How to Increase Handmade Jewelry Sales with Displays

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The Best Way of Displaying Handmade Jewelry

Increase Handmade Jewelry Sales with Displays; using the right Jewelry displays has increased retail sales. We have seen that retailers who take advantage of our jewelry display packages dramatically increase their handmade jewelry sales and customer reorder rate also increases.

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Best ways of Displaying Handmade Jewelry to Increase Sales

One of the best ways to increases your unique jewelry, handmade bracelets, and handcrafted earrings sales is to offer your customers a wider selection of choices. It always helps to offer them jewelry displays. Most handmade jewelry displays are designed to hold handmade earrings, bracelets, rings, locket necklaces, etc. This increases the number of multiple-piece sales.

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How to Increase Handmade Jewelry Sales with Displays; An important factor for sale increases in the 300-400% range has to be offering your customers a wider variety of choices. Most handmade jewelry displays are designed to hold handmade earrings, handmade bracelets, handcrafted necklaces, rings, lockets, etc. This increases the number of multiple-piece sales.

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Most handmade jewelry wholesalers offer retail display packages that are free of charge or the cost of the display is offset with free merchandise. Generally, the buyer is responsible for the shipping charges of the display. Jewelry wholesalers will work with the retail store buyers to find the most suitable display for their stores taking into consideration the space restrictions of the store itself. Large free-standing displays work well for bigger stores increasing the variety of designs, styles, and products that you can make available to your customers. Smaller stores with limited space tend to opt for counter-top displays.

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Other points to consider when choosing a handmade jewelry display is your store’s clientele as well as your store’s traffic patterns:

A) If you are located in a tourist area where you have large numbers of people arriving at the same time, like bus tours, you need to have a good variety as well as the quantity on the display. The larger free-standing displays will make sure you don’t run out of the best selling designs and more people can view the product at the same time.

B) If your clientele is composed largely of repeat local customers offering a larger selection will increase your sales but the counter-top display is probably your best option. Always have a catalog close by in case they would to special order their favorite design if out of stock. You may want to reorder often so the products are always new and fresh to returning customers.

C) Keep in mind your stores’ security record, these are tough times, and some stores are more vulnerable than others. In these cases, whenever possible place handmade jewelry displays in close proximity to the cashier where customers are in plain view. Having sales staff in those areas to help customers will also provide additional security.

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D) Customers always appreciate extra information about handmade jewelry to be knowledgeable on each product line you carry. Some wholesale jewelry suppliers will go that extra mile and supply literature regarding their products, cards, or flyers, explaining how they make their unique handcrafted jewelry. This gives each purchase a personal touch and a connection with the artisans who have made the jewelry.


Handcrafted Jewelry displays are well worth the investment and your store will benefit from greatly increased sales. Your customers will appreciate the wider selection of designs and styles to fit everyone’s tastes and budget. In these days of the financial crisis, it is important to offer your customers unique products of lasting quality and value.

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