How to Grow Handmade Jewelry Business During Pandemic

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Tips for Growing Your Handmade Jewelry Business During Pandemic

Handmade Jewelry Business During Pandemic; We hope everyone is healthy and safe during this terrifying time. It seems like forever since we went outside the house. The walking machine and home gym have never been used this much in over 10 years put together! Coping with the stress of staying at home for over a month is not something anyone could have foreseen. That being said, we still try to focus on the future and what we need to do to grow our handmade jewelry business in this crazy time. Here are some ideas to implement while we are all still at home until the economy starts up again.

Native Cuff Bracelets Handmade from Copper
SW Native American Copper Cuff Bracelets

Even though some places are starting to open for business, there is sure to be a staggering recovery because travel will still be restricted for some time. Our handmade jewelry business is greatly influenced by tourism as our main wholesale jewelry customers tend to be in resort towns, trading posts, and tourist destinations. Even when stores open up, it really depends on how safe people feel to travel and go on holiday. Our retail sales are generally dependent on arts and craft fairs that are all canceled or postponed. Everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats to see how the re-opening of the economy is going to proceed safely. Until more of the questions have answers, we all have a lot of time on our hands to use for the things we never had enough time to do before Covid-19. Listed below are the projects we are working on these days.

Choker Necklace Handmade from Copper
Impressive Native American Choker Necklace with Gorgeous Silver-plated Chain

Optimize your website and handmade jewelry business during the pandemic for better search engine rankings. Slowly we are going through our website adding titles, descriptions, and meta-data. Fills in all the blank spaces with keywords that you want to rank for. Just changing titles and wording has an impact on search engine rankings. Search engines like to see activity and changes being made which will increase your rankings quickly with minimal effort.

Hummingbird Ring Handmade from Copper
Flowers and hummingbird artwork handmade rings

Handmade Jewelry Business During Pandemic; Write a blog that is connected to your handmade jewelry website. Activity is good and the more often you post the better your rankings. Better rankings mean that more people are able to see your work. The more people who see your unique handcrafted jewelry leads to better sales.

Handmade Native Copper Wire Art Earrings
Southwest Native American earrings decorated with copper wires

Update your social media pages with all your latest information. Honestly, I have been a little bit lazy and a lot busy with other work so many pages have been the same for years. Now is the best time to get everything ship-shape and connect with all your contacts. Social media is supposed to be social, so get to work re-connecting.

Feather Copper Earrings with Dangle Jump Rings
Colorful copper feather earrings accentuated with copper wires

Create new designs, styles, and techniques to take your handmade jewelry to a whole new level. Experiment with colors, shapes, and textures. Inspiration can be taken from nature around you. Turn all those sketches into actual pieces of art jewelry!

Colorful Flower Art Copper Cuff Bracelets
Handmade copper flower cuff bracelet in an amazing alcohol ink artwork

Organize your stock and supplies. Clean your work areas, organize tools and materials, and un-clutter your desk, and your life at the same time! You might be surprised at what you find, as well as how much better you feel.

Stunningly Beautiful Hummingbird Earrings
Gorgeous hummingbird earrings with purple flower background artwork

To grow your handmade jewelry business during the pandemic;  New catalog pages can be worked on and updated to include all your new designs ready for getting back to work. Create pages for groups of designs with similar themes. We have many customers who always order the same types of designs so make niche pages for specific customers such as horse jewelry, Southwest Native jewelry, or flower jewelry. A quick cheat is to use the search bar on your website to group sets of similar designs. By the way, this is a great way to find mistakes. I was searching cat jewelry a couple of days ago and found that we had mislabeled several designs that did not belong.

Wholesale Horse Hair Clips
Running horse silhouettes hair clips handmade with a colorful sunset background

Do not listen to the News about the pandemic so much. They could be upsetting. Watch funny movies, play games, play guitar, listen to music, and have some hobbies to keep busy and have fun. Make a schedule for every day so you have things to do when you start the day.

Maple Leaf Cuff Bracelets
Autumn colors maple leaves cuff bracelet with diamond cutting to sparkle

Well, it is a short list but is taking plenty of time to complete. Try to do a little of everything each day so you do not feel overwhelmed with one task. No one knows what is going to happen so we all need to take each day as it comes and roll with the changes. Hopefully, it will not be long before we are back to work doing what we love to do, making handmade jewelry.


Keep safe and healthy, Jennifer and Tony