How to Increase Craft Show Sales

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Tips for Increasing Handmade Jewelry Sales at Craft Shows

How to increase craft show sales

Increasing craft show handmade jewelry sales; when first starting out in a handmade jewelry business one of the most important issues is cash flow. Craft shows provide an excellent opportunity to increase cash flow. Whatever you make can be put back into the business to make more handmade earrings and handmade bracelets, therefore the possibility of increased handcrafted jewelry sales.

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Nautical Jewelry, Amazing Lighthouse Bracelets

To increase your handmade jewelry sales at craft shows, always listen to your customers, they know what they like. They are your customers and they will be the ones who are buying your creation so it is a good idea to design your jewelry according to what they will like. This another reason that is good for participating in craft shows as you will have a better chance to talk to more people and find out what you would be interested in.

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Handmade Native American Earrings

When you create handcrafted jewelry you will have more success if you make the items your customers are looking for. Customers will have great ideas for you as they are the buyers, it would be a smart idea to listen and follow their advice. We made locket necklaces and this was a suggestion from a customer and it has been selling great. Also, you will have created a bond between you and your customers. Time and again they will visit a show just to see you and your new handmade bracelets.

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Handmade Maple Leaf Earrings

People who visit craft shows are looking for something special and also like to meet with the artist. Be open and friendly making your customers feel happy. A happy customer is a repeat customer! You can make handmade Christmas ornaments which are great sellers for grandmothers as they enjoy buying one for each of the grandkids. Especially if you personalize them by putting their names on the back of the Christmas tree ornaments.

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Feathers Artwork Leather Bracelets

You can go to craft stores and jewelry findings stores or wholesale craft suppliers to get ideas. You can get pieces from these places and join them with your handmade earrings or other handmade creations just you have the best unique jewelry collections for your customers to choose from. The more selections will increase your sales. If one item is slow in one craft show the sales of other jewelry gifts will increase your craft show sales.

Colorful Native Star Earrings
Handmade native star earrings with black patina background

How to increase craft show sales; while exhibiting my handcrafted jewelry at a craft show in Columbus, Ohio I met a man from Missouri who taught me the art of diamond cutting. Using this new technique greatly increased my sales and I have always appreciated the help he gave me in learning this technique. Diamond cut designs made the copper jewelry sparkle adding value to the products.

Flower Bracelets Created with Blue Background
Handmade jewelry, flower cuff bracelets

The fact that I was the only one making this type of jewelry combined with my reasonable prices has made my handmade jewelry business a great success. So it is always in the search of different techniques and designs your handcrafted jewelry is a good idea as this will give you the diversification that customers will appreciate at craft shows.

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Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom Hair Clips

Once you are known in the area with the most original jewelry, unique handcrafted jewelry, handmade artisan jewelry, and reasonable prices, this will be the best advertisement for your craft company; customers telling to their friends about your wonderful selection of handcrafted bracelets for women including necklaces, earrings, and rings. You will be surprised to see people will be coming long distances for unique artisan jewelry, handmade jewelry, and handcrafted unique jewelry. Then your craft business becomes a success story.