How to Display Handmade Jewelry at Wholesale Shows

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Best Way of Displaying Handmade Jewelry at Wholesale Trade Shows

Tips for Displaying Handmade Jewelry;  Making the transition from craft shows to wholesale shows requires modifications to your existing handmade jewelry displays. You will want to focus on different perspectives than you are used to at art and craft shows. A major wholesale gift shows you are competing with hundreds of handmade jewelry wholesale suppliers. Your wholesale jewelry display needs to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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Wholesale Flower Jewelry Rings

Most importantly every item, design, and variation needs a specific code number and needs to be clearly displayed and marked with relevant information such as price, materials used, and distinctive techniques. You want your wholesale buyers to easily navigate through your booth in the same way you set up your website or craft show booth.

Keep similar items grouped together whether grouped by item, style, theme or price. This will help wholesale jewelry buyers focus on your designs and quickly focus on the items they are interested in purchasing. Buyers at wholesale trade shows are always in a hurry and tend to decide quickly on the items they like. Having similar styles and matching items close by increases your chances of a sale.

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Wholesale Handmade Earrings

Displaying best-selling items and dramatic pieces close to the aisle will catch attention and bring more people into your booth. After that, it is all up to you to show them your best sellers, best price points, and let them know why your handmade wholesale jewelry is the best fit for their stores.


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Wholesale Handmade Bracelets





Be prepared for lots of questions and respond with detailed information upon request. Not everyone will ask you but most seriously interested buyers will want to know more details about your handmade jewelry. Having explanations of your techniques ready and in your brochure or flyers is another way to make you stand out and be remembered.

Although the majority of orders will be written at the wholesale show there will be some buyers that will want to have your catalog, brochure, or business card for future orders. Always get their contact information so you can follow up after the show. Oscar is our distributor for Canadian Wholesale Jewelry and Gift Shows.


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