How to Find Inspiration for Handmade Jewelry

Handmade Wire Jewelry, Butterfly Bracelet

Ways to find inspiration for your handmade jewelry

How do find your inspiration for your handmade jewelry, writing your blog, or just plain living? Everyone finds inspiration in their own place. We look to nature and the beauty that surrounds us every single day for our handmade jewelry designs. The colors of the sea, the greens of the leaves blowing in the wind, everything around us provides us with inspiration. We have even made earring designs inspired by buildings and architecture.

Painter Gustav Klimt's Cat Katze Hair Clips
Finding inspiration for your handmade jewelry from famous paintings, Gustav Klimt’s paintings, cat hair clip

There is no lack of inspiration if you just look around with an open mind. We can all be looking at the same scene but what makes an artist is that we will all see different things and create unique pieces of handmade earrings. I believe this is the most exciting part of the handmade jewelry process.  An open mind and observation are the key not only to making jewelry but also to living life to its fullest whatever you do for a living.

Purple Dangle Flower Earrings
Flower Earrings, Nature Jewelry


The biggest challenge for handmade jewelry designers is to find inspirations for new designs and techniques to add that personal creative flair to the jewelry designs that will give you an edge in the marketplace. Each handmade jewelry designer gets inspired by different his or her surroundings. Some artists are inspired by nature, wildlife, and animals some others are inspired by paintings and other artwork.

Colorful Dangle Cat Earrings
Colorful Cut Out Flower and Cat Earrings

If you think of cat jewelry watch the moves of the cats and how they play. You will notice that cats all have the same characteristic moves and if you can capture them with your imagination you will come up with outstanding cat jewelry bracelets and earrings. You can even design a matching cat necklace for them as people love earrings, bracelets, and necklace jewelry sets.

Handmade Cat Bracelets
Cat Jewelry, Handmade Bracelets Inspired by cute kitten and flowers artwork

If you are talking with your customers, even making custom design jewelry pieces for them, you can get lots of jewelry design ideas from them. For me, the customer has always been the source of inspiration. If you listen to them you can also mix these ideas with your creative ideas and style. Once you finish your unique earrings or bracelets, you will be able to see the final result of your creation and might like to modify some parts. While you are doing these, you might even get other inspirations. Sometimes great ideas come while you are fixing a jewelry piece.

Adjustable Horse Rings
Native Horse Inspired Handmade Copper Rings

Nature, animals, wildlife, historical motifs, and native designs are also great sources of inspiration for making animal jewelry, horse jewelry, and other unique jewelry designs. All it is you need to be trained eyes to see them and kneed them in your own style and imagination. We might all be looking at the same thing but seeing different things and we all have different imaginations of seeing things to get inspiration.

Colorful Art Horse Bracelets
Horse Bracelets Inspired by the watercolor horse painting by Lynn Bean

But what do you do when your pool of creativity seems to have dried up? Creativity is not something that can be pushed or you just get the same old things and it feels like your going in the same circle. It’s time to take a break from your everyday life; go for a walk, visit somewhere new, get away from things that cause you to stress, and do something fun.  You’ll be refreshed, and inspired and feel a new enthusiasm for your work. Who knows, you might even have missed it!

Pretty Hummingbird Earrings
Hummingbird earrings inspired by original watercolor artwork by Lynn Bean

Art Jewelry Inspired by Worldwide Famous Painters

Art jewelry is inspired by the famous paintings of worldwide renowned painters. You will love the Starry Night, Almond Blossoms, Sunflowers, and Irises paintings of Vincent Van Gogh on earrings, bracelets, rings, and hair clips. These art jewelry pieces are all made into matching jewelry sets if you wish you purchase earrings, bracelets, and rings as jewelry sets.

Van Gogh famous Starry Night painting inspired handmade bracelets
Bracelets handmade with inspiration from Van Gogh famous Starry Night painting

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Colorful Handmade SW Native Bracelets
Inspired by the Native Peoples of North America, Handmade Bracelets

They are very excited to design and handcraft the most unique jewelry, the most original jewelry yet to be seen.