How to Increase Your Handcrafted Jewelry Christmas Sales

Best ways to Increase Handcrafted Jewelry

The holiday season has begun and we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Happy Holidays. We know that for many people this is the busiest time of year for selling handcrafted jewelry retail. Many of you are probably already set up in a shopping mall for the Christmas season. Now you only need to focus on making sure that your display jumps out at customers and draws them in closer to see all of your fabulous handcrafted jewelry!

handmade cat bracelets
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To increase handcrafted jewelry sales, we displayed our work in the shopping malls we always had the same type of display so we could easily adapt to the space provided by the mall management. Our basic display was 4 x 8-foot tables and sometimes the mall will provide the tables so you do not have to worry. Most spaces are 10’ x 10’ but some can be wider or longer and you can easily arrange the tables to fit the space. This gives you the inside area of the space for working as well as storage under the skirted tables.

Eclectic Rainbow Feather Dangle Earrings
Rainbow Feather Dangle Earrings Handmade from Copper

We always had navy blue skirts with white table-top covers. White always makes everything stand out and attracts attention to your display. We built staircases and risers to display gift items in groups and add interest to the booth. Boards or frames are a great way to display dangle earrings (we covered the boards with fiberfill and white fabric). It is important to make everything accessible, people love to touch the earrings and hold them up to see how they look. This brings up two points for you to consider. The first consideration is always having a mirror on hand. The second is making sure to pay attention to every customer and have a clear view of the entire display for security. We didn’t have too many problems but better safe than sorry.

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One of the most important factors in retail sales is the friendly service. There were many occasions that a conversation early in the season led to sales in the last week. So do not get discouraged early in the season when people look and ask questions just to walk away. Always treat everyone as a friend and valued customer, mall walkers have to buy gifts too.

Enchanting Hummingbird in Northwest Native American Flair
Hummingbird Earrings in NW Native Design

Whether participating in craft shows or selling at the local shopping mall people love to see that you are the artisan. Even if you sell other people’s jewelry as well, seeing you working in your booth is a great way to attract customer attention to increase handcrafted jewelry sales.

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To increase handcrafted jewelry Christmas sales at craft shows demonstrate creating your jewelry. People love to see handmade artisans making jewelry. Christmas shoppers love a deal even if it is a free gift box or a dollar off if they buy more than one pair of earrings or a matching handmade bracelet. I never forget the time a nice lady bought a $ 9.95 Christmas tree ornament for the Secret Santa exchange at work. I had engraved on the back of it for free, it took a minute. She came back a week later and bought 12 more, which I happily engraved for her again. By the time I finished engraving her ornaments, there was a queue of people waiting with purchases in hand.

Wonderful Handmade Bracelet in SW Native Artwork
SW Native American Bracelets

This brings us to another very important marketing strategy. Always have work to do during slow times. Just like craft shows, people like to see that you are the artisan even if you are sorting beads, cutting out some of your jewelry pieces or attaching ear wires, working at your booth will attract people to see what you are doing and create interest in your artisan handmade jewelry.


2 thoughts on “How to Increase Your Handcrafted Jewelry Christmas Sales

  1. Helder Designs says:

    Thanks for the helpful advise! I don’t have a physical store but I have sold my work at a few shows and I know that friendly service is key. I never thought about working on my handmade jewelry in the booth before, but that definitely makes sense!

  2. Betty says:

    Great comments. Thanks for submitting them. I agree with you that people like a deal. People also like a ‘story’ with their jewelry. Tell them how you made it, what caused you to use the colors you selected, or any other idea that will make the item interesting. When people are complimented on what they are wearing, they like to have something interesting to say about it. Anyway I’ve found this to be helpful.
    Do you have a store or a kiosk at a mall that you have open all the standard mall hours or can you be there just during certain times. I would like to have a kiosk, but the hours would just kill me. Thanks again for your thoughts.

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