Handmade Jewelry Websites

Every time I sit down to write a new blog post it seems I get really angry at Google, then frustrated and I just walk away to do something else that is more productive. For several years we, my husband and I, worked night and day on our website to get to the first page in Google for our keywords. We were proud of all our hard work and the high rankings. In 2012 it all came to naught because of algorithm changes. Our site rankings dropped dramatically and then disappeared in Google. Our good rankings still hold on Bing and Yahoo, unfortunately though no one seems to be looking there. Our traffic has decreased so much so that we are often too disappointed to work on the website anymore.

Colorful Hummingbird Design by Lynn Bean on Copper Feather Earrings
Copper Feather Earrings


We instead have focused on creating new designs and techniques for our handmade jewelry. It has been very worthwhile and time well spent. Our new colorful jewelry has kept us working day and night to meet all the deadlines. Now that the wholesale shows are underway we can finally take a well deserved rest from the hectic pace of the last few months. We have been working with renowned artists like Lynn Bean and Nick Gustafson as well as creating our own designs including a new line of dog earrings.




We are one of the lucky businesses though as we do not rely solely on the internet. We have been in business for over 25 years and have a solid customer base throughout Canada and the United States. If anything the Google algorithm changes have given us the freedom to work on new techniques and designs. We have been focusing on the real world instead of the internet. Our business was built before Google took over the world economy but I cannot help but feel sorry for all the people who were wiped out by the changes Google made.

Dog Jewelry, Rottweiler Earrings
Rottweiler Dog Earrings





We are just one example of businesses hurt by the changes in Google’s algorithm, and it does not seem to be getting any better. Some people just started new websites instead of trying to fix the old ones. But thousands of small businesses handmade jewelry website depended on the organic traffic from Google to stay in business and without that traffic they are gone. Meanwhile Google is making more money than ever. So who did these algorithms changes benefit? Just Google and the big brands that have money to put into advertising, not small business owners that is for sure.


Handmade Bracelets with Colorful Ginger Cat by Lynn Bean
Handmade Ginger Cat Bracelets



So have all these changes and penalties helped make the internet a better place? Are the search results more accurate? Was the damage to small businesses worldwide worth the changes in the search results? Go search for something, anything and see the results. Our keywords are full of Facebook pages, Pinterest accounts, definitions and how-to sites. When you are looking to buy handmade jewelry do you want a Facebook page or would you rather find companies that make unique handcrafted jewelry? Unfortunately, the most established companies have been penalized by Google algorithms and are forced to buy Adwords if they want to be on the first page. We are constantly bombarded through email and regular mail to buy Adwords. Was it all just a ploy to get everyone to pay for Adwords? Honestly speaking we do not have the budget to advertise as we keep our prices reasonable and do not have a huge profit margin.

Art Jewelry, Stunningly Unique Horse Necklaces
Horse Jewelry Necklace

Could the smart people at Google just not give any credit for bad links pointing at a website? If they wanted a level playing field now they have a non-existent playing field. Good luck with that. For over 6 years, I used to wake up and check the rankings. Now I save a lot of time to do actually useful work. We are not going to give up on the website but what Google does or does not do is no longer a major concern. Hopefully one day the algorithm will take a turn for the better and help the small businesses that it has damaged.

6 thoughts on “How Google Algorithm Effects Handmade Jewelry Websites

  1. Linda Cook says:

    I am one of the small businesses affected by Google grab for business dollars. My site went live in September 2013. By spending money on Google ad words I did get 4 orders in December. For a small time by posts on Google+ had me on the first page. Now that is even gone. Since I am broke after spending all our savings in getting the site up and running, advertising money is nonexistent. This is my last hoorah so not quitting, just working harder.

  2. Handmade Jewelry by says:

    Hi Linda,
    Thank you for your comment. Your website is very nice and I’m sure you will do well, even though you are off to a rocky start. I would suggest more involvement in social media to attract more people to your site. Facebook and Google+ takes time to build a following but joining groups helps. Pinterest has also become very popular and with your beautiful products, you will be able to create a following and better sales.
    Best of luck to you in the New Year, Jennifer Hisir

  3. Joan Pierce says:

    Just like you, every morning I wake up and check my stats on my blog. I am in the process of designing a website and figuring out all the factors that go into one. Thanks for the great information! I like many are not willing to pay for ad words, I just don’t see it paying off!

  4. Megan says:

    Great post, thanks for sharing. My website is still fairly new, so I have attributed that as to why it’s invisible to Google, but I keep working at it, trying this SEO tip and that, but mainly focusing on delivering content and product for my customers, not for internet robots.

  5. Handmade Jewelry by says:

    Thank you for your comments Megan and Joan. Great website design is important, easy navigation and also include all the meta-tags, titles, alt image tags and headings for SEO purposes. Focusing on the customer is always the best rule. Try to be where your customers are on social networks by joining groups relating to your products.

  6. Tari Hann says:

    Google ruined the sales I was getting from my very-thriving Barbie clothes website so much that I’m just shutting it down when the hosting is up in November. The only good thing that came of it was that it made me realize I actually was hating to sew for Barbie and steered me in the direction of sewing for just American Girl dolls now. I had been kept so busy since 2005 that I didn’t have time to think whether I liked sewing those doll clothes or not, I just cranked them out since the orders were pouring in especially before Christmas. Well my AG site sales aren’t doing any better, but in all honesty my AG clothes site wasn’t doing too great to begin with, only in First Communion season. So I blame Google for my decline in Barbie sales…totally. I refuse to pay them a red cent. I will do everything I can that’s free to market my AG clothes site and make sales but I won’t line their pockets.
    By Tari Hann

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