How to Make Money Selling Handmade Jewelry

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Tips for Making Money Selling Handmade Jewelry

How to make money selling handmade jewelry

How to make money selling handmade jewelry. Find the best wholesale handmade jewelry supplier and market them using all the best marketing techniques. Find a great supplier source to make money selling handmade jewelry. When choosing the handmade jewelry supplier the best deciding factor is to find out how long the handmade jewelry business has been around. If the supplier is established enough to be around when you need to order.

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Hummingbird Locket Necklaces

Handmade jewelry is also something that people will buy even if they do not have money to spare. The reason for this is the fact that jewelry makes people feel good and it is a way of rewarding with a little bit of luxury.

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Concentric Circles earrings designed by Wassily Kandinsky

You can either buy handmade jewelry wholesale or you can make your own jewelry. If you are planning to make your own jewelry. There are many things that you need to consider. You can read here about how to make handmade jewelry. It is certainly possible to make money selling jewelry as long as you make plans about what type of jewelry, where to get the materials, where to sell and what the prices should be. If you figure out all these and create something unusual, then you have a good chance to be successful in the handmade jewelry business. You may also have a better chance if you can build up a good business reputation with your customers.

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Making jewelry could be fun and profitable. You do not have to rent a store, you can make it at home, and be your own boss. You can set your own making jewelry hours as you feel like. Moreover, it is a great way of making people happy with your creations by adding beauty to people’s lives through your handmade jewelry.


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If you decide to buy handmade jewelry to sell, find a company that makes the most unique jewelry at reasonable prices. Many people have been selling Copper Reflections Handmade Jewelry at their retail gift shops, gift stores, and trading posts. Especially the gift stores that focus on unique items have done very well by selling our jewelry and gifts. These store owners also put Copper Reflections jewelry and gifts on their websites or sell on Etsy, Amazon, or E-bay. Some of the customers sell through their catalog mail-order business as well as retailing at their craft stores.

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Native Thunderbird Bracelets

Some of Copper Reflections’ wholesale jewelry customers sell at pow-wows. There are so many good pow-wows organized by the Native American communities that you can sell Native American jewelry. Copper Reflections has many unique pieces of jewelry and unique gifts with Native designs that many customers have sold very well.

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You need to have a handmade jewelry website that looks and feels like a showroom with a clear story about you and your items. Visitors should be able to browse through quality jewelry designs while also having a learning experience. To do that you need to write about the materials you use and the process you follow in creating your unique jewelry. Social media has an important part of your website experience. So your potential customers can find your items on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


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Selling copper wire art jewelry, Native American earrings

Here are some questions to ask to find the right place to sell your handmade jewelry:

1- Who and where is your customer? Know your ideal customer profile and research where they shop online.

2- Where do you currently sell your product? Whether you have your own website, using handmade platforms or offline venues such as craft shows will make a huge difference in your sales. Especially now you need to be everywhere that your customers frequent.

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Native American copper rings

3- To figure out the right places to sell handmade jewelry; Which places are currently working for you? Research similar sites and add your handmade jewelry. The more places you are the better your chances of reaching your ideal customers.

4- Do you sell directly to businesses or consumers or both? Local and national directories are a good way to get noticed by more people.

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Selling original hummingbird earrings

5- Right Places to Sell Handmade Jewelry; Where are your competitors? With so many tools available online it is easy to research your competitors and where they are selling well.

Do not try to bring your customers to you, it is very difficult. It is an easier and more effective use of time to go to where your customers are visiting.

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Van Gogh Sunflowers Hair Clips
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Cut Out Copper Butterfly Earrings

Your handmade jewelry store needs to leave a lasting impression in your customers’ minds. Putting your products online is not enough to sell well. You also need to communicate a compelling, memorable, and engaging story that makes people feel inspired and uplifted. Jewelry is a special purchase. People wear necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other statement pieces to feel good about themselves and express their personality.

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Adjustable Hummingbird Rings Handmade from Copper in Colorful Artwork

At Copper Reflections, with our jewelry designs and our artisan handcrafted jewelry, we have been aware of the importance of high quality, affordable handmade jewelry prices, and the most unique jewelry. You would know that when all these conditions are realized in real life the business becomes a success. This, of course, goes for all kinds of business, not only the handmade jewelry business.

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Colorful SW Native American artwork Cuff bracelets

They should always give exclusive rights to our wholesale jewelry customers, especially small-town gift shops. This has always worked well for us, like handmade jewelry suppliers as well as the gift store owners.

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Feather Copper Earrings, Horse Earrings


How to Promote Your Handmade Jewelry Business

If you sell your handmade jewelry online, you have an opportunity to reach people all over the world. This means you have the opportunity to attract many customers to view your creations. But this also means there’s also a lot of competition, making your brand be found can be a challenge. There is always a market for handmade jewelry as many people appreciate the unique touch and personal experience that handmade jewelry artisans can provide. Unique pieces may also be the reason for the higher price point.

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Handmade Cuff Bracelets

The following questions will help you to decide what is the best method of promotion for your handmade jewelry business:

Handmade Flower Jewelry, Iris Earrings
Selling Handmade Flower Jewelry, Iris Earrings

1- Which sites does your ideal customer use the most to shop online? Open accounts to sell where they are.

2- What other sites do they frequent?   This tends to be more effective when you know your customer profile; lifestyle, age, etc., and where they spend their time.

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Colorful feather copper bracelet

3- What is the ideal period for promoting your handmade jewelry? All major holidays are a good time but also consider what time of day or days of the week your ideal customer tends to be online.

4- Is there any concern about seasonality? Promote items according to themes that are seasonal only at the correct time of year. Do not waste your advertising money after the season has passed.

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Handmade aspen tree leaves necklace

5- How do your competitors carry out their promotions? Trying similar strategies will save valuable time and effort.


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Handmade Wire Earrings


Capturing the attention of your ideal customer base takes research, effort, and time. Using these basic principles you will quickly and efficiently build the successful handmade jewelry business you have dreamed of. We have been a handmade jewelry business since 1985. We started by participating in craft shows in the United States and Canada. Our customers gave us many good ideas on how to improve and sell our handmade jewelry.

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Handmade Rings, Butterfly Rings


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Colorful Feather Earrings Handmade from Copper

Direct contact with our customers has been extremely helpful to figure out so many things that normally we would not have had the chance with online sales. Especially starting out with personal and face-to-face contact with your customers will lead you in the right direction to develop your handmade jewelry business. Wishing you every success.